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IU in a Wedding Dress

IU, you are WAY too young to be getting married…

Luckily, she isn’t quite yet, but I’m sure Taeyang would be singing about this “Wedding Dress,” too. If anything, IU does make a pretty, young bride.

For the recent filming of “Heroes,” the young singer along with other castmates put on wedding dresses for a special wedding dress episode.

From the pictures, it does look like they chose the right dress for each “Heroes” member. Netizens are saying, “I’m surprised, but the wedding dress really matches her,” and “All of them look so beautiful! I would be so lucky to marry one of them..”

This episode will air on Sunday, and “Heroes” plans on wrapping up this year in September.

What do you think of IU‘s wedding attire?


13 Comments on “IU in a Wedding Dress”

  1. Saucer says:

    I’m not massively impressed.. let’s be fair. I’m sure some k-slaves will mention her entertainment company trying to mate her with some other k-pop star.. but I think this isn’t that interesting.

  2. shoe says:

    kahi looks amazing!!!!!!!!

  3. Selena Gomez says:

    Go KAHI fightingggg!!!

  4. dhiyah zT says:

    ji Yeon so cute . . .

  5. theZEUSluv says:

    IU’s not that pretty…she’s too kiddish

  6. Old Man says:

    Who’s the big-busted chick on the bottom right?

  7. Jules says:

    IU looks amazingly cute!!
    the wedding dress does fit her really nicely..

  8. ara says:

    the cute dress match her cute image in that pic.

  9. SuSu says:

    adorable sweety

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    She looks cute~

  11. 헤이! 그녀는 사랑스럽다 보이지 않아! : D 조

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