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To Sistar’s Bora: Where Are Your Pants?

After some recent photos of Sistar member Bora in the airport, fans are asking, “Bora, where are your pants?!

On fan wondered if it was just an absent-minded mistake or a full-on fashion oops! After presenting the evidence online, netizens are slightly shocked, “It really is just a T-shirt,” while others conceded, “Bora seems to have the habit of wearing short things.”

Even during performances, Sistar‘s stylist seems to focus on giving Bora super-short skirts, maybe putting the shirt on with no pants just felt natural to girl group member.

What do you think of Bora‘s “flashy” airport fashion?


126 Comments on “To Sistar’s Bora: Where Are Your Pants?”

  1. Cup says:

    Why are you asking where her underpants are? Is she not wearing any underpants? She’s going commando?

    Don’t you perhaps think this topic is a more than a little bit inappropriate for a mixed-age audience?

    • k-pop luver! says:

      i dont mean to sound rude but the topic not that bad 😛 im 13 and dont find the topic inappropriate at all ^^;

    • Amanda says:

      Ummm…. No one asked about her underpants. People are asking about her pants. Just pants, like jeans or shorts or any thing that goes over underpants. You are the one that brought up the underwear topic.

  2. Karaz says:

    I’ve seen few girls doing that and I asked them the same question “Where r ur pants?” ” did u forgot to wear it?”

    • Cup says:

      You go around demanding girls tell you where their underpants are? Which part of the world do you live in where misogynism like this is allowed?

    • 기쓰마이아쓰 says:

      Do you then demand they wear a Bhurka and they get gang-raped like the Qatif girl? Then they’re flogged to death for wearing what they like?

      • nadia says:

        ehm… please no racist comment here. don’t involve hedonism with religion ok. that’s just rude

        • Cup says:

          We weren’t, we were all involving “a women gleefully expressing her freedom to wear what she chose” and “women being treated like animals an raped by religious police”. Subtle difference.

      • sandy says:

        dont talk about stuff and ppl you dont know anything about you brain washed

        • 기쓰마이아쓰 says:

          How was it racist? It’s talking about clothes and a well known rape case where the USA had to ask the Arabs not to whip the raped lady.

          • didi says:

            I dont think it was racist but it’s inappropriate, the burkha comment. I’m not even a girl and i found it inappropriate.

            • Saucer says:

              So it’s inappropriate to say the word ‘bhurka’ as you consider it a profanity? It’s simply an article of dress which women in some countries are forced to wear.

              What about words like T-shirt? Shirt? Trousers? You find then inappropriate too? Profane?

          • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

            ew. ur name is gross.

        • cup says:

          I cannot see how it’s racist, either. Can you please explain?

  3. Shane says:

    I think the shirt is not too short…so maybe she wear it just like a dress^^

  4. 0745932170 says:

    i love sistar girls, they are too beautiful to hide their legs and asses

  5. WhATTT? says:

    @nadia. Can you just explain how that comment was racist or about religion? Bhurka wearing is a cultural thing, as is beating women for what they wear.

    • Cup says:

      I know in somalia they publicly beat women for wearing skirts which are too short. One lady was jumped on by the ‘religious police’ for wearing a skirt and it’s common for women in somalia and sudan to be whipped to death for wearing bras.

      A sudanese lady was beaten for wearing trousers. This practise is common in indonesia and malaysia where the police enforce strict laws against women’s dress.

      When I was in Dubai, a western lady came out of a nightclub and was abducted and gang raped in the desert, and the courts said it was her fault because of what she was wearing.

      Thankfully Korea respects women’s rights, in some ways.. but gang rape is still common there. I recall a case of a girl who was raped by ‘all’ of her classmates and the court wanted her to return to the same school. There was also the case of the group of pakistanis who gang raped a korean schoolgirl and took photos and put them onto the internet and she committed suicide.

      • sandy says:

        and in the west a woman is raped every 5 seconds maybe you dont know that or is it different listen you racist bitch if you want to speard your haterd and lies against a certain group go some other place

        • Dan says:

          explain how that’s racist. I love how people like playing the race card without actually knowing when to use it.

        • cup says:

          Also, in the middle east and other arab-colonies like malaysia and indonesia there are no laws on rape, because it says ‘men, you own your women so do with them what you will’…

          … hence some arab-slave in the Singapore decided he should have sex with all his 9 wives and his daughters, because he ‘owned’ them. Also women do not report rapes because they know they’ll go to prison for being ‘temptresses’… same with child abuse victims.

