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“Dream High” Will Have Another Go with Season 2

The popular KBS drama “Dream High” will get a second season.

With new students, KBS is giving the green light to a second “Dream High” story.

“We’re preparing to broadcast by next year January, in time for winter vacation. Because ‘Dream High’ had a good format, we’ll be using it again.”

The production is still unsure if they will use idol stars or do an audition for the new leads.

Are you excited for a new class at “Dream High“?


47 Comments on ““Dream High” Will Have Another Go with Season 2”

  1. sorcy79au says:

    Not too sure this is a good thing or not. I loved Dream High but I don’t think it could get better. I think alot of fans would compare the two shows and the second one would come off second best. Besides…if it doesn’t have Song Sam-Dong it’s just not on!!

  2. gebbsiwon says:

    yees i am totally agree with you.
    i hope they continue the drama but with the same casts
    new season and new casts maybe not !
    i love the casts so much especially sam dong oppa….. love you 🙂

  3. AngelTeuk says:

    OMG i was soo happy when I read “dream high will have another go with season 2” but then I read that they’re not gonna use the same cast! I don’t like that idea! There has to be a sequel with Sam Dong and Hye mi!!! There reason I love Dream High so much is because of Sam Dong! And I kind of hate the way it ended, they didn’t see each other 9 years later, so that kind of sucks!! I want to see them together!!!

    I hope so much that they will use the same casts and that Sam Dong will still be the lead!!!

  4. Saucer says:

    More bilge for indovietmalaypinays to gush over. Hooray!

  5. hale luana says:

    if they do a season 2…..i hope they use other actors who are not in jyp or pyj or whatever and come up w/ different story lines that show real world problems of high schoolers…. If not, one cannot even make comparisons w/ Glee. The problems that the teenagers face now are just run-of-the-mill problems that you see in almost all dramas that have teens in them.

    I still can’t believe Bae YongJoon had anything to do w/ this project…. The guy who wrote it is the CEO of Pjy or whatever, and plays one of the teachers, right? It’s a self shoulder patting piece that has him singing/dancing and trying to be like the people who are in his agency. I do admit that he is a good song writer, tho….but that’s about it.

    Would be good to have an entirely new cast, except for the only good actor already in the cast…..the guy who plays the country bumpkin…. He should stay since he’s the only person among the young cast who can really act.

  6. Christy says:

    Normally 2nd part won’t be that good.

  7. cdnpoint says:

    So about the only teacher change would be Teacher Yang, because he covered a maternity leave for the English teacher. Otherwise all the teachers would have reason to be back. Students from season 1 would be busy with new careers but maybe do cameos to encourage new students and say hi to teachers. More opportunity for BJY to show up again, fresh from the China campus. Also Teacher Kang’s sister-will she have moved up the entertainment ladder at work?

    Students-yes, lets see some new faces in the student cast-hopefully a true audition this time, not a list of established names. Star cameos by singers and established actors as parents or potential agency managers. How about a storyline depicting what becomes of the agency manager that made Baek Hee cry and Jin Kuk hurt him?

    As for JYP, he added some of his style to the show and earned some money at the same time. Last year was an expensive one for him.

  8. Samdongfanatic says:

    I want the old casts back.. Specially Samdong oppa..!!!!! As much as I know it’s going to be hard to write another plot for the story since all of them ended successfully in their own way, but i still I want them back for DH 2!!

  9. chescca says:

    I think they should use the old cast. I love Jin Gook! ❤ I think Hye Mi should've picked him instead of Sam Dong. I mean, Hye Mi DID know Jin Gook longer, right? They even kissed first, AND she sang him the birthday song again during the end of the month assessment test. They look like a cute couple. Jin Gook never even yelled at Hye Mi before, like Sam Dong did. Jin Gook always cared about her & tried to protect her. He helped her run away in the first episode from these guys that wanted her to pay her debt, she made his friend give back the picture, he let her borrow his shoes to walk home with, he stopped his friend for throwing an egg at her & told him if he messes with her again, he's not gonna talk to him any more, debuted into Group K so he wouldn't have to study abroad & never see Hye Mi again, he always grabbed Hye Mi's arm when he wanted to talk to her, but she would just walk away, & much more. Jin Gook is the best man for her. I think Sam Dong should be with Baek Hee instead. I was so happy when Jin Gook & Hye Mi kissed, but then she chose Sam Dong instead of Jin Gook & I got so mad. ]:< I felt bad for Jin Gook, even though this is all just a show. I think if they cast new roles, it'll be completely different. I wouldn't even watch it if they put new cast members. I wouldn't even watch it for a million dollars.

    • HyoEun says:

      i agree…i didn’t like how the couples matched up…i reckon there was more chemistry between Jin Gook and Hye Mi….but i guess they wanted to show the persistance of Sam Dong and how he achieved his dream dispite all odds

      • DetectiveKitty says:

        i’m so happy people see eye to eye with me. I also agree that putting hye mi with sam dong was a bad choice. I mean i get the whole letting the underachiever win but there was definately a loooooot more chemistry between hye mi and jin gook. While i was watching i got more and more upset as i realized that jin gook was gonna be the nice guy who backs off….

