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Micky Wants Fans to Respect Privacy

JYJ member Micky Yoochun wants more privacy and less stalking from fans. He vented with a recent Twitter post.

Today on his personal Twitter account (@6002theMicky), the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” star pled,

“Please, please… Don’t follow me. Don’t come to my house… Private life!”

This message was obviously directed at “sasaeng (shortening of 사생활 sasaenghwal, private life) fans,” or “stalker fans,” who follow around their favorite idols and get well-acquainted with their private life.

Netizens are answering, “Sasaeng fans aren’t really fans,” and “They can understand his feelings through this,” and “It must’ve been really difficult if he came to this…” Fans are also wondering what kind of run in the singer may have had with sasaeng fans.

It’s sad that idols have to remind us not to stalk them. This should be a given.


35 Comments on “Micky Wants Fans to Respect Privacy”

  1. Bottle says:

    You live in the public domain, begging people to buy your music then people stalk you …. If you go swimming with sharks, you get eaten.

    He’s a forking idiot for wanting fans and then getting angry when he gets fans.

    • Dovey says:

      Well, there’s only so much a person can tolerate. Imagine if you had a person or two always watching you, or you know they’re watching you, whether you’re in your room, bathroom, or whatever – they’re out there…”watching you”. It can become a bit unnerving, in my opinion.

      And these don’t sound like regular fans that idolize their favorite stars, because normal people don’t go around scoping out their homes. Everyone is entitled to some sort of privacy.

      • FlipFlip says:

        Flies always stick to sh!t.. if he doesn’t like that, then he shouldn’t adopt the role of a sh!t.

        It’s his lifestyle choice. Kind of ironic he now doesn’t seem to like it.

        • rainyday says:

          he’s just asking for a little privacy ,what’s wrong with that?

          • Cup says:

            Well, he’s keeping people updated 24/7 via twatter about his life, so it’s a bit weird when he suddenly says he wants to keep it private.

            koreans and contradictions, eh.

          • frankie says:

            Celebrity and privacy do not mix. That’s the downside of showbiz. can’t have all good sides to everything.

    • rainyday says:

      stalker is not a regular fan ,they’re scary and easy loose control….
      And ,we’re fan ,we’re not somekind of shark.The Stalker are shark.

    • lips of an angel says:

      i’m kinda with you on this although i noticed some koreans tend to go overboard with stalking

    • Josie says:

      being a celebrity, a popular one in fact.. you’re pretty much inviting all of this to happen. It’s not like it’s a surprise that these people are stalking him. Once you’re a celeb, weird and scary things will happen. You’re pretty much giving your private life away in exchange for doing what you love, fame and/or money. I’m 50/50 on this one.

  2. sandy says:

    lol wait till you are about forty and no one will even know you them

    • rainyday says:

      if you ‘re going home after 14 hours worked none stop,tired to death and saw some people keep following around like that ,you ok with it ?I don’t think so. …

      • Cup says:

        If was doing all of that (which I doubt he’s working 14 hours day, more like 4) then I wouldn’t be hammering out my life onto twatter in the remaining 10 hours….

        .. that would be just self promotion.

  3. dan says:

    his popularity rating must have been falling. all an attempt to get him some media time.

    • FlipFlip says:

      Precisely.. it’s just another tw@tter that all the fans will read and gush over with some predictable emotional response.

  4. ywidjaja says:

    Let’s respect others if we want to be respected 🙂

  5. pat says:

    a fan is a fan. A stalker is a nut case!

  6. hate him. Hes not even cute in th mothaf-ing first place ! G-Dragon (aka my Ji-yong) is waayyy hotter ❤


    Being a fan is one thing, being a stalker and following you EVERYWHERE is another.

  8. luvSuJu13 says:

    scary…leave mickey along. five minutes wouldn’t kill you

  9. Ro says:

    Um. This is all interesting. I’m not sure why all the Micky-bashing. He’s simply stating something that everyone asks wants–celebrity or not. I don’t think it is right to say that because he is a celebrity that he has forfeit his right to privacy. It’s like saying that if you’re in a relationship with a person that you no longer have a right to your own space. We ask for relationships, but no one wants a prison. The same is true for celebrities.

    Oh, and Bottle, I think I should take offense to the “American” comment.

    • ashley says:

      agreed : )

    • Cup says:

      Listen, he’s a celebrity.. he wants to be well known, because that’s what gives him $$$$$$, so if he wanted privacy he wouldn’t be typing his life out onto twatter….

      ..face facts, your k-god is contradicting himself. I know you cannot cognitively deal with this fact, because you’ll rationalise away any contradiction, and your distorted perception will tell you that he can have his ‘cake and eat it’ because he’s your deity and deities can do anything. But in everyone else’s reality he’s just some guy who wants money, and needs an emotional reaction to his tweets.

      • Ro says:

        I don’t see a contradiction. It’s one thing to put your public persona on display, it’s another thing to put your private life on display as well. There is a line. What he is asking is that people respect this line. And, just because he tweets, does not mean that he is putting all of himself out there for the public. The things that are tweeted are related to his public life.

        But, I suppose you have fallen prey to his “needs” as you have not only commented, but you have done so twice.

  10. mira :) says:

    yeahh , i totally agree !
    some fans are so over obsessed !
    i don’t understand , why should they stalk their idols .
    i think some of the stalkers really need to seek for professional help , indeed !

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  12. […] in Gyeonggi Province was the location the main actors Kim Seung-woo,Lee Da-hae,Kang Hye-jung, and JYJ’s Mickey Yoo-chun practiced their moving and passionate […]

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