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Which Female Idol Should Play The Lead Role Of “Dream High 2”?

The anticipated sequel drama Dream High 2 may have not kicked off filming yet, but netizens already know who they want to see picked as the female lead.

In a battle against other leading female idols, Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon took an online poll by storm as netizens no.1 choice.

Taeyeon’s talent as an artist can clearly be seen as she was also voted, as netizens choice for the leading role in the upcoming SM Entertainment drama.

Little info has been released about what is to come, but Miss A Suzy‘s younger sister in the drama Park Eun-bin is set to return as a possible main character.

Who do you think should play the female lead of Dream High 2?


33 Comments on “Which Female Idol Should Play The Lead Role Of “Dream High 2”?”

  1. I’m a bit skeptical about a Dream High 2 – has there ever been success on a “2”?

  2. choi je mi says:

    i stll want Miss A’s SUZY ..pls don’t replace her,,..pls

  3. Nana says:

    hmmmmm…taeyeon has a beautiful voice but i like seeing fresh faces….

  4. luvSuJu13 says:

    taeyeon please

  5. lollipop says:

    for sure im not watching Dream High 2 if Tae Yeon there. WTF
    any fresh faces please… !!
    i think Tae Yeon cant act. if Yoona or Yuri maybe i’ll consider.
    she is only cute face but nothing with talent.
    Yuri she can dance but her voice is nothing special.
    anyway, no Tae Yeon please!
    actually no SNSD

  6. tom says:

    what’s up with that photo? her eyes are so apart she looks like she’s got some birth defect and her nose is so ugly and short.

  7. Mi Young says:

    I just want a continuation of the first storyline , the success rate of a second movie isn’t that great when there are New People . BUT i’m still anticipating the 2nd Dream High , YAY !!!

  8. Kim says:

    I’m a huge Taeyeon fan but I thought Dream High was great mostly in part because of Kim Soo Hyun. I doubt it would be good unless they cast a really strong lead; at least one that is not an idol star.

  9. 7 says:

    Not quite sure about it because I don’t watch it. But I think the title is “Dream High”.

  10. (^o^) says:

    Please let park eun bin become main lead. I really love her…

  11. amy says:

    i think if Park Eun-bin plays in dream high 2 it will be more interesting!

  12. AngelTeuk says:

    Miss A! If they will replace Sam Dong and Hye Mi I won’t watch Dream High 2!!!

    I really want to see what happens next !!!!

  13. Yoann says:

    4minute Jihyun should totally be casted in the show!

  14. pemzey says:

    idk….taeyeon….she’s a very good artist but in dream high 2 i’d rather see a new talent…..lets see how this 1 rolls out….dream high was awesome….its sequel might not live up to the expectations(just a possibility but i hope it does well)….anyway good luck to the production team…..i hope it’ll be a great hit…!!!…..

  15. Radiocast says:

    I wouldn’t like it very much if Taeyeon was the new lead… They should stick with the actors they had in the first part…. If they change it, they can’t call it Dream High 2..

  16. cdnpoint says:

    Dream High 2 ought to show what the other teacher’s performance dreams or pasts were. We know about Teachers Kang and Yang-what of Shi and company? Does the returning English teacher have an arts past too?
    What about the Director of Kirin?? He must have a story or two of his own.

    Can we see a possible date between President Ma and Teacher Kang’s sister? Let Ma’s assistant have a date of his own as he seems to have gotten more confident.

    Student leads–please, lets have some unknowns…guest spots by idols might be ok but acting leads with some performing arts people would be nice.

    I still suggest STRONGLY that the previous student leads have cameo appearances during season 2 at the school. Maybe the students who did not debut and are left behind can become the next leads–lots of stories to tell, like why some of them are working, what their dreams are, did they learn anything from the half-admission class’ success?? What about the student who is always recording students or visiting websites–does he land a reporting internship with Kang’s sister or someone else? What’s HIS story for being at Kirin?

    I’d also like to see the EMI president pull a similar prank on the Kirin chairman as he did with his fishing magazine photographer cover story. That was a great twist and some of the students gave him good photos! Did those two men have a past conflict?? Story potential.

  17. bz says:

    i think no need ‘dream high 2’ …

  18. leealyita says:

    yes taeyeon i want her to be the next lead actress

  19. pat says:

    it has endless possibility to serialize with new classes, students and guest idols,young and old.

    • Nola says:

      ITA. If they keep the writer and get a solid actor like Kim Soo Hyun I’ll watch. This is the first drama where a second season could break the curse. New students with totally different stories. They’re in an arts school so in Dream High 2 they can focus on actors and musicians too. They can show what happens with a student getting picked for a drama. Instead of an idol group maybe a gifted soloist who gets signed only to have a rude awakening when her agency changes her image with craptastic songs and concepts. They could make it Hye Mi’s little sis. DH original cast can do cameos.

  20. Yoo Hana says:

    i want see suzy & kim soo hyun again

  21. 19878973hnikj says:

    I hope it will still be suzy she is good and its just not the same with out her being on the show 😦 i cant wait for the next season…seriously i hope it will be suzy with some of the old characters. I HOPE SUZY!! i am looking forward to watch it i want the same thing but different story!! AHHHHH!!! 😥

  22. heyelle says:

    i’d love the previous actors/actresses to play the same roles again, coz they the story didnt really end:) :L or the same actors/actresses with a different story line?
    I dont really care as long as they include KIM SOO HYUN!:D ❤

  23. Dan says:

    Taeyeon is really funny and is so happy. If you would see her in this drama what role would she play? I think that if she would play the main character when there is a very sad moment people would cry really hard to see a very happy person like her cry.

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