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Which Group Does CHI CHI Want To Take Down?

Making their debut, new female group CHI CHI has got everyone talking, over their aspirations to surpass one of the industry’s biggest groups.

Holding their 1st showcase to promote their debut single “Don’t Play Around”,  CHI CHI revealed their no.1 goal in their career stating:

“Our goal is to overtake the nation’s best girl group, Girls’  Generation. Becoming Asia’s best girl group is also another goal of ours. We believe our strong point is performing unique music.”

Managed  under Yedang Entertainment, that is home to popular artists like Kim Gun Mo, Lee Jung Hyun, and Wax, CHI CHI certainly holds potential for a future in the industry.

The members stated, “We worked really hard to prepare for our debut, so we have a lot to show when we go out on music programs. We’ll be showcasing great music, so we hope for your anticipation and interest.”

Do you think CHI CHI is pushing their luck, or do they have a chance against SNSD in the future?

source: Star News



43 Comments on “Which Group Does CHI CHI Want To Take Down?”

  1. Saucer says:

    This groups looks bloody awful. No talent and pop socks is talented only in korea.

    • K says:

      These types of girl groups are embarrassing in the name of all respected women performers in the industry. They seem so mindless and content to strive to the top with image (objectification) instead of talent.

      I applaud all performers who have come this far with hours of training, but it’s really a waste if all they produce are soulless, regurgitated pop songs over and over again. I don’t think any country needs more groups of this mold.

  2. San Ki Eun says:

    If these girls want to be better than snsd, here’s what they need to do.
    1. write lyrics for your own dang song.
    2. stop doing those awfully made dances and A) make better ones or B) stop recycling the trash snsd didn’t even want.
    3. it’s called personal style tell your stylish how you want to wear it. ( ask heechul he does it all the time.)
    4. stop singing about love and get to some real life stuff. I have yet to hear some lyrics from these mainstream idols about anything but relationships.
    5. do something else on that stage instead of dance, give a guiter solo to remember, or a flute solo or drum solo idk WOW me !
    6. stop seeking fame and focus more on creating music than preforming music.

    p.s. I dont hate snsd I loved Gee and run devi run and 1 or two other songs.

    • k-popfollower says:

      What your saying is kind of true…. I agreed a lot with you.

      As I was going down your list all I thought about was Big Bang…….Big Bang!…… OMG! That so describes Big Bang. Because members of Big Bang write and produce or co-produce a lot of their songs or even all of them. Their choreographer, Shaun Evaristo is a pretty cool dude, who does not plagerize or “recycle”. G-Dragon is so fashionable that he’s his own stylish. 🙂 I could go on and on more about Big Bang because I am VIP after all but this is CHI CHI’s article.
      Their song is ok it’s kind of addicting and annoying. If they could ever surpass SNSD… I don’t think so. Most people would think it would be easy but it’s actually very challenging. Sones are so devoted and their are so many. Its because of SNSD’s fanbase that makes them so popular/successful. Depending on your terms of success.

    • k-pop luver! says:

      i completely agree with you . they need to be a lot more original and the only singing about love thing is so true its not even funny . they need to have more inspiration.

    • tiffany says:

      full thumbs up to you!
      you are so right…

  3. huh says:

    I don’t even like SNSD, but what a way to start out your career by saying you want to take down another group! Good luck with the antis! lol

  4. ara says:

    the dress is awful…
    and i do agree with Ki Eun’s, don’t set SNSD as your goal. it’s too low. focus more on making your own music, then if it’s really good (and lucky enough), it will lead to fame, automatically.

  5. luvSuJu13 says:

    eh…i knew it. entertainments set up bigger girl groups, but not as big as SNSD because they know no one would like that. SNSD is not THE best, there are other people out there that are better than them, for example, After School. i like their songs, just not the members. To me, what they are trying to say is that they look up to SNSD and hope to be them or better than them, so CHI CHI (what does that mean anyways?) is not different than the fans.

  6. Steffi says:

    sounds like trash talk to me and the group name? what is that they can’t come up with anything just sounds like a wierd name and what in the heck are they wearing!?!? how awful

  7. Meg says:

    just debuting and put down another group already, so fail.

  8. hmmmm says:

    such crude goal.

  9. Shane says:

    OMG!They r greedy…SNSD???Can they reach it???

  10. MEC says:

    they shouldn’t have namedrop SNSD .. afterall they’re just a ROOKIE .. that should learn how to be nice because they are just starting .. tsk ! tsk !

    • Saucer says:

      Yes, they’re only rookies so they’ve only just learned how to use bland talentless pop to manipulate unknowing south east asians out of their education money.

  11. MEC says:

    i mean they*

  12. Saucer says:

    “hi everyone we’re CHi Chi, in korea all the men have a lolita-fetish and we’re the personification of it, here to sing you some songs and dance around while you CEO-Ajhussis, Korean men and Asian men try to get your rocks off in some celebration of infantilist fetishism.”

    It’s a bit forked up over there I see.

  13. nyooung says:

    who do they think they are that they can take over snsd

  14. blah says:

    There’s no way Chi Chi will take down SNSD. Or any other kpop girl group. There’s nothing that sets them apart, it’s the same looks/tunes/style. Unless they revamp their music, focus more on vocals, and try to do something different other than “fierce + cutesy” which is what the market is already over-saturated with.

