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Celebrity Adoption Exhibit to open in Busan!

Last year, celebrities Han Hyo-joo, Jang Geun-suk, Lee Seung-ki, ….

Kim Ok-bin, Kim Hee-ae, and many others took photos with adorable babies from single mothers (and disabled children) for adoption. Now, the popular 20 monochrome photo exhibit, by photographer Jo Se-hyun, moves to Busan! Locals will have a chance to see sweet and innocent babies who are ready to join loving homes.

The Social Welfare Society is hosting the exhibit to encourage adoption in Korea, and it will run from March 18th- 31st in the port city.

The exact location and exhibit hours have yet to be disclosed.

Learn more about last year’s exhibit here

Source: Chosun


45 Comments on “Celebrity Adoption Exhibit to open in Busan!”

  1. cup says:

    Did they all get adopted by americans and not a single one by Koreans?

  2. lvsanchez115 says:

    Seung-Gi and Jang Geun Seuk!! ❤

  3. cup says:

    I think we should remind ourselves that mainly because of discrimination approx 65% of korean single mothers give up their children for adoption.. and then these children are typically brought up in the USA. Additional causes include the GI being stationed back in USA near their wives.

  4. skymoo says:


    they got baby so early

  5. Sai says:

    Adoption is a good thing. However, I think it is sad when consenting adults choose to put their child up for adoption when they should have been more careful before having relations. In other words, putting a child up for adoption is not going to solve the problem if people will continue not practicing safe sex. The problem begins and ends with adults taking the necessary precautions to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Although, if I had to choose between being embarrassed to have a child out of wedlock or choosing to have the baby only to give it up. Well, I would choose the embarrassment because, no child asks to be born and if I was adult enough to have unpretected sex then I should be adult enough to live up to my responsibilities of raising my child alone.

    • cup says:

      Thanks for the lesson, however, asian guys don’t really like to use protection and regardless of the external picture they paint of all the girls being pure, they typically end up in either abortion or adoption. Women don’t want to be a single mother because no one in Korea will talk to them and they’ll spit at them..etc. Thankfully americans like to adopt korean babies and so they provide the demand to the korean’s supply.

      • Lorni says:


      • pat says:

        SHE has to get pregnant so HE can be cumfortable? hiss.

        • Cup says:

          Well, I still don’t get the point of this ‘celebration of adoption’, is it to celebrate the way Korean men refuse to use condoms? Is it to celebrate the way americans adopt all the unwanted korean babies? Is it to celebrate how korean culture dismisses unwanted children and women are subjected to abuse for being single-mums?

          Not wanting to dismiss now-american adoptees and american adopters because I think they are fantastic for doing what they do, I am just failing to see what it’s hoping to achieve given korean opinions of adoption are low low low.

        • blaha says:

          The article stated what the point of this “celebration” was: to encourage Koreans to adopt, the exact opposite of dismissing unwanted children and polarizing single mothers. Korea, like many other east Asian countries, is unfortunately not as open to adoption as our Western counterparts. Since you like to think you know so much about Japan, than you’d already know that Japan is also experiencing an adoption crisis because there aren’t enough people willing to adopt and orphanages across the country are currently at maximum capacity. This campaign is an effort to destigmatize adoption and to raise awareness about the large number of children who need loving families that can provide for their needs. I agree with other posters and even you that single mom’s have it tough here in Korea, but public attitudes towards being a single mom are slowly changing. Not fast enough, in my opinion, but we are making some progress with more government and civic resources that are being made available to help single moms (and dads) with their child raising options, and this campaign is one example.

          Also, you still haven’t answered my question from the previous comment thread: Is racism towards any race wrong, whether they are Korean or not?

    • ara says:

      agree to Sai.

  6. Lorni says:

    *sigh* that’s why tell the guys to wear a freakin condom dumbass! Girls should also be more careful dumbasses! jk jk lol but adoption could be better for a child. Gives that child a better chance to live with a family that actually LOVES them…

    • Lorni says:

      Dumb stupid asian guys! I can say this bc I’m also asian AHAHAHAHAH!!!

