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Justin Chon’s mysterious Youtube video?

Actor Justin Chon is your friend on Facebook and now he wants to entertain you on Youtube! The Korean American is staying put in Hollywood,but he is making sure the motherland can see him on a regular basis. The international actor is working on a new movie with Kevin Jumba.

Justin‘s March 17th tweet:

“just got home from filming my first day on set…with @kevjumba party time!!!!”

The celebrity plans to keep the Chonities updated every step of the way! Keep your eye on his official Youtube page for behind-the-scenes clips of your Twilighter taking on a new challenge in LA.

Source: @JustinChon and JustinChon (Youtube)


18 Comments on “Justin Chon’s mysterious Youtube video?”

  1. yurin .. says:

    Hehe .. he is so so cutee .. hwaitting oppa ❤

  2. Saucer says:

    This guy isn’t korean.. he’s american.. So what the forking hell is he doing on Popseoul? Is this website now called PopLA?

    Actually, now I think of it, it probably is, because that’s where most koreans try to swim to in order to get away from life in South Korea.

    • Trance says:

      wow what a troll. He is Korean, ethnicity wise that is. Nationality wise, hes American. There wouldn’t be just some random reason that Popseoul would make an article on this guy if he wasn’t in some way related to Koreans.

      • Saucer says:

        It’s not related to koreans. The guy is American.

        The only reason it’s in here is because Koreans worship americans.

    • dave says:

      That cause Koreans like to take credit for anything remotely related to them if it makes them look good. But act separate if it doesn’t make them look good. Like the Korean guy in my old school who gleefully sung “Chinese Japanese dirty knees” with the white kids but went all “Asian power” when some Chinese guy in our school came top in the world for the international Cambridge exams.

      • Saucer says:

        He’s your typical “Korea is so fricking awesome that my parents abandoned it because it was so sh!t” americans who everyone tries to avoid.

  3. Negi says:

    He looked better in Twilight b/c I did not recognize him at all. I look forward to watching his next movie.

  4. ashley says:

    why did they have their shirts pulled on their heads like that?

  5. emma says:

    is he gay? Gay vibes are strong.

  6. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    hes working with kevjumba? i love kevjumba! that dude is seriously funny.

    • Saucer says:

      He’s also american therefore has no connection with Popseoul. So are popseoul going to do reports on what Josunjuk, racially-korean Khazakstanis and Russian people are doing? Because it’s only fair.

      I guess it’s a no, because koreans and k-worshippers are just interested in what american heritage leeches are doing.

  7. nolabreezy says:

    Jesus, you guys are some fucking snobs. Korean is an ethnicity, so whether the person is in America, Seoul, Canada, London, the geography doesn’t change their heritage…without the Americans inventing the proper mechanisms to shoot film, actors all over the world wouldn’t have jobs. So before you start mouthing off about him not being article-worthy for Popseoul because of his residency, you should step back and look at the bigger picture by supporting your fellow Koreans.

    • piano says:

      Well, London doesn’t have any Koreans in it because it’s not in USA. London has mainly Josunjuk and a few North Koreans.

      Secondly, when people abandon their heritage and responsibilities (army duty, etc) to live in USA, then you expect PopSeoul to cover them with any level of interest? I don’t… He’s american, and this isn’t PopLA.

  8. lala says:

    lol ‘Kevin Jumba’ his real names actually Kevin Wu, the jumba is just a random word for his youtube account

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I love Kevjumba! he’s so awesome!

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