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Han Hyo-joo and the Quake

Section TV” recently released footage of Han Hyo-joo in Japan during the recent 8.9-magnitude earthquake.

Han Hyo-joo was in Japan promoting “Dong-yi” for NHK, and “Section TV” was also scheduled to record her promotional activity when the quake hit.

Suddenly, the building starting shaking, causing the actress to loose the strength in her legs. Together, all of the people in the shooting location relocated for safety.

Han Hyo-joo returned to Korea on March 12th.

[Currently, many nations, including Korea are sending rescue teams to Japan. POPSEOUL hopes for the safety and security of all our readers in areas affected by the earthquakes, aftershocks, and tsunamis. We also urge all POPSEOULers to help in any way they can with this disaster. For ways you can help, CNN has released this article listing ways to monetarily aid victims of tsunamis:]


6 Comments on “Han Hyo-joo and the Quake”

  1. 7 says:

    Looking at the bright side with Korea to the rescue this should improve relationship between Japan and Korea even a bit..

  2. HUUH says:


  3. Dovey says:

    I have made a contribution already, and hope many others will as well. A lot of people have lost their lives, and many more have lost their homes, belongings, everything. I’m not trying to bring Japan down or be mean, but I feel this will take many years for them to recover from it, both economically and emotionally.

    My best wishes to Japan and all her people. Be safe.

  4. Deki says:

    It is really a sad day for everybody around the world. I pray towards recovering soon. This is the time for every person to help eachother and I feel relationship between Korea and Japan will be much more stronger than before. My best wishes to all those in Japan. Feel strong, be safe.

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