          • alexa says:

            I’m an Indonesian living in Indonesia
            there’s no such law in my country
            perhaps you should study more diligently before stating something with no basis.
            We do have law on rape, and men do being punished if they rape a woman
            should i send you the link to the regulation?
            Woman can report rape cases to the police and we have ministry for woman development.
            What you say is a blatant ignorant.
            Furthermore, Indonesia is a democratic country, which has never been colonialized by Arabian
            study history!!
            as an Indonesian, i’m very insulted with your statement

            • MinJoon says:

              what ?? pls dont say any negative thing about Malaysia. we dont have any ‘police religion’ here. and the police never enforce strict laws against women’s dress.
              it just against our religion to wear such a thing but if u still wanna wear its up to u. we dont beat them. except your parents will scold & beat u. our religion is beautiful. no constraining. im talking about Islam here.

              • Cup says:

                Popseoul is clearly anti-freedom of speech because it’s deleting comments now.. but here is some news about the religious police in malaysia beating up women in a nightclub.

                If you want, there are plenty more links to the religious police harassing women about what they wear as malaysian men go around wearing arabs clothing and laughing about Article 153.

                • MinJoon says:

                  lol. of course u take this source from BBC and some fact has been mistaken. and im talk about women dress not night club ambush here. u better give the proper proof. from ur real experience for example.

              • Cup says:

                Here is another one about the religious police who you say don’t exist.

                Funny how they can ‘not exist’ and be all over the news with their misdealings with people at the same time.

                • Mark says:

                  and you’re an idiot for believing everything put on the internet you stupid Britfag.

                • Saucer says:

                  Want to tell us more about how you think japanese women are all STD ridden and easy? Or how Chinese women are egotistical?

                  I think you should enlighten us with your misogynistic yellow fever views and anecdotal (fake) stories about when you got asian poontang

                • MinJoon says:

                  just BBC call it ‘police religion’ but we are not. police is just a police and no such ‘police religion’ thing. and they are not beaten people especially women. get ur fact straight dear.

                • Saucer says:

                  Can you phone up amnesty international and tell them they got it all wrong. Here is there report on malaysian beatings of women here so it’s not just the BBC. It’s well known by most sauces.

                  • Mark says:

                    Most SAUCES? Yeah, sauces are so reliable, not to mention delicious!

                    You know you have nothing to back up your posts when you bring up my posts from other topics not even related to this one and yes, most Japanese girls in Vancouver are easy as hell, ask ANYONE from Vancouver and they will tell you the same. Chinese girls are also egotistical and uptight bitches as well. This is all coming based off my personal experience so I have every right to say so.

                • Stan says:

                  Sorry, we couldn’t hear you over the sound of you being bitter and rejected.

                  • Mark says:

                    Okay there Saucer. Nobody backs you up, so it’s clearly just you using a different name. Japanese girls don’t reject anyone, they just want cock, and Chinese girls are so happy to have a white BF (to make mommy and daddy proud) they wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to date a white guy either.

                • Saucer says:

                  No one backs me up because it’s full of pro-misogynistic people like yourself.

                  This whole website appears to be a celebration of misogynism.

  6. mira :) says:

    i don’t really like Bora but the question is why is it Bora wearing a really2 short dress like that is a big deal ?
    I’ve seen many idols wearing short dress and nearly shows their panties but there’s no big deal or hot news about it .
    i don’t really understand but honestly , idols should not wear a really2 short pants. u know , some fans are crazy s*x maniac , so it is really dangerous .

    • cup says:

      The issue is that some guys from the middle east, indonesia or malaysia outside korea might have no self control and try to rape her, because she’s not wearing a carpet and her face isn’t covered.

      I think women should have the right to do whatever they choose to do without hindrance or abduction. I hope her pants are woollen though, or at least warm..

  7. American Girl says:

    who cares? but shes still cool. -.-

  8. 7 says:

    It might be what’s comfortable to her. That’s all. She looks nice anyway. And she’s free to wear anything she likes. (Though I’m not sure she’s wearing lower garment but it’s more probable that she is.)

    • cup says:

      You’re right, if she chooses to wear no underpants then it’s her choice.

