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49 Days: Nam Gyuri Dies in 30 Minutes, But Fans Captivated by Jung Il-woo

No joke, 30 minutes into the first episode, Nam Gyuri is dead in a car accident. But, she gets a gorgeous “scheduler” Jung Il-woo.

SBS‘s new drama “49 Days” (49일) had its first episode last night, and it’s already got quite the following.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you need to get on the bandwagon dangjang right now!

Nam Gyuri‘s character, Shin Ji-hyun, dies tragically in a car accident with a wedding ahead of her. Why do they die so young?! It wasn’t supposed to be her time, but nonetheless, she bit the dust. A modern edition messenger from the other world “scheduler” Jung Il-woo runs into the recently deceased Nam Gyuri while on his way to a death appointment.

It seems her death was provoked by Song Lee-kyung (played by Lee Yo-won), who ran out in front of a dump truck during her own emotional distress, which in turn, caused the chain of events that lead to the traffic accident that killed our 30-minute heroine.

She now has 49 days to have 3 people she loves to sincerely cry from her, otherwise she won’t be able to live again.

The acting is what’s catching the most attention. Nam Gyuri‘s death scene and resulting ghostliness are convincingly heart-breaking.

Not to mention, Jung Il-woo perfectly presents his new character, who is full of individuality as an other world citizen. Fans are raving about the flower boy’s strong comeback to the drama scene after a comparably weak “Take Care of Agassi.”

Since it’s only the first episode, it’s hard to say which way this drama will go but for now, it’s definitely worth a peek.

49 Days” will play on Wednesday and Thursday nights on SBS. Did you get a chance to see the first episode? What do you think? Any potential?


9 Comments on “49 Days: Nam Gyuri Dies in 30 Minutes, But Fans Captivated by Jung Il-woo”

  1. Kai says:

    I have loved Jung Il Woo since he was in High Kicks. He was wrongly cast in ‘Take Care of Agassi’.

  2. Kasey says:

    I don’t know, every one has their own opinions on what is great drama, I guess its the rating that matters most. It depends on who the audiences are that watch it. Not because the movie or drama wasn’t good. It could also be a bad release day, when you already have a great drama going on already. It’s a give and take kinda of thing. I know he will do great.

  3. dsas says:

    yeah the drama was pretty good although not realistic but what who knows what happends when you die..gyuri’s acting got a LOT better… she was . SO akward before. i made fun of her everytime.. buh now.. it’s not

  4. NotchaChingu says:

    He was okay in High Kick, I haven’t seen the new movie. WTF did they do to his hair. Did he use hot rollers to get that look? Ewww Hmm it’s not his fault, though. He’s handsome and also a good actor.

  5. love you says:

    I love jung il woo

  6. ohmygwash says:

    i love him and this drama<3

  7. […] Though he first came to the spotlight with a cute and popular character in “Unstoppable High Kick,” 5 years after his rise to fame, the young actor transformed into a man as the “scheduler“ in his latest drama. […]

  8. sunrain says:

    Gyuri’s character didn’t die, she just fell into a coma, or rather became “brain dead”, not technically dead. Therefore, that is why she has the chance to live again. If she were actually dead, she wouldn’t be able to live again. Duh. 😛 Popseoul, get your facts straight.

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