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Lee Seung-ki Drops “Discovery of Affection”

Lee Seung-ki dropped out of his latest casting offer, but why?! First, there were rumors of plagiarism, but is it true?

Fans of the multi-talented entertainer are saddened that they would not get to see Lee Seung-ki in the upcoming MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “Discovery of Affection” (애정의 발견) which is set to broadcast in June.

Rumors started spreading about hints of plagiarism, that the actor didn’t want to be part of the project because of issues with the scriptwriting, but the drama production released the following statement:

“We had deep discussions over the story progress and main character, but in the end, we couldn’t come to an agreement. As in any casting stage of any drama, it just wasn’t fate [for the drama]… For our drama, whether or not Lee Seung-ki agreed to the casting, in order to improve the quality of the drama, before the plagiarism scandal, planning was being changed as the script was being created. These are definitely not sudden storyboard changes coming about because of the recent plagiarism suspicions that are rising up out of the water.”

Drama fans always are wondering why a top star would drop out of a drama production. If it’s not for another role, most will suspect the worst. It was said that the problem arose out of a situation involving an imaginary marriage variety as the main focus of the drama, which will be changed for actual production.

Either way, the production of “Discovery of Affection” has already decided to take the drama in a different direction, so if the plagiarism suspicions were true or not, the broadcast drama will be different from the story in question.

The new drama centers around the romance between a top star and a has-been actress. Cha Seung-won (“Athena”) is thought to take Lee Seung-ki’s place next to actress Gong Hyo-jin (“Pasta”).

Too bad, no Lee Seung-ki this time around.

Source: MoneyToday


7 Comments on “Lee Seung-ki Drops “Discovery of Affection””

  1. Kai says:

    LSK and Cha Seung Won aren’t in the same league as LSK is more a sunshine boy and the latter is a middle aged man, so how is it that CSW can replace LSK’s character unless it is a totally different story alotogether.

  2. dan says:

    why is plagiarism an issue? koreans wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for copying others.

  3. Daisy says:

    Sounds like he was smart to get himself out of this drama.

  4. lvsanchez115 says:

    AH this breaks my heart! Would’ve been awesome to see him team up with the Hong sisters again. Plagarism my a**… Hong sisters take an overdone storyline and make it their own. I’m sure it’ll all be cleared up as soon as they actually let it air.

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