      • cup says:

        No you’re not. You’re an American. Asians live in Asia.

        • Dovey says:

          Ever heard of an Asian American?

          • cup says:

            Hyphenated americans? Asian-Americans? Yes, they’re americans who spend all their time trying to be asian and then never get accepted into mainstream american culture, and spend the rest of their days doing accountancy and blabbing on and on about ‘bamboo ceilings’ and ‘white men stealing their women’. Then they import their wife from a country their parents abandoned and bring their children up to do exactly the same thing.

            We all know what hyphenated americans are. But as Roosevelt said, “There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else.”.

          • Dan says:

            are you an asian born and raised in america? then you’re american, not asian american. You can only say you’re asian american if you came from asia and moved to the US.

    • cup says:

      The fact is, Asians like to think their culture is superior, but these superior asians love their mistresses, and not using condoms.. then they kind of think non-asians are dirty while AIDS and other STDs are busily making their merry way around asian communities quicker than you can say ‘you’re got aids from a KTV girl’.

      In China, for example, only 4.2% of sexually active guys said they used condoms. East asians therefore either have to take their second wives for an abortion or adopt is out, because no one in their right mind would bring Korean family group-shame on themselves.

      But remember family is much closer and better in Asia (If you don’t include the huge numbers of abandoned and adopted children).

      • blah says:

        It’s not just Asians, to be fair most races think that THEIR race is superior or “better” than others. It’s human nature, to want to think that we are all part of something “better” than the neighbor next door. It’s not right, but that’s how humans are. Unless we’re helped out to a better worldview through our respective religions.

        • Saucer says:

          Most of us are mongrels.. we’re genotypically flawed therefore we’re only left with our phenotype in order to save us.

          So, I’d disagree.

        • blah says:

          But you get my meaning… If it’s not a race we lay claim to, it’s an ethnicity. If not ethnicity, it’s a religion. If not a religion, etc etc etc. It’s just human nature to want to be part of something that’s supposedly “better” than somebody else’s.

          And as long as we’re on the subject of phenotypes, you know and I know that the human race is incredibly guilty of thinking a given phenotype is somehow superior to another.

          • Saucer says:

            This doesn’t explain these people who want to be korean. Their perception is being korean is better than anything else, and they’ll do anything to be ‘identified with’ or ‘seen to be supporting’ koreans.

            It’s like people who have iphones or ipads, they want to be associated with the product hoping that the brand effect will rub off onto them. It’s all about identification.. which makes Popseoul an interesting place to understand what motivates people to want to be identified with something.

  7. su says:

    no matter what the situation is, these babies need a home and whoever wants and loves them and gives these babies a HOME…..that is all that matters, so stop with all the negative comments about americans!!!

    • Cup says:

      The issue is more with korean women refusing to take responsibility for their children, and just creating an economy of adoption based upon the americans, thankfully, adopting a majority of the babies.

    • blaha says:

      The issue is much deeper than that: It’s about BOTH Korean men and women not taking responsibility for their children, either because they have no moral compulsion to do so or because they are financially unable to do so (whether it’s due to not being able to get a job, or because their job simply doesn’t pay enough to make ends meet).

      The point of this campaign is to encourage internal adoptions by Koreans of Korean children. Although personally, until the government does much more to close the gap between the upper and lower classes and widen the middle class, I don’t see much adoption happening when Koreans are not even having children of their own because of the financial pressure. It’s a luxury in Korea these days to even be able to have two children, let alone one.

      • Saucer says:

        So do you believe discussing it openly and honestly helps? or you think keeping it under wraps and pretending it doesn’t exist helps?

        Do you believe social catalysts (devil’s advocates, trolls) can assist in bringing these topics up in conversation and challenging people’s misconceptions about single mothers can be of benefit to society?