    • Cup says:

      In Indonesia apparently she’s not free to wear, because in this story it tells us how ‘Jeans make men want to rape’ . Apparently men there and malaysia have absolutely no self control.

      Feel free to support the death to women’s rights Popsoeul. We already know you do not support women’s rights in any way and keep deleting comments which are pro-women’s rights.

      • MinJoon says:

        men all over the world is same, not only in indonesia or malaysia. cause here we have a religion. please rethinking before u post some comments about our country and religion. this issue is so sensitive. i just dont want to waste my time to debate this issue with u. since u always talk about my country. now back off.

        • Saucer says:

          Why do you refuse to admit that women in your country are treated like animals? You even refuse to admit the existence of the ‘religious police’ who seem to figure widely in news about your country and go around arresting people. Business news even says the actions of the religious police in your country are threatening investment.

          I’m here to support something which you know absolutely nothing about, it’s called ‘universal women’s rights’. Anyways, I’ll leave you to your psychological denial… you seem to use it very well. You have probably convinced yourself that misogynism is a great thing and being ‘owned like a slave’ is fantastique!

          • alexa says:

            i’m a woman
            living in indonesia
            i have a bachelor degree in accounting from prestigious university
            a Moslem
            i do not feel like being treated as a slave OR animal
            who are you to say such thing
            have you ever been to indonesia?
            those people who you call religion police are not even real police
            they are part of this one society group
            most of indonesian does not even appreciate this group because we do think that they are sometimes very physical
            however, an action by a very small part of a group does not reflect the whole country!!
            if so then all germany is nazi?
            In indonesia, we once have a woman president
            some of our ministers now are woman
            so, investigate more
            before you say such ignorant statement.
            You should come to Indonesia
            so you can see with your own eyes
            that woman in indonesia can wear jeans, go to work, study at school, be president or whatever they want to achieve
            here’s the link of some female in indonesia wearing (OMG!!!) jeans
            Islam is a peaceful religion
            that respect female

            • Stan says:

              Can we just define ‘peaceful’ because in Indonesia recently a mob of 1500 guys helped by the Indonesian police service went around killing people from the Ahmadiyah sect and then went around burning churches and killing people. You can read about it here . You can see the video of them killing them, it’s online I think.

              Is this ‘peace’ because that sort of conflicts with the dictionary definition which is “a state of tranquillity or serenity”.

              I guess it’s just orwellian, like “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”….etc

              • alexa says:

                we’re in the middle in war here in indonesia

                but i still have time to check popseoul
                and reading the comments

                can you imagine that?!!

                what would all the men in indonesia say??

                how can a woman in indonesia have internet??


                it’s unbelievable
                in a country where a woman is treated as slave or animal

                call the police!!

                because you know so much about indonesia
                even more from me who was born and raised in indonesia
                i’m sure you know the number

                i don’t know
                because i’m not sure i’m allowed to know that
                since, well, i’m a woman

                maybe i was brainwashed
                like you said
                with all the technology and propaganda

                i should hide my super junior, britney and laddy gaga cds
                before the police come

                i’m not allowed to have any possesion you know

                • Saucer says:

                  Don’t call the religious police.. they’re likely to take your lady gaga CDs, rape you, and then beat you for being a temptress. Presumably while the normal police watch.

                  That’s respect for women.

            • Saucer says:

              I’m back, I was out. So where are the examples of women being respected, because I cannot find them.

              I can only find examples of women getting beaten, raped or caned. Is caning a woman for wearing trousers respecting them? Do you people want to cane korean women for wearing trousers?

              • MinJoon says:

                and the why are u so dumber ?? and i want to ask u if im treating like an animal why am i here?? what peace? and what vid? huh! thats the only thing u want to approve to the world? people abuse happened in every part of this world and even in ur country. why dont u admit that? this world is coming to the end. thats all.

                • MinJoon says:

                  to all the racist, as a woman i really dont need your help at all. my religion itself already support us. u are a racist. wtf u come to serve what u call it WOMEN RIGHT?? just save about all your LIES here. im laughing coz all the vid is lies. truely. its my country and i knew it better than u stranger!

                • Saucer says:

                  That’s because most of us all support “women’s rights and equality” and you support “women being caned for wearing trousers”. That’s your decision to support the domestic slavery of women and treatment of women like possessions and widespread rape.

