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Lee Seung-ki Draws over 15,000 Fans for Signing

…in Daegu!

Lee Seung-ki had a fan signing event for his activities for FUBU‘s Denim Line, as the line’s model.

After just one hour into the event, Lee Seung-ki had already attracted 15,000 fans in Korea’s 3rd largest city.

Fans are commenting, “That’s Lee Seung-ki’s power. Even in the countryside, he can bring out that many fans,” also showing how people form Seoul call everywhere else in Korea “the countryside.”

Nevertheless, the singer/actor/MC/other stuff really flexed his star muscles this time.



9 Comments on “Lee Seung-ki Draws over 15,000 Fans for Signing”

  1. ShereeN says:

    I Wish He Come To Malaysia….

  2. zass says:

    shereen, apparently he’s super popular in korea other asian countries, hes less known.wish he is here too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    He’s so cute

  4. dewi says:

    So great^^

  5. constance says:

    He’s gg to fly high. Wish him well in everything he do.

  6. kpopfreak says:

    he’s not even tat cute BUT he is a god singer in MY GF IS A GUMIHO though…

  7. glemi says:

    wish he come to the Phiippines. His latest tv drama surely will be a big hit just like the shining inheritance! go go go! Lee seung ki ❤

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