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Bae Yong-joon and Kim Hyun-joong aid Japan!

The Yonsamas are ready to help!

On March 14th, KEYEAST announced to the public that Bae Yong-joon and Kim Hyun-joong donated money to Japan’s relief efforts. Yong-joon gave $890,000, while Hyun-joong graciously donated $71,000.

Yonsama urged the government to use his money to fund the basic necessities (including food and water). He is very concerned about the people. Hyun-joong admitted that his money wasn’t much, but he hopes his effort can aid the people in some way. The initial shock and heartbreaking news of the current situation after the earthquake and tsunami made the singer quickly run to their aid.

The damage and nuclear explosions that have taken place aches your heart. I truly commend these two celebrities for their willingness to give. In addition, the phrase Pray for Japan is truly needed.

Source: Seoul NTN


56 Comments on “Bae Yong-joon and Kim Hyun-joong aid Japan!”

  1. Doraemon says:


  2. tjrachel says:

    That’s so good especially for the basic necessities of water and food.

  3. polaris says:

    i knew that byj will lend a helping hand.

  4. Mia says:

    They have always known for their kindness, and helping hands. My God bless all the victims and their families, and all the volunteers, donators.

  5. 501% says:

    he is really so kind and generous..that’ why he is my most-loved celebrity!!!!

  6. Christy says:

    yay for their good heart!

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  9. Kasey says:

    That is awesome, that’s one of the reasons why I love KHJ, what he has donated is more then some of us can afford, it’s always the thought that counts every penny counts rather its a penny or a 100 dollars it means a lot to those who receives the aid. BYJ did well too, They are both whole hearted individuals…God Bless them both for their generosity.

  10. Daisy says:

    “Hyun-joong admitted that his money wasn’t much” I think $71,000 is a very generous amount to send, he should be commended. We hear a lot about the superficiality of celebrity but BYJ and KHJ are showing the good side too.

  11. Orange_Fun says:

    Kim Hyung Joong kind of looks like a mixture of Yunho and Jaejoong of tvxq in this pic.

  12. JoJo says:

    Bae Yong Joon has a big heart and gives so much to others. God Bless him and let’s all keep saying a prayer for Japan.

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  14. pat says:

    I hope money bags SM donates too!

  15. Maggie says:

    It’s kinda a given that BYJ would help Japan somehow being that he is like a “God” there. No comment on KHJ.

    Is it just me or do the citizens of Korea seem to not really have any care for Japans situation unless it has to do with Korean idols.

    • blah says:

      It’s just you.

      I live in Korea, and the news of Japan’s earthquake was a pretty big shock for us here. There has also been a lot of donation efforts going on here in Korea, lead by relief organizations, local civic groups (my church is one such example), and broadcast companies themselves. KBS will begin airing a live 2-hour fund raising program on behalf of Japan twice next Tuesday, and I’ve read in the local news that MBC is planning on airing a similar program as well. Daum, which is one of our most popular internet portal sites here, raised over $35,000 within 2 days of launching a donation drive, and that figure continues to rise. The South Korean government also dispatched a 102-man rescue team to Japan to help with search and rescue efforts. It’s just a tragedy what has happened in Japan, and I hope that our donations will be able to aid even a little with their post-earthquake disaster recovery.

      • Cup says:

        Will they say ‘UDON’ at any point during the fundraising? or just hammer on and on and on about the Sea of Japan and stealing Takeshima like they do on every single other show?

        • blah says:

          Why would they talk about such divisive topics on a fundraising show geared towards raising money to help Japanese earthquake victims? Only a racist fool such as yourself would do something so utterly idiotic and imbecilic as that.

          And stop with the “udon” nonsense already. You clearly know shyte about Korea, because otherwise you’d have known that the whole ridiculous ‘udon” incident was already covered by KBS, MBC, and SBS. Stop with your unreasonable hatred for Korea, it’s just making you look like a huge nasty ASS. And you never answered my question in the other comment thread: Is racism towards ANY nationality (regardless of whether it’s Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc), wrong?

          • cup says:

            What about the racist promotion of an ethnicity or race based upon it’s genetics to sound like it’s some kind of genetically pure super-race or culturally better than other S. E. asian countries.. is that wrong?

            Because we all know what koreans are taught to believe in their schools.

          • blah says:

            Why are you posting such racist, insulting, and hate-filled remarks on a topic that’s meant to unite people in helping Japan?

            Koreans aren’t taught any such thing, the only place where we are taught that is in YOUR delusional make-believe world where apparantly, all Koreans play the role of the big nasty boogey-man.

            All you are doing with your comments is making yourself out to be an incredibly racist, tasteless and classless faggot who can’t control his imbecilicly wagging tongue. You are pathetic and quite disgust me.

      • tjrachel says:

        That’s good to know.

        • tjrachel says:

          Sorry the above reply was intended for the previous comment…that Koreans were doing something for the quake victims…something wrong with the posting.

    • Cup says:

      You’re right, they’re opportunistically using it to promote their idols. Even 2ne1 were suggesting they had a load of fans waiting outside, braving the earthquakes, braving falling buildings just to see 2ne1… which we all know is utter shyte.

      • blah says:

        Nope, we all know that YOU are utter shyte. An ASS who likes wallowing in his own racist shyte-hole. You’re pathetic and you disgust me.

      • blah says:

        And this is just like you, to spew your divisive racist diarrhea all over a post with a topic that’s geared at bringing together people, regardless of race. Korea is doing what we can to help our neighbor, Japan. I’ve personally donated for the relief effort. What have YOU done? NOTHING, except trolling a website dedicated to KOREAN pop and making yourself out to be an imbecilic racist clown who likes to comment on the comment on the comments of posters. You are a pathetic elitist who needs help, and should be held under lock and key from whichever mental institute you escaped from. God help you.

