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[POP Poll] This Spring, Which Girl Group Are You Waiting For?

Spring has hit Seoul, and the question is, which girl group’s spring comeback are you looking forward to?

After School is gearing up for a comeback after finishing out Orange Caramel‘s sub-unit activities and Kahi‘s solo activities. This will also be a chance to see new member In-young‘s presence with the girl group.

Young and fresh, 4Minute is also in preparations for a spring comeback, currently filming the music video, doing the final touches in the recording studio, and practicing new choreography. Fans are excited to see their new concept, curious how they will top their previous hits.

After the huge wave of “Abracadabra,” Brown Eyed Girls went into solo activities, but they’re finally reuniting for plans of a comeback. The title song’s concept and finishing is being delayed, but nonetheless, the girls are in the planning stage of a comeback.

Not to mention, there will be new girl groups appearing this year.

Under the Cube Entertainment (Beast, 4Minute) sub-label A Cube, a new 7-girl group named A-Pink will be debuting this spring. So far, the concept photos show an innocent group of young girls in white (nothing new here).

You can catch a video of A-Pink‘s main vocalist Eun-ji below:

Finally, produced by the famous Brave Brothers, new 5-member hip hop girl group Brave Girls are set to have an early April debut and is currently recording.

Pictured above is Seoul Arts High student Kim Yeona, and is included in the new girl group. Though a lot about the hip hop girl group is being kept secret, it would interesting to see how a “hip hop” girl group will be presented.

Though it isn’t confirmed, fans believe the Wondergirls are going to release an American album some time in the near future. Again, there’s word going out that it should be released in May, but there hasn’t been anything definite.

So, which girl group comeback/debut has you most excited?


16 Comments on “[POP Poll] This Spring, Which Girl Group Are You Waiting For?”

  1. 7 says:

    The top girl group is not among the list so its gonna be the Wondergirls.

  2. myzs says:

    can’t wait for 4minute’s comeback!!!

  3. Bottle says:

    I’m waiting for the Spice Girls comeback… oh wait, that would be 2ne1.

  4. peace & love for jay! says:


  5. alyssa says:

    it would be wondergirls….i cant wait for it…

  6. Aiashine says:

    BEG for me. Because After School is have sub-unit and Solo..

  7. American Girl says:

    Brown Eyed Girls comeback with tour awesome voices!!! i miss those girls!

  8. Liemkopi says:

    Brown Eyed Girls definitely!

  9. hottestjen says:

    Please come back to Korea however I am also supporting you guys here in American too!!!!

  10. huh says:

    Please don’t make me cringe with you new “american” album wodergirls! 2DT was bad enough………

  11. ArRomantic says:

    Wondergirls should come back to korea and release a korean album instead!! They’ve been gone far too long!

  12. more says:

    Wondergirls need to go back to korea and stop singing NOBODY. Song is dead but i like them

  13. luvSuJu13 says:

    what’s with the “A” groups now? weird.
    none of the above

  14. will says:

    WTF!!?? where is the SNSD?

    • 7 says:

      Well maybe they’ve decided to concentrate on Japan. Their new single is scheduled on April. Things would be alright by then.

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