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2NE1 Postpone Their Japanese Debut & Announces Comeback

Returning to Japan with all their Japanese promotional activities cancelled, 2NE1 will make their comeback ahead of schedule.

Their label’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk (YG) revealed 2NE1 had originally intended to stay in Japan till May, but because of the Japanese disaster they were left with no choice but to push their debut to a later date.

But YG isn’t going to let 2NE1 do nothing cause in fact, he’s decided to release their comeback  album in an earlier date, to make up for the schedule change.

He revealed, “Now that their Japanese debut has been postponed, we will be releasing their Korean comeback album earlier than planned. Their comeback was originally scheduled for June or July, but fans may be able to look forward to a release this April.”

Are you excited for 2NE1‘s comeback?

Source: Star News


53 Comments on “2NE1 Postpone Their Japanese Debut & Announces Comeback”

  1. SouthKoreanDream says:

    Yaaay!!! 2NE1 is my favorite Korean girl group! I can’t wait for their comeback and I’m sure it will be even better than their first!:)

  2. American Girl says:

    of course i cant wait! its 2ne1!!!

  3. Jenna says:

    I can’t wait! I’ve been dying for 2NE1 to come out with something new. Their last album was absolutely awesome and I’m sure they’re just going to keep us wanting more.

  4. Saucer says:

    Hooray, the spice girls are back!

  5. Tom says:


  6. ngy says:

    if the artistes left a distress country to focus on their career, their career in that particular country will not recover anytime soon.

    • ngy says:

      this group needs better pr.

    • Saucer says:

      It just shows that Korean entertainers don’t care about Japan, they just care about money, money and money.

      Welcome to the real world of K-pop where you bleed people dry by making really really bland pop music using plastic surgery dolls who try to rap.

      • Orange_Fun says:

        Well, the entertainment industry is a business, not trying to insult the pop industry, but in any part of the world singers sing to make money, i doubt they would do this for free.

  7. kpopfollowet says:

    I’m a little shocked. What if they have to compete against Big Bang? A lot of other good artists are also making their comeback in April like Brian Joo and Jay Park. Well what ever the outcome I wish 2NE1 the best becuase I will always be a Blackjack~

  8. krishelcrz15 says:

    well, i hope its real coz yg always annouced debut of 2ne1 on this date then it will be postponed! and the fans are left no choice but to wait for 2ne1 so badly!! but still im looking forward for 2ne1 comeback this april!!

  9. Poklpoo says:

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  11. bo young says:

    they have a gig in manila may 15 2011 unless typhoon, flood, volcanic eruption, huge earthquake, tsunami or coup d’ etat disrupts the planned show

  12. Dovey says:

    Are those two girls kneeling on the side giggling…at Park Bom? I keep thinking they can see her undies or something…lol.

    Anyway, best of luck to these ladies.

  13. DeeDee says:

    What’s with all of these freakin’ COMEBACKS????????????????

    • Cutiepie says:

      They have to make money somehow instead of sitting in the basement of their companies waiting for Japan to recover from the earthquake.

      • Saucer says:

        Well, why don’t they have a show for their japanese fans to help them recover from the earthquake?


        It’s that simple, they do the same with S.E. Asians.

        • Orange_Fun says:

          Maybe because a concert won’t help repair damages, rebuild destroyed buildings, and aid all the injured people. Japan needs money and medical aid, not a concert.

          • Saucer says:

            That would be an assumption. Besides, a concert would raise money by getting korean people through the gates to watch them sing badly.

            The fact is koreans don’t give a fork.

            • blah says:

              And this also begs the question, do YOU give a “fork” about the Japanese? or is it all talk for you? Personally, I’ve donated to the relief effort through my local church. But what about YOU? What have you done other than trying to inflame hate between Koreans and Japanese on a K-pop website?

              • Saucer says:

                I don’t need to already inflate the hate. The korean government pays one of it’s organisations ‘VANK’ to do that on a professional level.

                I’m just a person asking the right questions…. like didn’t Korea stage a military invasion of Japan after WW2? Hmm, yes it did.

              • blah says:

                No, you are inflaming hatred between countries, and it’s all the worse because it’s coming from an ignorant BRIT who likes to assume he knows everything about both Korea and Japan. And why on earth are you even bringing up something that happened well over 50+ years ago, and on a Kpop forum at that? You’re a schizophrenic loon. Do you really enjoy hating the son for the sins of the father that much? Good grief, get over it already. There are Koreans who hate Japanese, and there are Japanese who hate Koreans. Likewise, there are Koreans who like Japanese, and vice versa. The Koreans did suffer terribly under the Japanese occupation, and that is something that while we can forgive, is not easily forgotten. However, that doesn’t mean that all Koreans hate the Japanese. Japan has much to offer by way of culture and it’s people, and many Koreans know this.
                You need to stop making generalizations about Koreans when you don’t know a thing about us.

