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Se7en and Park Han-byul Show Off Their Relationship

As always. The Se7enPark Han-byul couple are showing off their relationship in a new batch of overly adorable couple photos, including the one above.

They uploaded this tender photo along with 8 others to a cafe, and netizens are saying, “They really are so perfect,” and “When are they getting married?”

Seriously, when are they getting married?


33 Comments on “Se7en and Park Han-byul Show Off Their Relationship”

  1. HUUH says:

    So cute….And it is amazing because they are together since a so long time…. =D

  2. Saucer says:

    Fake relationship anyone?

  3. 7 says:

    Se7en who?

  4. Sai says:

    Their relationship is mostlikely fake however, the way they pose for photos and leak them out reminds me of TMZ over here. In other words, publicity stunt for when celebrities need some attention.

    • HUUH says:

      I don’t think so it is been 10 years they are together!

    • ashley says:

      I have noticed that ever since Se7en went public with his gf his popularity went down….. like u don’t see him as much , has anyone else noticed that too?

      • Nik says:

        Yesssssssssss…. I noticed that, too. But maybe it’s because of the whole boy/girl/co-ed groups domination in K-pop now; Rain, Lee Hyori, & BoA all had success w/ their 2010 comebacks – but it the success wasn’t as ‘incredibl’ as it was in the past – same thing w/ SE7EN.

        I think groups just appeal more to the audience.

    • banchan says:

      i don’t think they leaked these – i mean, if you look at it it’s obviously from a magazine shoot they did together. the top left corner of the scan lists their clothing items…
      i personally love them together – especially since se7en was so considerate about PHB’s newbie status in the beginning and kept it quiet for like 9 years or something

      • Saucer says:

        So it’s a fake relationship based upon them appearing in different clothes for clothing companies.

        Do you people honestly believe it’s real? HAhahahah

  5. JennO says:

    Awwwww, they’re such a cute couple!

  6. NotchaChingu says:

    LOL they really are cute. I bet they will get a lot of haters for posting those photos! Han Byul is one of the prettiest actress I have ever seen. I don’t really know who 7 is, but they’re a cute couple. I also love her farting on him. LOL

  7. Dovey says:

    This is kind of dumb. What’s the point of spreading photos like this around…? XD Let the paparazzi take care of that. ;P

  8. unee says:

    i’m happy for them that they are able to be in a relationship openly.
    and Both of them are doing great!
    I sincerely hope they last and get married when e time is right! (i hope soon!)
    its nice to c celebrities couple being happy truly like every other people… I support this pair!!!

  9. mira :) says:

    Love this couple and I really respect them !
    They have been together for 10 years !
    Wow , hope they will tie a knot soon ! Really , i don’t want them to seperate !!!! ><

    • Stan says:

      Why would two people in a fake relationship organised by their entertainment company get married? Can you explain?

  10. ara says:

    this pic is probably not a personal pic.

    although it was for them as a couple, but it seems like they’re making photoshot for clothing brand or such.

    what i’m trying to say, is that this doesn’t look like a publicity stunt, it is them as a (real) couple, working together as a couple for some brands.


    • Stan says:

      Why would you work with your girlfriend on some brands? Are you people all weird or something… this is a fake couple and you cannot see this? Hahah, you’re all on the crazy pills.

      • ara says:

        well, stan, working together with spouse is (i guess) a common thing. girl/boy friend, or husband and wife, sort of.

        for example, victoria and david work together for their perfume line.

        I don’t really know about this, but it seems great to work out some business with our close partners, be it family, friends or spouse.

    • mei says:

      this IS a photoshoot but the two have been a couple for almost eight years now………

      and by the way this photo has been around for A LONG TIME now, so i’m not so sure of what popseoul is trying to do at this time.

      • Saucer says:

        By ‘couple’ she means they have an arrangement between their entertainment company that they shall be seen together in lots of photos in order to promote both idols on twatter.

        Nothing romantic about it.

  11. […] Se7en and Park Han-byul Show Off Their Relationship As always. The Se7en-Park Han-byul couple are showing off their relationship in a new batch of overly adorable […] […]

  12. DeeDee says:

    I think it’s fantastic they are doing this in photo’s…I do hope other Asian couples (who are hiding their relationship) come out to say…”Hey we’re in a relationship”….I don’t see what the huge deal is….oh the ‘Netizens’ don’t like this…..

    • Saucer says:

      I think the point is, these people aren’t in a ‘real’ relationship.. that’s why they have a list of clothing prices on the side.

  13. Kergy says:

    why would anybody care about what BrokenCYDE’s screamer is doing with his girl…?

  14. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    only one pic????

  15. Amey^o^ says:

    Hik hik Y_Y even though i do love oppa, but i still let oppa go.. . .

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