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Ocean’s Eleven will be remade in Korea!

Actors Jun Ji-hyun, Kim Yun-seok, Kim Hye-soo and Lee Jung-jae

are all expected to join the Korean version of Ocean’s Eleven. Director Choi Dong-hoon‘s upcoming film “Thieves” (aka “Bandits”), about Korean and Chinese thieves joining forces to steal a hidden diamond in a Macao casino, has been in negotiations with possible cast members since 2010.

Filming will finally begin May 2011. The director has chosen the locations to be Hong Kong and Macao.

After viewing the Hollywood version, I will have to pass on this. The original versions are boring, confusing, and it can give anyone a case of A-M-O-E-D (Attention-Movie-Oceans-Eleven Disorder). The K-version may be better, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Are you interested in seeing the K-remake?

Source: Sports Donga


12 Comments on “Ocean’s Eleven will be remade in Korea!”

  1. cup says:

    South Koreans aren’t allowed to gamble, so why would they be in Macau gambling. Are they going to be children of the North Korean leadership? They love gambling in Macau.

    • King Pop says:

      South Koreans can gamble in Korea, we do have casinos…look it up…we just can’t gamble illegally, just like any other countries…Koreans go to Macau because it’s so much bigger, better and for the experience…Korean casinos are very small and scattered all over place…not like Macau or Las Vegas.

      • cup says:

        What the hell was the article on about some korean pop star going to vegas and gambling about then?

        • eric says:

          the problem was with the money he brought over to gamble with. it was undeclared or something like that.
          i think anyways, someone confirm this for me

  2. American Girl says:

    i did not even see that movie! i wonder what its gonna be like though.

  3. Tamar says:

    The world does not need another Oceans 11 unless it’s remade with politicians playing the crooks. But that would make it a documentary.

    • cup says:

      Politicians already play crooks, I just need to turn on the Tv to see that. Might be nice to have something other than manipulative self-serving weasels on the Tv for once.

  4. benny says:

    the best oceans eleven was the first one with Sammy Davis Junior in 1960; all the others were rubbish. So am not even gonna bother with this one.

  5. Lorni says:

    I personally think the korean version won’t be good bc I’ve seen Oceans 11, 12, and 13..They are good! IF u understand it that is no offense. I like the american versions better bc the story line is perfect and the way they set up and plan everything out! Wow! It’s just awesome! Makes you want to be one of them lol! But I want to see the korean version and see how it does! I love to watch and compare movies like The Departed and Infernal Affairs.

  6. kelfeefiey says:

    Really? they are remaking it??

    Wow I cant see JUN JI HYUN to play in that role.. Actually i dont like the original version kinda boring no offense but for me its bad.. sorry.. GO KOREA!!.. Im an addict diehard fans for KOrean actors, actress and singers..

  7. MisaLee says:

    i hoped it will be well played from the original
    looking forward to it.!

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