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Jay Park on the Set of “Abandoned”

Dance group Prepix posted these photos of Jay Park (Jaebum) and Prepix leader Haw on the set of his music video “Abandoned.”

The photos show off Jay‘s new style concept for the soon-to-be released music video for his official single after returning to Korea. The photos were revealed on the Prepix Twitter account (@prepix).

The music video is to be present early next month with the album release late next month.

Are you getting excited for Jay‘s big comeback?


20 Comments on “Jay Park on the Set of “Abandoned””

  1. Cup says:

    Is he on the set getting Koreans to worship and deify him in an undignified fashion after telling them that they were all ******* and their country and culture are *******?

    I do wonder what it is, beyond the fact that he’s american, that makes koreans worship this guy, and then I realise it’s precisely because he’s an american.

    • tintin says:

      worship is a strong word, he doesn’t even have a church build for him yet. he’s there to do what he likes doin, and being adored is just the result of being in the eye of the public. People have the tendency to find faults in people and sometimes fall for those faults, and it turns out girls do this more than guys, hence his girl fans.

      • Cup says:

        I’m sure he has lots of altars to him throughout South Korea. With Koreans sat there begging for their deity Jay Park to take them away from Korea to the ‘promised land’ of LA.

        That’s what they spend their time doing when they’re not working for samsung or LG.

  2. Annie says:

    Oh, Can’t wait !! ❤

  3. Angelo Perz says:

    KOREANS need to learn to move on. The issue he had been through was due to a comment he made when he was new to Korea. Everyone has their moments too, y’know~


  4. American Girl says:

    jay park returning with his sexy ways! *sigh* ew. Cant Wait! lolz. O-O

  5. Mary says:

    Omg!!! Jay looks sooooo HOT!

    love it! love it!

    Im so frickin excited to see his MV!!!!!


  6. Lorni says:

    Looking Fly Jay Park!!

  7. FINALBOSS says:

    Did he grow past 5’6 yet? Even though he’s got moves, he looks like a complete moron pulling those moves off with his oompa loompa azz.

    Just saying.


  8. bobes says:

    whoahh… the above responders ‘CUP, TINTIN and FINALBOS’. I sincerely dedicate ceelo’s new single ‘FUCK YOU’ to y’all:)

  9. bobes says:

    Popseoul should really upgrade to an account-based commenting system so losers like u wouldnt have to change ur name everytime to sprout hate. jst a suggestion!:)

    • Saucer says:

      Then you wouldn’t have people like me commenting. We’d all move to ‘’ and would be unvisited like it was before I turned up.

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Jay looks good in shades~

  11. Akash says:

    I love that pair of shades on JP! Does anyone possibly know the label or model no of that particular eyewear? Been looking for something like that ever since Bryan Boy spotted them over the Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2010/2011 Show!

  12. tiaramgl says:

    He could do good things and damn things just like evil This is just adore. Respect him

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