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Changmin & Lee Yeon-hee Get Crazy For HIGH CUT

Wrapping productions of their drama “Paradise Ranch”, TVXQ‘s  Changmin and actress Lee Yeon-hee, show off their punk fashion for HIGH CUT magazine.

Dropping their sweet image from the drama, the two trade in their clothes for one bad ass looking attire giving them a rebellious image.

Does Changmin & Lee Yeon-hee pull off their rebellious image? Or are they too nice for their edgy image?


19 Comments on “Changmin & Lee Yeon-hee Get Crazy For HIGH CUT”

  1. yvie says:

    ❤ this is so amazing and i can practically feel their chemistry

    • Saucer says:

      A gay-looking man looking very gay and a expressionless woman.. and you can feel the chemistry! hahahaahha

      I don’t know where you’re from, but I guess you don’t get out of the house much. Haahahaha *points at you*

      • Whatever says:

        Uuuum as much as I want to say yeah he looks gay, he doesn’t. Cuz from what I can see (and I can see perfectly well), this style is European-American inspired. His hair especially. So if you want to call someone gay, go call those metrosexual fashion experts in Europe gay thanks bye.

        Dont believe me look @

        • Saucer says:

          This look isn’t inspired by anything I’ve ever seen in Europe, so yet again they’re probably Koreans trying to copy americans. Which makes sense because he looks just like the gay guy in Glee. So how can you say he doesn’t look gay? To me he looks homosexual.

          (not suggesting in any way that he is homosexual, just that he appears to be dressed and have the demeanour of one)

          • Didi says:

            maybe you haven’t been looking at the runway pictures of european fashion show…plus THAT guy guy on glee, are u referring to Kurt or Blaine? If it’s Blaine, then he’s hella hot.

            • Gordon says:

              Fashion shows? Not exactly my scene. I’m talking about people out on the street who exist in reality. Not like these two dead faced mannequins who you are all gushing over.

              I’m not expert on terrible tv so I’ve had to check, and the interwebs tells me his name is Kurt Hummel. This dude here is just an asian version of this Kurt Hummel chap, he has the same hair and everything. An asian doppelgänger if you will.

              I’m guessing you’re a girl and not some flamboyant gent with a penchant for bum-fun.

              • piano says:

                Ahhhhh it’s funny how you would comment on something you do not know, but then google to do a rebuttal. The power of technology.

  2. Saucer says:

    This guy does look just like an asian version of the homosexual dude out of glee.

  3. lian95 says:

    i love this couple….. i don’t really like the photos much…. but their acting in Paradise Farm is aweeeesome!!! I love that drama !!!

  4. pat says:

    So many names but only 1 butthead troll.!

  5. albita says:

    I like them a lot. His acting in Paradise Ranch was much better than in Athena… and she is great too.Since she performed in East of Eden i was so atached to her , she is a great actrees with lots of potencial and him is so great and cute. They are an adorable couple. love them .I hope to see them togheter again in the future.

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    changmin!!!!!!!! ❤

  7. Ed says:

    1st they look great together!!! love the picturesss

    2nd people posting stupid comments need to go the doctor!!!!

  8. nakawtingin says:

    HNNNNNNG. HOMG, Changmin looks so good in the photos!!! I love these!

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