                  • alexa says:

                    clearly you only see reports and videothat suitsyour purpose
                    inindonesiawecelebratechristmast,idhul fitri,waisak, nyepi becausewerespect pluralisme.
                    Thoseactionthat yousaidaredoneby agroupof peoplewhoseactionisbeingcondemnby most indonesianandthegovernment.
                    try beingopenminded.

                • Saucer says:

                  Shariah Law doesn’t respect pluralism so how can you say Indonesians respect pluralism when you clearly don’t in an increasing number of shariah provinces?

                  You’re just talking in contradictory riddles hoping that no one will understand about shariah law.

                • Saucer says:

                  What’s obama got to do with women’s rights and huge numbers of rapings and beatings by the religious police?

                  Did Obama include beating lots of people from Ahmadiyah sect to death while the normal police watched.

                  Hmm, religious tolerance.

                  • alexa says:

                    clearly you already set yourmind
                    sonomatter what i say will meannothingtoyou.
                    however i suggest that youtry beingopenminded, youcanbasedyouopiniononthosereport.
                    haveyouever beentoindonesia?
                    Allcountry intheworldhavevioulanceissue
                    canyounameonecountry that doesnt havesexual abuseor violancehistory

                    whoareyoutopassjudgement onusabeingviolancecountry?

                • Saucer says:

                  Nothing you ever said had any meaning, it was just contradiction painted onto further layers of contradiction.

                  The bit where you said beating raped women was respect was quite interesting though.

  9. jay says:

    looks like someone went to the same plastic surgeon as Han Chae Young.

  10. ashley says:

    I think she has really short shorts on under that big t-shirt

  11. ana says:

    That can’t be comfortable when she sits; I’m imagining that shirt would ride up all the way to her belly button!

  12. Saa' says:

    If you want to made a comment about other culture and religous study first and don’t made random comment,otherwise you may hurt other people feeling and it make you like stupid and moron person.

  13. Cup says:

    Can you people please please stop talking utter lies about something you don’t understand. Women in certain places (indonesia, malaysia, etc) are classes as ‘possessions’ of their father and then their husband, and are subjected to severe levels of abuse, rape and are basically treated like animals. In other places like somalia, women are beaten to death for wearing trousers!!!!

    If you don’t talk about these problems, they never go away. Particularly arabs raping their Indonesian maids, who then have a baby and end up being beheaded or whipped for being temptresses. Also Nikkah arab marriages in Indonesia and Malaysia where the child gives birth to a baby and gets shamed. Funny how you people at Popseoul support the misogynists comments, a man who apparently goes around accosting women, demanding they tell him why they’re wearing what they are.

    Typical. I’m ashamed that Popseoul has no interest in supporting women’s rights and prefers them to be treated like animals.

    Here endeth the lesson.

    • lay says:

      hey … the ‘please please stop talking utter lies about something you don’t understand’ should apply to you. it’s good that popseoul is deleting shits coming from people like you.

    • Mark says:

      because POP Seoul is ALL about women’s rights! Why don’t you bitch about the starving people in Africa as well and yell at POP Seoul for not supporting them…or the endangered species that are being killed everyday…what is POP Seoul doing to help them? It’s a Korean music site, get a life.

      • Saucer says:

        How’s your gf who had all the surgery and lied saying she didn’t? Your yellow fever is going well?

        • Mark says:

          your jealousy because you can’t get a Korean girl is evident even more than ever

          • Stan says:

            Isn’t ‘Saucer’ a European and as far as I’m aware Europeans and Koreans don’t breed (unless they’re josunjuk) So why would he be jealous of something which wouldn’t happen and no one would want to happen? .. and no one cares about? There’s no motivation to be jealous there.

            However, your bitterness because of rejection from Japanese, and Chinese women leaving you only with Korean women, now that’s another basket of issues we could all focus in on… and we will, don’t you worry, just because it’s funny to see how sour you get about it.

            • Mark says:

              I’ve dated more than enough of them and I’m always the one to dump them. Sorry if I like a little challenge when I’m dating a girl. The fact Saucer will never get a Korean girl because they don’t want his dirty Euro trash ass is WHY he is jealous.

              • Stan says:

                Really jealous… I cannot believe how jealous we europeans are. So jealous that we cannot move with jealousy. Thankfully we get all the hot Chinese, French, Indian and Norwegian chicks who don’t need surgery to make up for it! Hooray!…

                ..I’ll let you get back to dealing with your rejection by chinese and japanese chicks. Have fun dealing with those issues with your plasticy K-bride.