    • luiza mondido says:

      yeah your really rifht …. the ending was really disappointing cuz suzy cose sam dong .. grrrrr i hate sam dong …..

  10. HyoEun says:

    hmmmm…well obviously with the success of the first series the producers will want to squeeze as much money out of it as much as possible…and coming up with a 2nd series is certainly one way. But putting new characters in another season may not turn out so good…it might detract from the whole series as a whole.
    i even the later few episodes of season 1 was a bit boring..

  11. pat says:

    i’d like better actors.

  12. isn’t it is good if the actor and actress just the same….?if the actor and actress are different,hope the heroin aren’t from girl generation….i hope the heroin is still suzy…

  13. Taah says:

    yees i am totally agree with you.
    i hope they continue the drama but with the same casts
    new season and new casts maybe not !
    i love the casts so much especially sam dong oppa….. love you [2]

  14. Kim says:

    I don’t want new cast members because its worked out so well but I know it would be hard to keep the story going with the old ones:(

  15. amethyst84 says:

    i was so excited to read theres a second season but its just not dream high without the milky couple wooyoung and iu<3

  16. asnforever says:

    OMG! YAY they’re making another one but im not too happy that theyre going to cast new people =( i’ll just hope for the best ! HWAITING!!!

  17. Hottest_2pm says:

    i’m so happy coz there’ll be Dream High Season 2,but i don’t want ne cast members….i wan’t the same let’s just continue it….i really love Woo-u couple 😦
    what about make all the jyp family the cast members^^(plus some of SM odols)

  18. snoppy dolly says:

    i hope that is very amazing..:)

  19. lulupops says:

    c tro super si il y a une 2 e saison

  20. agnie says:

    Without real actors Dream high is just a title

  21. dee;) says:

    same cast please!!
    love samdong and hyemi together!!

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  23. burden says:

    thats all im saying…

  24. burden says:

    thats all im saying…

  25. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I need to watch this drama! but i don’t have time!!!

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  27. sophie says:

    omg! I cant wait! I hope they will still have the same cast! I still want to see Song Sam Dong 😀 ohh please please I still want the old cast 🙂

  28. eden gayle says:

    i hope they continue the unfinished love story of Song Sam Dong and Go Hye Mi

  29. rizalynne says:

    me and my sister hopes that their will be a continue on the old life of dream high because we found it really good but wanted a better we hope that you will be using the same cast as the old one and that you will continue the story of their lives..

  30. 19878973hnikj says:

    I was so happy when i found there is gonna be a new dream high but i hope they will us the same cast becuz for me its not the same :(. WOHOO dream high!!!

  31. wilma - tiffny says:

    Im so excited about this…but the new cast hmmm…i dont know. But i imagine that samdong n hyemi married and they have a child. then the child will grown up go to kirin school again. hahaha it might be sound ridiculuos but korean drama stereotype is cute.
    but a new cast is also good so that we can see the other idol act. i hope gi kwang will be chosen. but quite impossible because they more likely to chose the idols from jyp entertainment. but i hope dream high season 2 is for sure.

  32. sonia says:

    They should use the same cast. Especially show hye mi sam song together.

  33. Dan says:

    OMG! A second season wohoo!!! I love the first season and am really happy to here there is a second and hope for a third too. This movie showed me what my dream was going to be like. I have always wanted to be in that kind of school with people just like me with the same dream. I really want to be in the cast but I’m only 15 and still have school. I really want to see the same people too in Season 2.

    Someone please tell me what i have to do be in that kind of school and where? Help me!

  34. Eivan says:

    if there is’nt Suzy, i will not watch Dream High Season 2 !!
    Because Hye Mi is important in Dream High

  35. diana says:

    I will not except this drama if they are different! I absolutely loved dream high! It just wouldn’t be the same with new people/

  36. diana says:


  37. hyemisamdonglover says:

    Don’t ever use new casts if you really want this movie become popular or most wanted as ever! I vote for soo hyun and suzy!!!!

  38. lovingdreamhigh says:

    I want them to have the same cast but at the same time a couple of new people. it won’t be the same if it’s ALL new people. It will attract less and it won’t have that big of a spark if the original cast isn’t in. Mixing new and old could be a good idea, but if they do not have Kim Soo Hyun I will refuse to watch it! Hye Mi, Jin Kuk, and Song Sam Dong were important in that show!!!

  39. chacha says:

    I think Season 2 is great idea! Dream High was such a good drama 🙂 But i agree with the rest, i don’t like the way it ended, therefore i think they should keep the original cast, maybe add in some new ones but definitely keep the original. I think it would be too much, if they replace them. It would just get too confusing, therefore it will be less successful than the first season. The Milky couple should stay the same, Baek Hee and Jin Guk should stay. And so should Sam Dong and Hye Mi.Especially Oh Hyuk, Shi Kyung Jin and Mr. Yang. Just as when everything was going right they shouldn’t replace the original cast and keep us wondering what happened to Sam Song and Hye Mi and the rest.

  40. Dream_High.. says:

    yeah…i like the way u say chacha..i wanna the original cast…we all want it right?…i wanna know what going on to hye mi and sam dong.. >.< i wanna know!!!

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