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Jung Woo-sung Will Go Public about Lee Jia Relationship

Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jia were caught dating in Paris, and it turns out the relationship between the two “Athena” stars is real, but…

Jung Woo-sung announced that he will talk about his relationship with Lee Jia at his fan meeting on the March 20th, but requests that the public wait just a little longer for his announcement.

However, it has already been leaked by a representative from the actor’s management, “Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jia’s interest in each other is real, but as far as I know, it’s not going to develop any further.”

The actor expressed his feelings, “I really want to talk about this in front of my fans. But, because of the situation after the disaster in Japan, I took discretion in talking about things like this,” explaining why he hasn’t said anything yet on the relationship.

Do you think the relationship is growing or did it flop?


21 Comments on “Jung Woo-sung Will Go Public about Lee Jia Relationship”

  1. Saucer says:

    They’ve gone public about a fake relationship! hooray! Whatever next?

  2. tarih84 says:

    Lee Jia, I hate you!
    Woo sung jung did not do this, another girl or not?

  3. naebani says:

    Who cares if they’re dating? I think it’s their business and if they like each other, they should enjoy dating.

    • Saucer says:

      yes, enjoy dating in a fake relationship.

      • Kai says:

        How do you know it’s fake? Were you there?

        • Saucer says:

          Well, there is a causal relationship between entertainment companies spend on consumer awareness and the number of stories they have about ‘relationships’ mainly because the relationships give them a photo and a story to put up on twatter.

          It’s highly unlikely that this relationship is going to be non-fake, because these eugenic style relationships are between two k-pop idols, whereas in korean reality the actresses/songstresses are more likely to marry a more stable rich businessman rather than some poor actor on a slave contract.

      • Judyannlou says:

        What is your proof that it is a fake relationship? The only one can say whether the relationship is real or not is Jung Woo Sung or Lee Ji Ah. Maybe you are envious. As Jung Woo Sung said, let the fans or netizens wait since we have our neighboring country Japan that is suffering from disaster. First the 8.9 magnitude earthquake then comes the tsunami and the nuclear leak. We should focus on how and what can we share to them whether in kind, financial, or Prayers. Not on gossip mongering and posting negative comments. Its their personal life, give them the right of PRIVACY. OK

        • Saucer says:

          Envious of what exactly? Because I, unlike yourself, have not been lobotomised thanks to years of watching korean shyte, this leaves me capable of understanding that Korean actresses only want to marry rich or powerful koreans in order to increase the position of their family. In essence they want to marry above their station. Marrying another slave-contracted grinning and dancing puppet, isn’t in their plan. The only reason these people are put together is because it gives the entertainment companies something to relentlessly twatter in order for the worshipping indovietmalaypinays to digest without question.

          It’s not their personal life, it’s a personal life projected onto the fans by the entertainment companies.

          • Judyannlou says:

            I think you”re acting defensive about my comment of being envious. You are out of topic by mentioning about K-actress having in relationship of arich actor. Are you referring to LJA? Even her bio-data was not elaborated, but if you are wise enough as she is studying in Pasedona in means that she might be from from there or L.A.Dont you know what kind of place Pasedona is? Please made a research before you post neg comment, and I don’t understand your english. Please also analyse some of the information with regards to the backround of LJA on her prev interviews. For me she came from a well to do family and does”nt want them to be open and be involve to the public for security reasons.

            • Saucer says:

              She’s an american heritage leech and her family abandoned korea to live in USA? hahahahahhaha


              Envious of what? I still don’t know.

  4. Jing says:

    Fans and anti’s (for sure there will be)… This is a private matter,be thankful that he is sharing his happiness with others,but whatever he feels for Jia is his business and nobody else.

    • Saucer says:

      what’s an anti?

      • Orange_Fun says:

        It’s like hater of a certain celebrity, an anti fan. Based on your comments you are definatly an anti because you are basically the opposite of a fan when it comes to K-pop.

        • Saucer says:

          I think K-pop is just utter talentless shyte so I guess that puts me in that category then.

        • WonderfulBlackSONE says:

          Don’t forget, Antis usually like to waste their time trolling all over pages to upset fans. But yeah, I agree. Saucer, why would you waste your time trolling on a K-Pop site when you don’t even LIKE K-Pop? Your time could be better spend elsewhere. Nobody appreciates your harsh comments anyways.

  5. Jwoww says:

    Fans? Like seriously who is this guy kidding, he’s like totally old.

  6. niea says:

    Fake or not,who ever know except jung woo sung and lee Ji Ah themself..
    Just wish them always be happy..

    Note:antis,if you don’t like them,just not read this article and leave..what’s a problem with that?! U wasting time..

  7. belle says:

    Saranghae Jung Woo Sung.

  8. crisis says:

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  9. lil'zzz says:


  10. lil'zzz says:

    i already watch the movie athena,very nice movie and very nice tandem,,Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah

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