                • Mark says:

                  have fun with your ugly Eurotrash girls who are open more than often than a 24 hour convenience store.

                • Saucer says:

                  You’re just sour because we Europeans date and marry the classy Chinesers and Japanesers Whereas in USA/Canada you have to date with the slutty girls who wouldn’t know decorum if it fell on them. Shouldn’t you get back to trying to rescue your gf from a life in Korea?

                  • Mark says:

                    the only Chinese and Japanese girls Euros date are the ones that are out casts from their country because they are too damn ugly. They send them off to Europe where mediocre looks are considered attractive because all Europeans are ugly as shit.

                  • Saucer says:

                    We’re only as ugly as your gf who is using you to get out of korea to the USA via canada.

                • mela says:

                  lol Mark ur a troll 2.0 alert. Except less funny and prone rage and cussing at others to prove ur point. which is no point.

                • Saucer says:

                  @mela, just ignore mark, he’s sour and bitter with European guys because we like strong classy women who act with decorum and aren’t slutty. Those Canadians seem to get left with slutty ladies who want to live in the arctic tundra eating seal meat and talking about celine dion and how french they are.

                  It’s not his fault that the pleasant and ladylike japanesers and chinesers come to europe, but it is his fault for being so darned bitter about it.

                  Oh well, canadians eh?

      • louise says:

        “POP Seoul is ALL about women’s rights” Couldn’t disagree more. Starving children in Africa and endangered animals are important but they are separate things and need to be addressed separately. Don’t change the subject.

        • Saucer says:

          I think the point is, that is should at least support some things like, equality for women, rather than just misogyny and slavery for women.

          The issue was that they were deleting pro-women’s rights comments and leaving all the comments from guys who seemed to think it was okay to go around telling women what to wear. i.e. a bhurka

          • alexa says:

            if you don’t like this website
            don’t come here
            i’m sure there are many sites out there
            that might interest you
            don’t come here and spoil our fun
            how can an article about a celeb’s fashion style led to hurtfull comment on some culture and countries

    • alexa says:

      this is POPSEOUL!
      it talks about korean music/drama

      • Joe says:

        Thank you so much for understanding. Saucer is bring up the hate and bitching on people. I mean, seroiously, it says POPSEOUL. As a Korean I know Seoul is the capital, and pop is pop. Duh.

    • alexa says:

      this come from someone who says that indonesia is arab colony
      while indonesia has never been colonialized by Arab

      here is something to enlightened your day!

      • Stan says:

        I think this person said an arab ‘cultural’ colony, whereby the people of indonesia adopt the customs and cultural practices of the people of arabia. It is well documented that this is the case, as the typically the men and the women wear the clothes dictated by their cultural coloniser, in this case you can see many indonesians wearing the arabic thawb, and the women wear the abaya. and niqab.

        There are also a surprising number of babies being produced as a result of rapes of malaysian and indonesian maids in arabia, and the babies normally end in termination or adoption.

        There is also very little truth on wikipedia, you should avoid using it as a citation.

        • alexa says:

          in indonesia we adopt india, arab, japanese, netherland’ s culture
          because we are a maritime country that in the past was often visited by trader from this country

          In indonesia (except Aceh, because it apply sharia), woman can wear what they like

          • Saucer says:

            The spread of ‘Shariah compliancy’ throughout Malaysia and Indonesia, I personally find a step backwards in women’s rights. Women in these countries will soon be forced to conform to arabic norms where you’ll be prevented from being educated and reaching your full potential, just like we see in Aceh and like we’re begining to see in Malaysia.

            To be fair, Malaysia is full of institutionalised racism through it’s racist constitution (Article 153) and it’s non-bumiputra or orang asli educational system, where they ban non-malays.

            So I don’t really know which is worse.

            • alexa says:

              i’m a moslem
              and i’m free to study whatever i want
              and be whatever i want
              but still being respectull
              don’t state something based on little facts you know based on some propaganda
              do you really understand what sharia means?
              sharia teaches fairness and equality
              and it respect woman as much as it respect man.
              Seriously, do more reading
              with open mind
              have some ability to admit that you might be wrong

              • Saucer says:

                Sorry Madam, but everything you say is a contradiction upon which you add layer upon layer of contradiction in a massively Orwellian delusion.

