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[Before They Were Stars] Lee Kikwang was Epik High’s Backup Dancer

Before BEAST, before AJ, Lee Kikwang was a backup dancer for Epik High.

During Epik High‘s performances of “One Minute One Second,” the BEAST dancer can be easily seen with longer hair and a serious demeanor.

Netizens are loving Kikwang‘s old hair, “His hair is so funny, really daebak.”


Glad the young idol succeeded, and we got a chance to see Lee Kikwang‘s “Dancing Shoes” up close.


14 Comments on “[Before They Were Stars] Lee Kikwang was Epik High’s Backup Dancer”

  1. teehee says:

    is this when he is AJ?

  2. koreasparkle says:


  3. ara says:

    Love Epik High !

    and Ki Kwang is surely a hardworker.

  4. ashley says:

    cool, I never noticed him when I watched Epik High’s live performances but I did notice that some of their backup dancers were hot lol.

  5. Kasey says:

    He kind resembles Kim Hyun Joong in away, with his long hair wearing the hat. Congrats to him.

  6. agnie says:

    long hair made him look older and he was very skinny …
    looks like hardship

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    wow…. his hairstyle totally makes him look like a different person.

  8. KikwangReel&Real Admirer says:

    OMG!!!!!! I have A guy Friend that Me and him has a “special” Feeling Towards Each Other.. but we R not dating… And to my shock Lee Gikwang Before Bcome Stars Resemble Him little Bit..especially Pic no 3,5,&6.. Wow Daebak!!

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