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[Before They Were Stars] Rainbow’s Woori

Go Woori of Rainbow had her start as a make up model, but not the kind of model you’re thinking of…

Before her debut with the girl group Rainbow, Go Woori had a part-time job as a before/after make up tester for KBS Sponge.”

Shocked and embarrassed by the pre-debut video, the young girl group member confessed, “Before debut, I went to be a test subject for ‘Sponge.’ They said they would do my make up prettily, but…”

Do you think the make-up helped any? Is that really Go Woori?!


20 Comments on “[Before They Were Stars] Rainbow’s Woori”

  1. blaznist says: makeup does wonders..

  2. jamie says:

    i guess any fame would have done for these attention seeking people. And wow, she looks like crap without makeup.

  3. Dovey says:

    Why does her bags look more noticeable after she had make-up applied? I know she’s smiling, but she’s not smiling enough to make her eyes crinkle up. Unless she’s slightly squeezing them together, which it doesn’t look like she is doing.

    And looking at her now, she probably went under the knife…

    • sweetgirl1990 says:

      they probably used eyelid glue (makeup) to create the double lid

      • sofab says:

        she already had a double eyelids.. their just the inner type. usuing false eyelashed helped them deepen the crease.

        ppl need to stop saying plastic surgeyr. right there u can tell just from makeup she changed a whole lot.

        • Cup says:

          The ‘inner type’??? The ‘inner type’ of double eyelids are called single eyelids.

          • bd2 says:

            Try to know a little something about the topic in which you opine.

            There are a no. of diff. kinds of double eyelids for Asians (being diff. from the type for caucasians) including the “hidden” type of dbl eyelids (Han Ji Hye) or partially hidden.

    • didie says:

      her eyes are heavy due to the excessive eyeliner and fake eyelashes

  4. dan says:

    ah the wonders of plastic surgery

  5. Hyoan says:

    I dont think she got plastic surgery.
    Embrassed ? she looked young, more chubby than now. but still this nose, lips, and eyes. I dont see anything change. just make-up style is different.
    Take a look and dont just judge her.

  6. Kergy says:

    Woori is in the highest tier of K-pop girls, she’s just… wow

  7. wella says:

    Her double lid eyes is weird..

  8. more says:

    Damn!!!!!!!!!!! she need to work on her face without make up. Makeup ruins faces

  9. HyoEun says:

    It looks like she got a whole lot more hair around her forehead in the ‘after’ photo?!!

  10. mira :) says:

    OMG ! Thats shocking !
    but if she + makeup , then she looks pretty .
    wait , erm , so thats mean if she doesn’t have a makeup , she has no eyebrows ??

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