                We all know that shariah law leads to raped women being caned for being ‘temptresses’. To you this is ‘respect for women’, to me this is a contradiction. Even your shariah police appear to be ‘respecting’ women by raping them.

                We already know that indonesians go around in groups of 1500 beating and burning churches and people of sects they dislike, while the police watch. That to you is respecting other people’s beliefs.

                Well, I’m glad that’s not my world. But I guess you want to see korea as this kind of hell-hole, right? Are you on a love-jihad?

                • alexa says:

                  who said i want korean to be like what you said?
                  I must have missed it when i typed it

                  what’s wrong with believing in your country and your religion
                  i DO love my country and my religion
                  even more than you love your freedom
                  and shame on you for judging me

                  an action by a group of people does not reflect the whole group

                  if so, it means that if a citizen of a country killed someone, then other people in the country is a killer too

                  Just like you,
                  i condemn violence
                  even more if it uses religion as a basis of action

                  i believe that the nature of ALL religion in this world is peace and love

                  My country was once colonialized by japanese and netherland
                  but that doesn’t make me think all japanese and dutch are evil.

                  You speak so highly of freedom
                  yet you mock my believes
                  what does that say about you?

                  What’s wrong by being moslem, christian, budhist, etc?

                  what define a woman/man is not his/her religion
                  but the action of the person

                  Furthermore, do you happen to know what is the religion of hitler, kim jong il?
                  should we judge other people that have the same religion with them for what these 2 people has done?
                  sould we judge that all germany and north korean are like them?

              • Saucer says:

                Hitler and Kim Jong Il were/are atheists, they had no religion.

                Being judged? I simply pointed out that you need to be more aware of when you’re talking in contradiction. In indonesia it’s common for women to come home from being a maid in Saudi Arabia and they give birth to a half arab baby who is a result of rape. They then get caned for being a temptress.

                How is that respecting women? Can you just tell us?

                • alexa says:

                  so that’s mean we must be caution of atheist now?

                  should we have a survey
                  to record who’s atheist?

                  you know just in case they might act like hitler

                  • alexa says:

                    fromreading yourcomments

                    i thinkyouareakindof personwhobelievethat onesizefitsall
                    country hasitsownculture

                    noneedtocondemnsomethingjust becauseit’sdifferent

                    yes, weshouldcondemnviolence

                    but becauseyoualignviolencewithindonesia
                    that’swhat insultedme

                    youarenodifferent fromallthosepeoplethat youcondemn

                    i’venever onementionedyour country
                    becausei know
                    that yiur personality
                    doesnot reflect your wholdecountry

                    you’rejust oneignorant person
                    whochoosetoreadsomethingbasedonwhat youalready set inyour mind

                • Saucer says:

                  I think you’re just upset because indonesia insults itself with it’s violence towards women and non-islamic religious groups. The fact that I know about this violence towards women et al isn’t in itself insulting, but you’re basically just ‘shooting the messenger’.

                  If you’re that concerned about violence towards women, maybe you should be doing something about it, and start with Aceh rather than shouting and wining to people like me who are educated about indonesia.

                  • alexa says:

                    do you have degree majoringindonesia?


                    why areyousobitter about indonesia?


                    wereyoudumpedbuindonesian?(whichismost likelyconsideringyouaresuchanignorant person)


                    don’t just readreportsthat onlyserveyour purpose



                    I’mhappy andproudbeingindonesia

                    evenwithallof itsimperfection

  14. Cup says:

    I’m really disgusted with Popseoul not wanting to support universal women’s rights and instead supports barbarism and backward treatment of women as animals or posessions. Yet you put up a photo of a ‘woman wearing what she gawddamned likes’ pretending to be supportive.

    Shame on you Popseoul.

    • Cup says:

      Here you are popseoul.. this is what happens to women in places like malaysia and indonesia according to amnesty international so you can think about this when you’re deleting my comments.

      They even get the doctors to make it more painful for the ladies being caned: “The role that Malaysian doctors play in facilitating deliberate pain and injury through caning is absolutely contrary to international medical ethics,” said Sam Zarifi. “Instead of treating the victims, doctors are assisting in their torture and ill-treatment.”

      Shame on you Popseoul.

      • MinJoon says:

        popseoul just banned this people (cup) from your site. seriously, ur article about sistar bora is just for fun but this people really make ur site is disgusting. we dont have any issues with him/her but he/she is the one who always put oil into the fire. racist enough. just banned him/her.

