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Brave Girls Reveal Their Second Member, Hyeran

After introducing the first member of his upcoming female group Brave Girls, Brave Brothers reveals member Number 2, Hyeran.

Upon her photo being released, netizens have been stunned over similarities to Son Dam Bi, and Hyeran proves she certainly can dance just as good as her.

2 down, 3 more members to go!



21 Comments on “Brave Girls Reveal Their Second Member, Hyeran”

  1. American Girl says:

    she looks killer.

  2. eww says:

    That’s what I’m talking about killer dance moves. She looks exactly like the other member though same nose and everything.

  3. Dood says:

    Doctors forgot to do the other eye.

  4. Orange_Fun says:

    Wow she looks exactly like the first member.

  5. Jwoww says:

    I can’t believe that nobody sees through it. When they’ve announced all the members, they’ll be like surprise! All the members are one and the same person and it’s not a group, but just one girl. We fooled ya!

  6. cdn says:

    I like the hair swinging..hehe..

  7. Dovey says:

    Okay…another group? Got talent this time around? If you’re gonna debut as a singer, at least sing well… XD

  8. ;) says:

    they have the same nose D:

  9. k-pop luver! says:

    i like the dance a lot though i do think they look just alike!!!!there HAD to be some kind of plastic surgery ……………..i hope they can sing really good or they will just be another new group that doesnt last long

  10. yeri says:

    Wow they look they same!!! lets see the others…they all went to the same doctor/ place!!! LMFAO…i dont get why girls go into things like this…if you do think your pretty, dont even try to make yourself be seen in public…you need confindence in yourself! you cant be fake!!!!

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    wow awesome dancing

  12. over says:

    eh the girl in the shorts is rushing it too much. it’s also stiff and overexaggerated, the girl needs some swag

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