                • Saucer says:

                  Did you suffer more because the USA let the japanese occupy you (Bad), and then after the Korean war the USA occupied you (Good)? Is that why you love the USA so much?

        • blah says:

          Saucer. Stop with your trolling. Orange_Fun hit the nail on the head when she/he said that the Japanese don’t need a concert. To even think of raising a concert in Japan (regardless of who the money goes to), is not even thinkable right now given the disastrous conditions that are still prevailing there from the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. Surely even YOU would see that.

          What the Japanese need now, more than ever, are financial donations, medical relief, and help to repair/rebuild destroyed communities and infrastructure. As I’d written in my previous post, the Korean public has been doing as much as we can to help provide this type of help to Japan. We’ve sent rescue workers and relief goods (water, food, clothing medical supply kits) to Japan. Our broadcast companies have been airing 2-hour fundraising drives to raise funds for Japan. Our nation’s biggest portal search engine Daum has raised more than $35,000 USD in 2 days of launching a donations drive. From major companies to civic organizations here, all have been donating funds to help Japan recover from the earthquake and tsunami. I don’t understand why you persist in spreading the lie that Koreans don’t care about Japan and that we all hate the Japanese. If we hated them so much, we would not be stepping up to help them the way that we have, from the Korean government to celebrities to businesses to ordinary citizens. Stop spreading the hate.

          • Saucer says:

            Why not have a concert in Korea? Hmm, that’s because Koreans are too busy wringing their hands happily about the distress japan is going through.

            Even 2ne1 is busily going on with trying to sell relentlessly bland mp3s to S. E. Asians.

            $35,000 USD hmm.. so generous. In one night, the UK managed to raise over £80’000’000+ (don’t know in american fat-dollars) for African people in need. I’m relatively sure we’d raise a decent amount for japan.

            The fact is, koreans are so little-manish about japan, that the contradiction of helping people in need is too much for them. They just have a ‘comeback’ and get on with hawking shyte music to S. E. Asians who don’t know any better than to gleefully buy it.

            • blah says:

              And this comment of yours proves once again how little shyte you know about Korea. We’re having a fundraising concert on March 22, (KBS Special Hope Concert) and most of the Idol groups (including 2NE1) will be in attendance.

              You are such a racist troll, I thought you said in a previous reply on another comment thread that your actions would speak louder than your words. I guess I thought you’d meant that you’d show me by your future actions that you were NOT racist towards Koreans, but this is showing once again just how determined you are to be a narrow-minded racist towards anything dealing with Koreans.

              • Saucer says:

                Aren’t you supposed to be going back to USA to see all your family soon? You know the ones who abandoned Korea to live in USA like you’re trying to?

                Do you not see your contradiction, while you’re trying to get to USA to be american whilst defending a country which you’d easily just abandon like your aunties and uncles, sisters, brothers and cousins.

                All we read from you is a wannabe-american saying how much he loves korea, it all contradicts.

                • blah says:

                  haha, you know that you just got proven to be a massive idiot, and now you try to use racist distraction to show that you’re even MORE of a dumbass faggot than we all took you for. FAIL.

              • blah says:

                I’m not suffering on either counts, but it’s quite apparant you’re suffering from lacking anything resembling a brain in that massive space between your ears. You need help.

              • blah says:

                And the funny thing is, each time I prove what a dumbass you are and show how wrong you are about Korea and Koreans, all you can do is flail about with insults that you’ve already thrown at me more than a million times. hahaha, you’re pathetic and you quite disgust me. I really had thought there was some hope for you yet, but you’re apparantly a long loooooong ways off from being weaned of your racist, narrowminded, imbecilic ways. You need help.

          • blah says:

            It’s quite clear that you have a psychotic need to have Koreans hate the Japanese. I don’t know why, but you do, and it’s really disturbing. Although you are a troll, you are one who needs a massive amount of help. Seriously… God help you.

  14. ice says:

    omg i can’t wait…. 😀

    i LOVE 2NE1!

  15. WonderfulBlackSONE says:

    Who is this Saucer person, going around and trolling? Please don’t hate on 2NE1. There’s already enough hate and its sickening to me. If you don’t like a group, just keep your comments and thoughts to yourself. Thank you.

  16. WonderfulBlackSONE says:

    LOVE 2NE1 😀 I can’t wait to hear some new music. Whether its Korean, Japanese or English, I can’t wait to hear it! I hope their US debut is sometime soon, too. Maybe it’ll be later in the year.

  17. ashley says:

    Can’t wait 4 their comeback! even though they haven’t been gone long enough to have a real comeback lol

  18. Jetstar72 says:

    The fans won’t let them leave long enough to have a real comeback

    But if they call it a comeback they will probably make more money in ticket / music sales

    Not that they need to cause 2NE1 are a powerhouse girl group that can sell themselves !!!

    Can’t Nobody hold them down ;-P

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