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[MV] Inifinite Encourages “Nothing’s Over”

Infinite brought out a bright and uplifting, “Nothing’s Over” today.

Though the style concept and colors are the same as what’s trending now for boy bands (see ZE:A), Infinite delivers with an uplifting and bright music video that matches well with the song.

Nothing’s Over” is the title song off their new album “Inspirit,” also released today.

After teasing with encouragement from BEAST and MBLAQ, the Infinite boys turn to encouraging their fellow member Lee Sung-yeol, who goes through a breakup in the first seconds of the video, getting a couple ring thrown at his head… harsh.

Check the video for yourself.


How do you like Infinite‘s new style and song?


10 Comments on “[MV] Inifinite Encourages “Nothing’s Over””

  1. addikan says:

    honestly, i love ZE:A but INFINITE’s MV an ALBUM! is what’s getting me all swoon up!!!

  2. Ruth says:

    i love it. (: it’s simple but i love it. ❤

  3. IMSOOHYEON says:

    INFINITE and ZE:A oppa nomu2 cute…they was different becoz has own charisma..what ever other said,ZE:A and INFINITE fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. lian95 says:

    omg i always loved infinite and always will!!! this MV made my day xD

  5. i’m just make a list my favourite group. it turn out to be:

    shinee, ss501, co ed, beast, m-blag, dna, infinite, zea, cn blue, dalmatian, Ukiss.

    then a question pop into my head ; did i just list all the group… seriously i’m just love all of them..

  6. Kasey says:

    Aww, love the song, sweet and very harmony, relaxing too.

  7. Mina says:

    Sorry but they are so…”girly” here…

  8. k-pop luver! says:

    haha i liked when all the toilet paper fell XD!!!!

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