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“Running Man” Mascot Song Joong-ki Was Worried about Doing Variety

Positive Joong-ki,” who always gets a positive outcome in the games for variety program “Running Man” reminisced his first uneasy days on the show.

In a recent interview, Song Joong-ki confessed, “In the early days of filming for ‘Running Man,’ I was extremely tense.” He explained, “Since it was my first time doing variety programming, I didn’t have the slightest idea of what I had to do. I could barely sleep the night before filming.”

In this respect, the actor continued, “But, as I continued filming over and over, becoming closer within the cast members, now it isn’t filming. It’s like hanging out.” Also, now the members exercise together and hang out just a friends.

“If we weren’t close then when filming started, it would be really awkward, so during breaks by just chatting and joking around, it seems we are able to have really naturally fun scenes on the show.”

On production staff explained that the young actor is not only close with the other members, but he is also close with the staff, “He’s so positive. It’s his first time doing variety, but he unexpectedly adapted so quickly. I was surprised by his adaptability. He’s the mangnae amongst the ‘Running Man’ members, but even between members he has a monopoly on beauty and cuteness.”

Fans believe that “Running Man” would have trouble being successful without the flower boy-next-door power of Song Joong-ki. Though he started off nervous, we’re glad that he proved to be a natural at variety.


9 Comments on ““Running Man” Mascot Song Joong-ki Was Worried about Doing Variety”

  1. teehee says:

    😮 his hair.
    he still looks cute

  2. sorcy79au says:

    Yay Joong Ki! He’s the reason I started watching Running Man but the awesomeness of the whole cast as well as the humourous interactions and games have kept me as a fan ❤ Haha!!

  3. huh says:

    This is one of the best shows ever! Gotta check it out!

  4. heyyy says:

    spelled mascot wrong

  5. Saucer says:

    My favourite part of the Running Man is when Arnie says ‘killian, I’ll be back’ and killian says ‘only in the reruns’

  6. Orange_Fun says:


  7. samanthalim says:

    i love watching running man, the casts are great and really makes people laugh with their natural sense of humor.. soong joong ki..i love this man so much..very down to earth..

  8. cathy :) says:

    I can’t believe Song Joong Ki left running man! If someone knows if he’s coming back…It would really make me happy!! Wish i could meet him…maybe i have a chance my mom’s best friend’s sister’s husband directs those movies! 🙂

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