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Jung Il-woo becomes the “Angel Of Death”?

Will the K-industry remake Hollywood’s hit series “Touched By An Angel” too?

Recently, the “49 days” actor participated in a photo shoot for his new SBS drama. The drama’s crew transformed his dark character into a motorcycle riding flower boy! His concept is titled “Angel Of Death“, however, the production company decided to get rid of the usual dim colored clothing that accompanies the role. They chose a bright blue trench coat for him instead! Netizens were shocked by his transformation. They thought the photos above were for a magazine/clothing line…not a drama.

Will his character assure humans that they will go to heaven? Or, is Il-woo trying to be a solo flower boy?

His journey as the angel/scheduler role begins March 16th at 9:55pm(KST) on SBS’s 49 days.

Source: Hancinema


10 Comments on “Jung Il-woo becomes the “Angel Of Death”?”

  1. American Girl says:

    i want to watch it! >.<! darn it too bad we dont have kbs in america. i think.

  2. cup says:

    A burberryman on a motorbike.. how very korean.

  3. HUUH says:

    O_O this dude is hot!! XDDD

  4. breanna says:

    Is it me, why does he looks like he got thinner, I like him better when he looks more healthier…..his face becomes thinner

  5. brianna says:

    He got thinner? I like him better when he looks more healthier…..his face becomes thinner…is it just me looks that?

  6. claire says:

    I love Ilwoo

  7. ieqa says:

    anyone know,,,, what motorcycle that he’s used

  8. chuchu says:

    he’s sooooo hot…red nose!his ringtone in 49 days is very awesome!

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