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Lee Chun-hee and Jun Hye-jin go on their honeymoon…..

or should I say, babymoon?

The newlywed actors (and expecting parents) headed to┬áIncheon International Airport on March 13th. Chun-hye will be spending 14 nights and 15 days in America’s paradise, Hawaii. In spite of the tsunami warnings over the weekend, the brave lovebirds took to the skies in an attempt to enjoy their first official days as a married couple.

Why do they need a honeymoon when the couple is already expecting their first child? They are celebrities!

The first night has already been spoiled, but at least they can look forward to moving into a ritzy Gangnam-Gu, Sinsadong place when they return.

Source: Newsen and Hancinema


8 Comments on “Lee Chun-hee and Jun Hye-jin go on their honeymoon…..”

  1. Mee Eun says:


  2. cy says:

    anybody knows what shoes she’s wearing? really nice.

  3. Cup says:

    Wow, Koreans going to USA, whatever next?

  4. seungyeonatic says:

    Watch the Live Streaming here about KPOP idols who are in JAPAN now!

  5. coliebolie says:

    honestly, jun hye jin is kinda ugly

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