      • blah says:

        I am NOT an advocate of keeping society’s ills under wraps and covers (regardless of which society is under discussion, be it British, Korean, American, Japanese, Sudanese, etc). I believe that issues can, and should, be discussed in a civil, intelligent manner that does not call upon the use of racial insults or slurs. The whole goal of such discussions is to raise awareness, gain information, and banish misconceptions. Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen of your activities thus far, what you have been doing for the most part (with a few exceptions here and there) has contributed precious LITTLE to any of those three.

        And I don’t put Trolls under the same group as Devil’s Advocates. DA’s can look objectively at a topic and acknowledge both the GOOD and the bad. That’s why they can be DA’s. My definition of trolls, on the other hand, are those who are capable of only subjectivity, only acknowledge the “bad” within anything, can’t accept that their opinion is ever wrong, and states negative insulting comments just for the sake of throwing punches.

        To be fair, I’d say you were being more along the lines of DA with your comments in this particular post, but I’ve seen you being a very nasty troll in other posts. Unless you like being a troll, I really do hope that you’ll be more objective in the future and open to the idea that Koreans are not Asia’s boogey-man. Also, if you don’t like Korean pop, then do yourself a favor and find a website with content that you DO enjoy.

  8. Kasey says:

    It doesn’t matter who adopts them as long as they are going to loving parents, it would be nice to see them being adopted by the Korean families but it is rare, as long as they are wanted that’s what counts and matters most.

  9. HyoEun says:

    as much as I love Jang Geun Suk….i’ve got to say, at first glance i thought he was a girl..

  10. delila says:

    Interesting how most of these children aren’t even orphans. They’re just children of single mothers who are probably worried the burden of a child will ruin their chances of marrying and men who refuse to wear condoms.

    • Mee Eun says:

      …my mommy was a virgin and it was her first time when she had me. she decided that it was better for me to grow up somewhere else than with her because she knew that she couldn’t give me the life i wanted.
      So it was a very responsible decision. You don’t need to be an orphan to be adopted. My brother was the baby of a single woman, and my sister was left on the streets because of the one child law.

      • Saucer says:

        I’m not going to agree with your not-mothers decision to abandon you. I’m just glad that it turned out good for you, and that you seem to be okay with that.

  11. Mee Eun says:

    *waves hand* ^Adopted. 😀

    Adoption is wonderful! ❤

  12. Ian says:

    It’s interesting to read all this and wonder what I’ll tell my Korean-born son when he’s old enough to understand the complexities of us adopting him and bringing him to America. I’m trying SO hard to listen to both sides of the conversation and argument that is for and against adoption. With 1) the disdain of single, unwed girls who have babies and 2) the disdain for foreign adoption of Korean children, what is the option for these children?

    • Saucer says:

      Korean society isn’t likely to accept unwed mothers any time soon, so the only argument is for adoption.I think if (some) koreans keep up a massive supply of unwanted children because of their bad sexual habits and lack of responsibility for their actions then I think it’s magnificent that Americans are there to pick up the babies and provide them with a nice loving home.

      As a side note, a surprising number of the babies are half-american, hence the charities to support unwed mothers with half-american babies.

      All in all, well done you for adopting. The world shines due to people like yourself.

  13. tjrachel says:

    A home for unwed mothers will be nice.

    • didi says:

      better yet, sex and pregnancy education will be nice, because for me this ad make me think “oh it’s okay if the parents dont want to take care of their children for whatever reasons they can come up with, we can arrange an adoption for them”.

      with a totally unrelated topic from what i said the one with lee seung gi is totally adorbs!! chimp-like! cuteness overload ^^

      • piano says:

        Things korean people like to abandon, in order of preference: 1. their wife (pigeon fathers, divorce, second wives, infidelity) 2. their country (scurrying off to USA) 3. their children (pigeon fathers, adoption) 4. their heritage (going to LA) 5. their family (14 hours away in LA)

        Basically Koreans love to abandon things, but they always tell you “Family is so important in Korea” or “In korean culture family is the most important thing” or “family name comes first”, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re messed up enough to just leaving kids in the street as a consequence of them not using protection. Reality is always quite different to what koreans tell you.

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