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Super Junior’s Kangin is a New Man as a Soldier

How’s former Super Junior member Kangin doing in military life? Now we know…

The Super Junior reformed troublemaker was featured in an army magazine, and it’s getting out to the public. Is that a paintball gun??

In the interview, Kangin expressed his feelings after enlisting, “I’ve been reflecting on all the scars I’ve given my family and all those who had given me love and support and on the disappointment that I brought to them. And, every night I go to sleep thinking, ‘Will I be able to receive that love again?'”

Along with his mindset, Kangin is shaping up his health, “I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’ve brought up my health and changed a lot in service,” explaining, “Our soldiers always are doing their best and working hard without slacking off in order to bring security that our citizens can trust.”

“I want to become a person who isn’t selfish and doesn’t make misjudgments, but more than myself, I want to be a person who can take care of his companions.” It seems like the idol has transformed into a good soldier. “Even though it’s only been six months since enlisting, with my current feelings and posture, I think I’ve changed a lot since before enlisting.”

Finally, Kangin had a message to his fans, “I really miss all of you. The next time I stand in front of the fans, it will be without embarrassment. I’ll stay healthy inside and out so that I can show a dignified and mature appearance.” The former bad boy made the final promise to be all-round upstanding the next time he can be in front of his fans.

Kangin has about one year left in service, but after he returns to citizen life, we hope that he won’t go back to the old days. But for now, we are happy to see this turn-around.


41 Comments on “Super Junior’s Kangin is a New Man as a Soldier”

  1. sorcy79au says:

    Haha! They do target practice with paintball guns?? Awesome!

  2. kiddikiddo says:

    i always hoping that suju will become 13 again…..

  3. Saucer says:

    At least they give him time off from his reading books and desk work in seoul to go paintballing in the evenings.

    Looks a bit staged.

  4. ara says:

    “I want to become a person who isnโ€™t selfish and doesnโ€™t make misjudgments” that’s a good quote.
    and he seems to be in a good health.

    with all these, i really hope that this isn’t fake. although those pics are surely not a candid.

    good luck then Kang In. be honest be good to all of your fans and respect yourselves more.

    • Stan says:

      If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck then it’s probably a duck,.. this looks and walks like propaganda, so I’m guessing it’s all rubbish and he’s doing a desk job in seoul.

  5. Wispergal says:

    He has changed for the rest of his life. He won’t go back to the the way he was. He knows better now.

  6. Steffi says:

    awww Kangin Hwaiting

  7. queenbznutz says:

    He’s still fat.

    • So do I. But Kangin oppa I’ll waiting for you. Lets work hard together.

    • Saucer says:

      That’s because he’s not been on a run in 12 months. It’s hard to run when you’re in downtown seoul behind a desk.

      Those korean soldiers are the world’s best…. urm

      • queenbznutz says:

        He shouldve been smart like Steve Yoo and become an American … Lol

        • Saucer says:

          Ah, good old Seungjun ‘too cowardly for army duty’ Yoo.. he forked off to USA quicker than you can say ‘Koreans want to live in USA’.

          To be fair, his career has plummeted quickly since then, but now he’s american I’m sure the koreans will still love him, like that Jaebum guy who said korean is **** and all koreans are ***** and life in korea is ******. Koreans still love him because he’s an american, and they do love americans.

          • queenbznutz says:

            Hahah well steve has dedicated himself to jesus.. A path most failed rappers in america take

            • Saucer says:

              Jesus loves the lowly too, including failed rappers … and Koreans desperate to live in USA.

              By rappers do we mean those members of korean pop groups who simply speak in english and say they’re rapping, like in 2ne1 etc?

              • queenbznutz says:

                No, there are two types of ‘rappers’ in the kpop world
                1) The kind that you mention above that string a bunch of engrish words together And

                2) the unique breed of gyopo found only in LA that wish they were in NWA

                • Saucer says:

                  Do they wear clocks around their necks and say ‘what’s the time boooy?’. I’m guessing that would be stretching their originality.

    • 112 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Shouldn’t he have lost more weight with all the physical training he’s supposed to do in the army?

      • Saucer says:

        He’s sat behind a desk all day and then drinking with Chaebol CEO’s children in the evenings. So how exactly do you expect him to lose weight?

        • NotchaChingu says:

          LOL so what leave my baby alone! I know he is an alcoholic who likes to party and use bad language. But I don’t care because w/o him Super Junior is like Pralines without any salt or um banana bread without any spices.
          Kangin-ah Leeteuk needs somebody to show him how to REALLY host a show, OK. I hope you return safely from the army.
          I know it’s hard to get drinking under control, but you can do it. And, egiya you don’t have to lose any more weight!

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      yeah… i agree… but he has lost some weight……

  8. HERO says:

    Super Junior Soldier

  9. luvSuJu13 says:

    aw…i miss kangin! do well and come back safely!

  10. American Girl says:

    military life matches him, it really does.

    • Saucer says:

      He’s sat behind a desk all day in seoul going to his comfy bed at night and drinking with the children of chaebol CEOs … how can that not suit him?

  11. y0tsuba says:

    kang in!!!!! we miss u!!!

  12. Kasey says:

    Great, wish him like.

  13. dan says:

    why am i not surprised to see a celeb in the military sitting at a desk? haha what a joke.

  14. Dovey says:

    About Military Service, I’ve been real curious to how Lee Jun Ki has been doing as well… I doubt he’d like to just sit at a desk all day and do paperwork – he doesn’t seem like the type.

  15. moci says:

    miss u too, racoon ๐Ÿ™‚ take care there and come back to super junior soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Ruth says:

    kangin. (: he’s so playful and everything. you guys, you don’t know the whole truth so you shouldn’t be talking smack about him. and stop being such a hater.

  17. Aiashine says:

    Kangin-oppa! Yeah, Stay Healthy, ELFs is waiting for you, including me. โค

  18. nath says:

    he looks sooo tired… =/

  19. adiaqeera says:

    KANGIN OPPA!!! im waiting u return.. stay healthy.. u are the best!! so sad when suju in Malaysia but u are not with them.. im your fan from malaysia. be my hope u and suju will be malaysia again…love Kangin and Suju of course!!!

  20. LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

    Kangin oppa~~
    Naawwss i miss when you were in SuJu. Hope you get back with SuJu after military service. SuJu is NOT complete with you, Kibum and Hankyung </3
    Naawwsss he looks so cute ;3
    I love his singing voice; so hot~!
    Can't wait til you get back with SuJu!
    Super Junior FIGHTING~! โค

  21. Cho Westwick says:

    Wishing you best of luck, raccoon boy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Natty Chan 17 says:

    Arrrrr! We miss u to Raccoon Boy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Come back safely!
    Best wishes from England!
    Super Junior FIGHTING!

  23. Sherry Joy P. Ramirez says:

    It only shows how strong Kaingin-oppa is… he knows where he erred and he admits it which is something many people can’t or hard to do… saranghaeyo oppa! we will always be just right here waiting for your return and I know you can do it!! That’s the true strength and courage being able to able the mistakes he committed and willing to change it all to be a better person… aja! hwaiting!!

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