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[POP Quiz] Who is this girl?

Can you guess who this once was?

It’s Lee Min-jung from seven years ago. Yes, that Lee Min-jung, who appeared as Jandi’s rival in “Boys Over Flowers,” soju ad girl, Lee Min-jung.

This picture, from the film “Someone Special” (아는 여자), was uploaded onto a community cafe with the title, “Lee Na-young’s friend Lee Min-jung.”

Netizens are full of shock and disbelief. Though the young Lee Min-jung is quite cute and pretty, many are having trouble seeing how her face now is similar to seven years before. Netizens’ comments include, “WHO is this?” and “That isn’t true. That can’t be true,” and “At any rate, she was cute.”

What do you think of the Lee Min-jung of the past?


22 Comments on “[POP Quiz] Who is this girl?”

  1. Cup says:

    Are you seriously expecting us to be able to tell who this is, given that she’s probably been through an extreme regimen of plastic surgery and looks nothing like she did?

  2. jyyjc says:

    lee min mung. she looks pretty much the same, except younger.

  3. teehee says:

    i voted lee min jung.
    cuz the first pic really looks like her.
    how can ppl vote for rainbow jaekyung? lol.

  4. jnyarcalas says:

    She looks the same, i don’t think she did any plastic surgery.
    But i could be wrong.

    • Div says:

      it’s obvious she did sth ….

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      She actually did. Just a little bit so, you can’t really tell.
      I believe she did it on her nose….but then, i could be wrong too…
      Who knows…?!
      Also, i think she lost some weight.

  5. min says:

    it’s obviously Lee Min Jung. she has that same expression in Smile, You. she’s sooo cute.

  6. rejie says:

    i watched the movie and when i found out that lee min-jung is one of the cast i wonder whose character she is?..
    now i know..
    i didn’t recognize her in that movie..

  7. mira :) says:

    hahaha , i knew it !
    she really looks the same !

  8. jOselyne♥ says:

    She actually looks the same if you look closely ♥

  9. I prefer when she young….

  10. FINALBOSS says:




  11. cup says:

    She does love soju.

  12. miera says:

    maybe the picture is when she was young…
    the expression is still the same when she smile like that..
    i can see that there is no difference between her in the past and today (boys over flower).

  13. jasmine says:

    i think she looks pretty cute when in that photo ^^

  14. Intyce says:

    I’m lovin’ her new drama, Midas! ^^

  15. MissHolmes says:

    she looks the same , she have her unique look 😀 ♥ .. i don’t know what difference .. but really no harm if she did changed something .. she looks beautiful anyway ^ ^ ~

  16. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Lee Min Jung is soooo pretty

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