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IU Has Eyes For Only One Man

IU isn’t afraid to let the world know, who she still has a crush on.

On the MBC show “Come to Play”,  IU revealed her current ideal man.

Kim Tae Woo stated  “I saw that IU had chosen me as her ideal man when I was in the army. But soon after, she changed to Song Joong KiYoo Ah In, and Taeyang.”

All eyes were on IU when she once again asked about her ideal man.

But IU didn’t back away from her choice stating, “I won’t be changing it anymore. I’m determined to stick with sunbae Taeyang!”

Well, at least IU won’t be so finicky anymore.

Do you think Taeyang + IU would make a good couple?

Source: Osen


45 Comments on “IU Has Eyes For Only One Man”

  1. rain3000 says:

    i actually think they would make a very good couple… even that pic is good with both of them.. it would be a nice possiblity i think at least><

  2. cup says:

    Welcome to eugenics-land where, not content with crafting the looks of their employees, the entertainment companies also control every aspect of these slavishly contracted people and breed them together like it’s some kind of experiment.


  3. Jowie says:

    Isn’t she with Wooyoung?

    • cup says:

      You’d have to ask her entertainment company to see which of their slaves are being bred together at the moment.

  4. jasmine says:

    i love them both in that photo ! too cute xD

  5. Ruth says:

    they do look pretty good together. hope they’ll last unlike a lot of other celebrities if they do get together. i really admire IU and Taeyang’s probably my favorite from Big Bang. (:

  6. kuma says:

    Oh they look good together, but Taeyang said he prefers a western girl… or at least girl with western gene…

    • ashley says:

      really? cool.

    • Cup says:

      Where did you dig that chestnut out from?

      • kuma says:


        • Stan says:

          That’s a shyte website full of propaganda and k-mindslaves.. do you frequent there? you believe the bile they put on there?

          • kuma says:

            mmm let’s see…I always see BB boys that are too western, including 2ne1…no offense, I like it..they r going global, and I think that’s natural since they r just like that…and U know what…Taeyang said that not only in CyberMags…but also in KBS and MBC…

            • Saucer says:

              I didn’t understand anything that you typed. Can you try again.

              Were you suggesting that western girls would like Korean guys? Well I wouldn’t know about that, but it’s not very common, certainly not european women.

  7. lvsanchez115 says:

    haha IU reppin for the Taeyang fangirls! Good choice, can’t say I disagree 😀

  8. Tyui123 says:

    So Korean pop culture pays no attention to age differences?

  9. 0745932170 says:

    this guy is not good for iu, iu is a good girl, this guy is a bad guy, they are not made for each other, iu need a good guy, me for example

  10. 우유 says:

    I personally think that IU and Wooyoung go better than IU and Taeyang. But mabye it’s becuase IU and Wooyoung are my favorite fake couple!

  11. kelfeefiey says:

    They look good together though I LIKE WOOYOUNG of 2PM(korean boy group) for IU.. They look good together and they click in their recent TV drama DREAM HIGH..

  12. sky says:

    cute couple. . . I support both of u on date. . Hehe^^

  13. breanna says:

    I love IU and I’m a big fan of her but I preffer dara for taeyang even dara is too old for taeyang still they are cute together 😀

  14. Orange_Fun says:

    I personally think IU needs to become a legal adult before thinking about dating someone Taeyang’s age.

  15. lala says:

    I think fans would be ok with them getting together, IU seems very likeable

  16. shikal says:

    i lov them both, soo cute 🙂 they make a great couple and i hope that taeyang gets together with someone that matchs him and i think that IU is a perfect match xxxx 🙂

  17. American Girl says:

    i dont really care but he needs a girlfriend and iu u r such an ass from switching through all those guys. >.< but lets see how this plays out.o-O

  18. […] she isn’t quite yet, but I’m sure Taeyang would be singing about this “Wedding Dress,” too. If anything, IU does make a pretty, young […]

  19. Lorni says:

    i thought taeyang n dara had a thing for one another?

  20. MisaLee says:

    Awwe that’s too cute..
    i like them both but i think I’ll feel
    much better if they get together after her 18th birthday.
    go for it .lol

    Taeyang and Daesung if my favorite Big Bang Members

  21. […] IU Has Eyes For Only One Man […]

  22. leya says:

    i like IU with WooYoung (2PM) while TaeYang with Dara (2NE1)!!!!

  23. BL says:

    hahaha I like IU and Wooyoung together better^^ (hiazz too bad theyre not real)
    but Taeyang isn’t bad, but still I feel like he doesn’t go with her that much ><

  24. IMSOOHYEON says:

    What a shock!!!!Why not that crazy girl love every man..she think her pretty???look you!!just famous after ft.Seulong(2AM)!!!!!!damn.

    • elf_fishie says:

      ……………….she may have many crush before but i dont think she is that conceited….i mean she is famous from herself……and she can like whoever she choose

  25. cdnpoint says:

    What can celebrities say except flattering things about peers on shows? The shows seem canned with this lovey-dovey stuff on air; dramas are one thing but come on about variety shows. Let the people develop relationships without so many nosey people.

    • Stan says:

      I’m more interested in the entertainment company breeding their k-pop idols together.. it seems quite interesting.

  26. elf_fishie says:

    I think they would make a really adorable couple

  27. nana says:

    yes iu, go for taeyang.
    leave wooyoung for us.
    haha xD

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