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Top 10 Best Singers In Korea are…

Reporters gathered together and chose the Top 10 Best Singers in Korea. They said it was really hard, but this is what they finally dicieded on.

10th place goes to Miss A’s member…

9th place goes to B2St’s member…

8th place goes to Sistar’s member…

7th place goes to Super Junior’s member…

6th place goes to CN Blue’s member…

Did you guys really think I would tell you like that? To know the actual results check out the video below:

The real results are:

10th place goes to Miss A’s member Suzy

9th place goes to B2St’s member Yoseob

8th place goes to Sistar’s member Hyorin

7th place goes to Super Junior’s member Yesung

6th place goes to CN Blue’s member Yonghwa

5th place goes to 2AM’s member Changmin

4th place goes to JYJ’s member Junsu

3rd place goes to SNSD’s member Taeyeon

2nd place goes to SHINee’s member Jonghyun

1st place goes to famous singer, IU

So what do you guys think of the results the reporter’s chose? Do you agree?


164 Comments on “Top 10 Best Singers In Korea are…”

  1. Emily says:

    What the hell? Where is 2ne1 member Park Bom? How come!

    • Saucer says:

      She’s not on the list because CEO-ajhussis don’t want to kiss her with her botox face.

    • WonderfulBlackSONE says:

      I love Bom! I’m surprised shes not on here ): and just shut up, its not like illegal to like a singer. So stop taking shit about Bom because her pinky finger probably has more talent than you do in your entire body.

      • piano says:

        Her pinky finger is too sausage-like because of all the botox to be able to tell. You’re just upset because she’s an american in korea leeching off koreans who worship americans. We understand.

  2. evcim says:

    and where are Jang jae İn, Brown Eyed Soul, Wheesung, Hwayobi, December, Monday Kiz, John Park, Lee So Ra(found out about her just by luck), Navi, Davichi, SeeYa… these are the names i came up by seconds. if reporters were just talking about idols only yes the names above are good singers but there are more names i want to add too. Daesung(BigBang), Jaejong(JYJ), Park Bom(2ne1), Lee Jong Hyun(C.N. Blue: better than Yonghwa),Junsu(2PM)…

    • Liv. says:

      you know what…IU does makes sense…her voice is really great…but I guess the rest is just based on the popularity. K-celebrities world is really weird..if u looks good, can dance and in SM Ent then you will successes. Jang Ri In, Changmin TVXQ, Park Bom, Seo In Gook, Junsu TVXQ..they r the real talented singers..their voice r really rock.
      But I guess the list above is not a big deal for others because come on! Yong Wha?! just because he holds guitar it doesn’t mean he is a rock singer!

  3. adiba says:

    her voice sounds weird

  4. Teresa says:

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  5. Mully says:

    Suzy has the worst voice out of Miss A. She’s their Sohee. The fact that she cracks this list discredits the entire thing.

  6. riki says:

    i agree with the list except that i dont listen to cn blue so cant say anything about him.
    where are all the greats like hwayobi? why are there only idol groups?
    suzy shouldnt be on this list cause min is a better singer. hyunsung sings better than yoseob. kyuhyun sings better than yesung. changmin should be number 2 and junsu should be number 3. i think this is more on looks/popularity than actual talent although everyone listed sings well. IU is the vocal queen of the current generation.

  7. Mee Eun says:

    Um, Davichi’s Hae Ri should definately be there.
    It’s like they only chose popular idols, ignoring the actual voice. It’s stupid.
    IU is a good singer, but she’s not the best.
    Zhang Li Yin should be up there too!! And BoA. And HyoRi.

  8. janniepop says:

    i like how snsd is not there.

  9. hyorae says:

    im sure 2am’s other members would be good enough in top 10 too.

  10. claire says:

    where the hell is Lee Hongki? He’s got the best voice…

  11. claire says:

    Hong ki should be #1…

  12. queenbqty says:

    No Heo Young Saeng of SS501 or Park Bom of 2NE1! This list is totally bogus! Taeyeon can’t even sing, maybe some of the others can, but Taeyeon destroys the legitimacy of any good singer list. They might as well make Yoona number one!

    • Anonymous says:

      i’m not a big fan of taeyeon or anything but she is pretty good at singing. she has good vocals but being in an idol girly girl (blech) group, she doesn’t get to show her vocal talent much

      • amy says:

        Taeyeon only sounds good because the rest of the members suck even more. I’ve lost count of the times she sounded terrible live going off tune and having her fans blame the equipment (usually the earpiece, ironic how everyone else s earpieces were fine but she always gets the bad one) Or that she’s sick. (she’s not the only one in the business that gets sick, but they still keep in tune and don’t go completely off key. Heard her live in smtown Bangkok. Terrible. Off tune and expressionless.

        • ashley says:

          I know because when Junsu was sick he still sounded good live and I didn’t hear a difference in his singing.

        • whatever says:

          each SNSD member got less then 20 seconds…Yoona just need to sing “oppa..oppa look at me”… in 12,4 seconds thus she got the limelight…no wonder westerners never see Korean seriously.