        • cup says:

          Please remember that you stood by while some guy was saying japanese women were STD ridden and easy, before you start talking to me.

          Thanks Mr. VANK. Now what were people saying about the earthquake?

          • blah says:

            Also, what is it with you and Mr. Vank? I’m assuming he was your former lover or something, because you can’t seem to get him off your mind. And you need to stop assuming that any Asian who is a step above you works for the government. Sorry, I don’t work for the government, but I’ll be sure to let you know if I ever do so in the future. In the meantime, stop making such an ass of yourself with your assumptions. And let go of Mr. Vank already, whoever your ex-BF was he’s obviously QUITE over a faggot like yourself.

          • blah says:

            And again, what have YOU done for the relief effort? NOTHING. If I was truly as “racist” as you are trying (and failing) to point me out as, I clearly would not have cared less about the Japanese and their plight. As it is, my actions clearly prove otherwise. Unlke YOU, who’s actions prove just one thing: That you are a racist imbecile who thinks that it’s ok to be racist to Koreans and yet not to any other nation (except perhaps Americans and Israelis). If you don’t, than answer the question: Is it wrong to be racist to Koreans?

        • blah says:

          Nope, I called him out. And I stated that I should have called him out earlier, unfortunately my entire focus at the time was on another grotesque;y racist WORM which was yourself.

          And you still haven’t answered my question: IS it wrong, or is right, to be racist towards ANY race, be they Korean, Japanese, CHinese, etc? It’s a simple question, I don’t know why you run around in circles and can’t answer. Actually, I do know why, but I want you to say it yourself. Do you smell the cheese my little imbecilic rat? So… Is it wrong to be racist towards any race?

      • Fair says:

        now lets be FAIR, the MAIN REASON why especially bae yong joon or lee byung won is donating as i heard and seems to be true is cause these celebrities exclusively became famous and made their money from their entertainment expertises from the japanese audiences and companies, so in reality its more of showing gratitude or if you dont wanna call it that then just call it receive and give.

        if they DIDNT donate money, either ways theyll still get people like you still yacking cr@p the other way around
        dont u think oppurtunist is alittle too much? i mean its clear that you yourself is making BS, trying to sound all professional to put down these donaters

        and yea, when north korea fired test missiles at south korea and was on a verge of declaring war due to south korea’s retaliation. japan decided to assist and send professions, and japanese celebrities showed their condolences, and i feel thankful for that.
        would it be fair if i accused them of being oppurtunists or self promoting schemers?

        so can we act mature about this?

  16. Sha Farin says:

    Both BYJ & KHJ kinda look a like. Its great too that both of them has a big n kind heart. They r the best celebrity n i hope other korean celeb will follow their footstep… May God Bless both of them for their generousity and kind heart…. Let’s keep on praying for Japan…

  17. Grace Huang says:

    Kim Hyun Joong Oppa donates money to Japan and when he say it might not be alot but at least he putting his own money it. and that make me happy. it doesn’t matter how much you put in, as long it get to help the people. and what Kim Hyun Joong and Bae Yong-joon did. ^_^

  18. JAEJ says:

    To KHJ it’s the thought that count

  19. atweeg says:

    they both are beautiful person ( have good heart), love them for that.
    $71,000 USD is not a small amount, besides it’s not the money count, it’s the action really matter.

  20. HyoEun says:

    Lets hope the money will really be able to assist the victims…at least to make sure that the basic needs (food, water, shelter) will be satisfied. Other celebs should definately follow BYJ and KHJ’s fine and generous example. Thoughts and prayers go out to Japan~

  21. Jenin says:

    Hyun Joong oppa is so nice!!I am very proud of him…I sincerely hope that the Earthquake victims will recover quickly so Hyun Joong won’t be so worried about them and me too will pray for them and help them any way possible…

  22. Deki says:

    Great salute to both. This is why I m their fan, esp Hyun joong.Their hearts are as beautiful as their looks, and I love them for that. Love you both. I like person not by their looks but by their hearts. This is what they stands for. I wish for their happiness in their life.

  23. meteor says:

    i hope many K Celebrities follow them, after all many K artist earn big money from Japanese fans, thank you KHJ & BYJ

  24. MILEY says:

    i’m so impressed about BYJ generosity in extending his help to the people of japan.same holds true with KHJ.may you both be blessed with what you wish in your you guys and more power and success to both of you.

  25. snoppy dolly says:

    kim hyun joong is so hot…
    i like him so damn much…
    kim hyun joong, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  26. dee;) says:

    all the more reason to love them both!

  27. haha says:

    i like how there are NO haters commenting on this because they cant say anything, they know that KHJ and BYJ did something good for Japan. :]

  28. brianna says:

    Im curiouse why they both called yonsama I know its BYJ’s name by japanese but how come KYJ are also been part of yonsama is it because KYJ looked like BYJ?

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  30. gtk says:

    i believe that kim hyun joong gives out of love, with a pure heart and without any other thoughts, he has a compassionate heart. his action tells it all, he been giving to the needy wherever he goes like philippines, singapore and his own country korea and now japan. at such a young age he already practising giving,very proud of him. God bless you kim hyun joong with abundant and bountiful blessing in your career life

  31. rere says:

    that’s a great choice to spend your money …. kept this thing …. helping others will always make your smile long lasting…

  32. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Wow. Good Job~

  33. D'si says:

    Lope U..

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