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Stars at “My Black Minidress” Showing

On Tuesday afternoon March 15th, stars came out to the Yongsan CGV to support the new film “My Black Minidress.” Eugene (above), IU, Son Ye-jin, Lee Da-hae, and Ha Ji-won, amongst others came out to support their friends and fellow actresses.

IU was wearing some short shorts for the cold Tuesday afternoon.

Son Ye-jin also seems ready for spring to start.


Lee Da-hae came in stylishly boyish attire.


Ha Ji-won still seems to be following her “Secret Garden” fashion. Kim Sung-oh also made it, but not sporting much “Secretary Kim” style.


Julian Kang came in casual denim for his “High Kick 2” buddy.

Moon Chae-won looks perfect in a simple black on white style, still happily taking care of her “Take Care of Agasshi” co-star.

Jung Ga-eun, IU, and Noh Hong-chul are all smiles, supporting Yoo In-na.

Shim Eun-jin and Kan Mi-yeon came to support their Baby VOX mangnae.


Se7en definitely showed up for his leading lady’s movie.

Lee Sun-gyun also made an appearance for his “Coffee Prince” co-star.

My Black Minidress” stars Yoon Eun-hye, Park Han-byul, Yoo In-na, and Cha Ye-ryeon, and will be released in theaters on March 24th.


11 Comments on “Stars at “My Black Minidress” Showing”

  1. Orange_Fun says:

    Why did she wear those shoes with that outfit. She looked perfect before I got to the feet.

  2. over says:

    is it me or do they all have horrible/inappropriate outfits on? except maybe one or two of em

  3. American Girl says:

    eugene looks so pretty! ahhh! ha.

  4. Dovey says:

    Se7en’s hairstyle reminds me of Justin Bieber’s. lol XD

  5. ara says:

    a cardboard bag is a fantastic idea.

    i hope it’s a recycled.

  6. cdnpoint says:

    IU’s T-shirt graphic is fun, appropriate for a teenager as she is. I hope she will transition to adult style next year.

    I don’t understand those gladiator bootie/pump footwear notions–one person looks like she has two military green ankle casts on. Not flattering. Hey, her friends did not autograph the “casts.”

  7. ohmygwash says:

    i think its fine that they dressed casually~ they just came to see a movie.

  8. yay says:

    cardboard box purse idea is so fun and “green” if it’s recycled. i love what eugene’s been doing lately–enjoying the trees, the flowers, reading a book…an inspiration to enjoy the simple things in life that don’t cost much and can benefit you….i agree though with some comments, i don’t like her shoes, reminds me of something older moms might wear

  9. […] Eugene out of the limelight and into the […]

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