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2PM Upgrade Their Dorms

From a closet sized dorm to a villa, 2PM go all out for their new pad.

2 years after their debut all 6 2PM members, were finally able cough up enough cash to have the luxury of each having their own rooms in a villa near their agency in Seoul.

Their old dorm only had 3 rooms, and although the members aren’t rookies anymore, they refuse to live apart.

JYP Entertainment was thrilled with the news  saying, “The members don’t go home when  there told to return to their dorm. When they don’t have a schedule, they just come to the office to play around.”

With the new dorms 2PM won’t be roaming the halls, as they also revealed  “They don’t even know how to go to bars or places like that, so  they ask the office staff to buy them a drink. There is a sake bar near their dorm, so that’s where they all go sometimes“.

Source: TV Report



13 Comments on “2PM Upgrade Their Dorms”

  1. Dood says:

    Disgusting. Everything.

  2. sky says:

    ^^ good behavior !!

  3. kelfeefiey says:

    Taecyeon -the 3rd one in the couch smiling right.. is so cute LOVE HIM but the one I LOVE THE MOST is WOOYOUNG, he’s so cute theone whose in the floor look like a cat.. haha

  4. mira :) says:

    hahaha , LOVE that pic ! ❤
    happy to hear this story 🙂 . refuse to live apart ? awwww , thats too cute ! this is soooo 2PM strong brotherhood !

  5. American Girl says:

    2pm u guys r awesome!

  6. jwoww says:

    ‘They don’t even know how to go to bars or places like that’
    So that means that they’re the most boring people on earth. Yucky yuckyuck.

    • ashley says:

      actually they do go to bars and drink and they go to clubs I saw pictures from stalker fans that posted them on this 2pm website last year. They just pretend to be all sweet but they aren’t they are just like regular guys in their 20’s partying and having fun I guess….

  7. MisaLee says:

    awww that’s too cute..^^

    i don’t go to bars either so if that’s what they call
    boring maybe i should be hanging out with them lol

    2pm You guys are welcome to hang out at my place anytime.!!

  8. kimmyno9 says:

    is 2pm really that rich? even suju and bigbang had more years in showbiz than them but cant afford a villa dorm

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Cats with makeup…. lol cute

  10. Orange_Fun says:

    Based on how much American celebrities make it’s kind of sad that they can only afford a villa dorm between the six of them, and it took them two years.

  11. Aiashine says:

    Ahihi. They are so cute,, aww. I miss Jay.

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