        • Saucer says:

          Popseoul can ban who they like, as they have already shown they support misogynist views rather than the ‘universal rights of women’ to equality and to exist without hindrance or abuse.

          Funny that they call it ‘fan girl love’ when they couldn’t give a fork about women… or their rights.

        • Saucer says:

          …and how exactly is it racist to be a proponent of women’s rights and go up against countries and cultures that treat women like animals or objects to own, beating them heavily and generally hating women?

          Which definition of racism are you using??

      • alexa says:

        here’s indonesia woman being appointed as world bank managing director

        does the report also include this???

        • Joe says:

          Now please tell me, not to be rude, what in the fucking world does “POP” (emphasis on POP) have to do with laws, and supporting rights, and stuff?

  15. Orange_Fun says:

    If she had some leggings she would look a whole lot better. When your sweater or jacket is as long as the dress or the garment you’re trying to pull of as a dress, then maybe that’s a sign you’re showing to much leg.

  16. MisaLee says:

    She probably got on some short shorts under that. (well i hope she do.)
    it’s really not a big problem
    it’s just like how we got celebs here in the U.S that walks around
    You can say half naked and they call it fashion. *push*

  17. alexa says:

    before stating an opinion regarding indonesia
    please read this link
    yes, we are not perfect
    but we are still developing
    and we do not treat woman as animal nor slave

    here is one highlight of the report:
    “Indonesia is well-positioned to do so due to its active civil-society sector with more than 25,000 organisations of myriad interests and purposes. As a moderate and secular Muslim country, Indonesia continues to be the fulcrum of inter-faith dialogue forums, essential not only to Asean but the broader global community as well. “

    • Stan says:

      I don’t think they were suggesting that it’s not getting better I think the suggestion was that women’s fundamental rights to things like sexual integrity were not being highlighted and you pretending there isn’t an issue isn’t helping to expand on the conversation around the lack of women’s rights in parts of asia. Here is an example where in Saudi Arabia an Indonesian maid was raped by 46 Saudi men, including the police man for trying to escape from her Saudi ‘owners’. You can read about it here.

      Not talking about problems with women’s rights isn’t going to make them disappear. At least Korea has made some good steps towards allowing women to express themselves freely.

  18. Jenna says:

    She doesn’t really have nice legs to be doing that. 😛

    • sure says:

      she was trying to give them impression that she has long legs, but because she has a long upper body, wearing short skirts with a long droopy butt just gives the impression like she’s trying to flash some behind.

  19. kelly says:

    Basically it looks like she’s wearing a shirt. not a very long shirt either. Rather unflattering and classless looking.

    • Saucer says:

      The article clearly states she’s wearing no underpants. So it’s not going to be classy.

      • Joe says:

        Where the fuck does it say that? It says the people asked where her pants were. There was no certain answer to that, and nothing about underpants. AT ALL.

  20. didi says:

    what’s with all this comments about religion and countries…ppl who take it too deeply, relax, dont let provocative statements provoke, make it only a statement…no need to work up. And for ppl who just seeing the world with a click, go somewhere, knowledge can open your eyes. see it, experience it. What they said to be beautiful may not, and what they said to be not may be the most wonderful things. Who knows…the world is such a wonderful place.

    • gordon says:

      Because, some women seem to think respecting women is about them wearing a carpet and bag on their head, just in case they expose a tiny amount of flesh and this causes men to suddenly rape them.

      Not only does this not respect women, it doesn’t respect men either because it’s saying ‘all men are rapists’. This certainly isn’t true where I live, but it might be true in indonesia and saudi arabia.

      Either way, they live in a backwards 14 century world, and we all live in a modern one. Hooray for me!

  21. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Ugh. So many arguments…..
    Anyway, i do think it’s a bit too short. but whatever…
    She doesn’t have nice legs…… uhhh…

  22. Chai says:

    Bora definitely has nice legs.
    Her top is short I must admit, but then other girl groups seem to wear short shorts and tees too, if not even shorter then Bora’s tee (SNSD, Kara..etc)~

  23. Andres Avalos says:

    Wow, and here I thought us Mexican-Americans were racist and I’ll informed. I have some news for you all.
    If you are having heterosexual intercourse-penis/vagina contact, if you leave your in penis in a woman’s vagina for too long- it gets stuck.

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