    • Bebe says:

      yeah…Yoona should be the number one, then yuri, then tifanny ……hahahahhahah it’s weird not to see one of SNSD member in any list that netizen can think of…maybe they can make a list of the most beautiful kidneys next time…such a s**t list…(except IU)

      • Torch says:

        Next time, just put [i’m a k-worshipper] before any of your comments and then we don’t need to read the rest of it.

  13. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I totally agree that SHINee’s Jonghyun should be second~

  14. QUINCY says:

    This list is totally domiated by idols o____0 Do Korea even has singers?

    • whatever says:

      nope. because the real singers usually wear eyeglasses…and elegantly, they don’t do virtual marriage, and don’t have selca to show-off their “pure” face (yeah right…), they live pretty low profile….nowdays Korean just consider boybands and girlsband…

  15. Leah says:

    This poll is dominated by idol. It should have been called Idol Best Singers… even though some really good idol singers are not on the poll. Ah.

  16. ju yang says:

    hey i didnt agree cozz dere is hongki 4rm ft island,junsu 4rm 2pm,taeyang 4rm big bang you missed them

  17. nath says:

    jonghyun??!! agree agree agree!!!

  18. lulu says:

    i disagree with the results…how come jonghyun at 2nd place??? his voice not that nice..

  19. mizzy says:

    what the F??? hahaha…this is so funny

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have no idea why there’s so much trashing going on here..
    for example, the trashing of Park Bom and her ‘botox’? I’m positive she didn’t
    get anything done on her face, and even if she did, what’s the big deal?
    She has the money, she can do what she wants with it and her face.
    And Taeyeon? Uhm, I’m positive she is not a shit singer. She’s amazing in fact
    and if you really have nothing nice to say, just shut up.

    I for one find nothing wrong with this list. Yeah, there are a lot of singers out there
    that are more talented in my point of view too, but what’s done is done. It’s not like your
    complaints and trash-talking is going to change anything. And besides, it just looks
    to me like a bunch of naive people hating on people who are seen for what they do.
    Suck it up and take it somewhere else, please. They don’t need any more haters.

    • Torch says:

      Whatever you just said reached a 9.3 on the vapid-o-meter. Apparently you defended a talentless half-botox half-american who has little more talent than the hagwan unemployables who come from USA every year to teach koreans to be american. Then you contradicted yourself…then you basically had a rant ending in ‘shut up’.

      I think we’ll all ignore what you said and carry one with what we were all doing. Yes, that’s precisely what we’ll do.

    • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

      @Anonymous ;;
      I SOO AGREE. Stupid Trolls these days have no life but to Criticise.
      And “Torch” ; Pshh no one wants to read you’re hateful comments. You just make yourself look like an idiot saying all this junk. (:

  21. hula says:

    where is KYUHYUN??????????
    he has a good singing ability…….
    he also has many ost song….
    i just do not get it…..
    other than that i still agree with this….
    but next time include KYUHYUN…

    • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

      Hahaha Yesung does have a sxi singing voice. Kyuhyun totally does too =D
      I reckon instead of just Yesung being up there , it should of been the whole of SuJu ;D
      And they should of been number one ;D

  22. teukiesaranghae says:

    i don’t agree with the 7th, 6th, 3rd, and 1st place..
    sorry but for me, i can’t agree with it.

  23. LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

    1st should of been the whole of Super Junior, cause they are hot/sexy/cool/handsome/have hot voices like that ;D
    2nd should of been the whole of SNSD ^^
    3rd should of been the whole of SHINee
    4th should of been the whole of MBLAQ
    5th should of been Taeyang

  24. Aline says:

    Hyorin of Sistar should be first. Anybody heard of her renditions of Christina Aguilera? Check it out!

  25. Candy says:

    Where is Heo Young Saeng? He has amazing voice and he must be ranked as one of 10 best Korean idol singers.

  26. Annie Xiong says:

    I think that TAEYEON should be the first..

  27. Karen says:

    buuut. have you ever heard Lee Hong Ki from F.T. Island sing?? It’s totaly amazing. And it might take a while for you to get used to it but stilll. Go to Youtube and search up “F.T. Island Bad Woman” and listen to it. AHHH 😀

  28. fauziiii says:

    kerennn my favorite IU….

  29. Kat says:

    i think Yoon Ha, T-Ara’s Ji Yeon and Su Min should be in this list. But I like IU. and what about Super Junior’s KyuHyun?

  30. MushieMooshie says:

    In my opinion, I think that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has the best voice EVER!! Tiffany and Sunny from SNSD have better voices then Taeyeon, I’m not saying that Taeyeon is bad or anything… she’s really great and I love her voice!

    So, in my opinion: (only five)
    5. Girls Day’s Minah
    4. IU
    3. SNSD’s Sunny
    2. SNSD’s Tiffany
    1. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

    P.S I’m very sorry if anyone is offended.

  31. Davin Corey says:

    where is G-DRAGON 😦
    damn!! and 2ne1, PARK BOM and SANDARA!!!
    not fair
    but 3rd place is TAEYEON!!!
    i don’t like TAEYEON

  32. Roxas Cassiopeia says:

    Where is DBSK member?

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