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KARA To Donate “Jet Coaster Love” Profits

With many celebrities doing there part to help those in need in Japan, KARA‘s gift will come from their latest Japanese single.

At first hearing of the disaster their label DSP Entertainment announced that the girls were worried about the Japanese people, and that they were following the event through TV reports and the Internet.

After returning safely to Korea after the disaster,  member Goo Hara tweeted, ”I want to live ‘now’ with all my heart,” in Japanese.

Jiyoung tweeted, “Is everyone alright?! I wish that the situation doesn’t get any worse. I am cheering for you! Please do your best!!!”.

With release of their 3rd single “Jet Coaster Love,” KARA has decided that they will donate all the profits they make to the Japanese earthquake victims.

The single’s release date has been pushed back, but KARA will promote the single on Japanese music show “Music Station” March 18th.

Source: Newsen


4 Comments on “KARA To Donate “Jet Coaster Love” Profits”

  1. 0745932170 says:

    kara team goes down in the past years, beside the youngest and tallest wich is still beautiful, all other are too old for this music scene

  2. HUUH says:

    Wrong!! they are all totally cute & nice artists…Better than SNSD, they deserve to be known more than SNSD (which is not music band but a appearance band)!!!! GO KARA

  3. JennO says:

    They complain about not getting enough money and now they want to give it all away! lol

  4. sevenup says:

    Kudos to their promotion team! Buy a CD and donate to Japan at the same time! This might be their best seller yet, even though it’s not half as good as any of their previous songs.

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