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Where will Crown J appear next?

The fallen hip hop king has tweeted his next scheduled event.

After success in Korea and his transition to America, Crown J has been through quite a bit. When he returned to the motherland, the country gave him a parental whooping for alleged possession of illegal drugs.

What could K-pop’s son be doing now? Tweeting! Crown J tweeted the following message on his personal page March 14th,

“March 15th 4 pm press conference, Seocho-dong 1706-5 vr @ B1 Building Tel 02) 598 –

Will you be there?



13 Comments on “Where will Crown J appear next?”

  1. American Girl says:

    tsk. i wish i was there.

  2. King Pop says:

    What happened to his US album? Failed as usual…

  3. Cup says:

    Will he be in Korea begging them to buy his shyte music, so he doesn’t have to work in a Hagwan like all the other unemployable seppos?

  4. Orange_Fun says:

    Korea really needs to up their marketing game in the U.S becasue this is the first time I have ever heard of him every being the U.S.

    • Cup says:

      No one in the USA gives a cr@p about ethnically korean people anyways, because those spend all their time trying to be korean rather than doing anything for USA.

      • more says:

        what the hell!!! that has nothing to do with it. Us dont pay mind to Korea Musically because there mainstream music is not original. Everything S korea IS DOING u.s already did BOY BANDS, familly friendly pop lyricks. They need to step they game up

      • Orange_Fun says:

        What? Your sentence doesn’t really make sence, and why spell crap with an @. Isn’t much easier just to use “a”?…..Never mind don’t answer it’s not important.

  5. 2Bad4PrinceJ says:


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