    • Saucer says:

      They just look like the celebration of infantilist fetishism which your countrymen love so dearly. You’re probably going to go out and buy all their posters, because you’re into that kind of thing.

    • blah says:

      Infantilist fetishism? hahaha, you’re hilarious. As are the bedtime stories you like to make up about me… although I would have to say those are more on the creepy side. I know I’ve proven over and over and over again on previous comment threads how ignorant you are of Korea and Koreans, but geesh… I didn’t realize you had THIS much anger built up inside you. Let it go Saucer. You’re a troll, that’s what people are supposed to do with you… Which is proving you wrong.. over, and over, and over again. I thought you’d be used to this by now.

  15. LittlePiggy says:

    chi chi sucks, if they think they can take snsd’s place right now then they r just freaking crazy. they r ugy and have no talent. and alot of them look old. chi chi is going to have A LOT of anti’s

  16. Cris says:

    When SNSD started they said they wanted to be in SES place now these girls are saying they want to be like them,i think it’s flattering it means that SNSD are really considered the TOP GIRL GROUP in Korea!
    Haters should cut the crap about CHI CHI being talentless,you don’t even know them yet and by the way all the things that you consider bad about this band could be attribuited also to SNSD:
    dont’ write most of their songs(yes they did 4 or 5)
    similar cloths concepts for all the girls
    real voice talent possessed only by few members of the band
    playing the cute innocent girls card
    singing about love,oppas and ecc
    I don’t hate SNSD am just saying that if you want to come at CHI CHI you better find other reasons.

    • pat says:

      snsd are trashy too.

    • tiffany says:

      i agree with you.but you can;t blame them…
      i am not a fan of SNSD.
      but i learned to accept that they are in reigning now.
      they are the best of the best because even they used all of those things to be recognized,they already established their own personality and fashion and created their own music.those things now for them are just fan service,people wants them to do that, while CHI CHI haven’t started building their own image but they are brave to say that kind of thing. as if they are using SNSD to be notice and that is what makes it sickly.

  17. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i don’t think that’s possible

  18. TheTruth says:

    lol this, they are starting too cocky and arrogant, and has ruined their “innocent girl” theme

  19. Orange_Fun says:

    i’m sorru but i couldn’t help, but lol when they mentioned that their strong point is “performing unique music”. i like k-pop and all, but there is nothing unique about it, except 2ne1, but sometimes their music seems a lot like the music in america. not hating I ABSOLUTLY LOVE 2NE1!

  20. Erymyst says:

    You know what’s wrong? They remarked so boastfully about SNSD. And then there goes the awful MR of their live performance. And to make things worse, SNSD have Sones around them to defend them even to the littlest of things.

    GOODLUCK with CHI CHI. You have a bloody hell of a road ahead of you.

  21. tiffany says:

    i just watched their MV.
    i really don’t want to be mean…
    i don’t want to say that it’s just a wishful thinking…
    but how could they surpass the best when they can’t even surpass the second,third and down girl groups.
    how could i say that?
    they said their music is unique, i believe in individuality uniqueness but their music doesn’t have it. even their vocals are good.
    their clothes are not that fashionable and the MV setting,the dance,there is nothing catchy in it.
    Look how 2NE1 and Secret made it…ok?

  22. Fiorang says:

    เขาพูดอะไรก็อย่าไปคิดเป็นอคติก่อน ลองคิดกลับกันสิว่า ถ้าสมมติวงนี้เกิดก่อนและ โดนแอนตี้มาก่อน ตามด้วย …….ทีหลังแล้วโดนหาว่าก๊อบและแอนตี้แรงกว่าคุณจะคิดยังไง ให้มันเปนกลางหน่อยเถอะนะ ในประเทศนึงคงไม่มีวงไหนจะดังอยู่วงเดียวถ้ามันไม่มีหลากหลาย ไม่มีการแข่งขัน ก็ไม่มีสีสันและไม่เป็นที่น่าสนใจในวงการบันเทิงหรอกนะ

  23. Blahh says:

    1. They can’t sing
    2. They are all butt ugly
    3. They lip sync. WTF.
    Even snsd and girl’s day, 2ne1.. whatnot. they all sound really well MR removed. But chi chi is just .. agh. It hurts my ears to listen to their vocals.

  24. ermmm says:

    well,if you listen to snsd’s first debut song and compare it to chi chi’s song
    you will find out the different
    and you know,snsd do not make up a lot in their debut mv but this group’s make up is just too thick…
    i don’t this it is good for newbies
    and their voice and dance is not as good as snsd’s first debut song also,
    and you had to know,all member of snsd had practice more than 2 years and they all had performing experience before debut,
    so i don’t think it’s easy to overtake snsd

  25. leslie says:

    I think their comment wans’t kind of necessary since in my opinion 2ne1 is better than SNDS but I mean the goal should be to make their best and perform music and dances that pleases the audience they should’ve known that SNSD is loved by many asian countries so here is the smart strategy keep comments like that to themselves and little by little they perhaps could’ve gained many fans and who knows surpass SNSD but they started bad saying something like OUR GOAL IS TO TAKE DOWN SNDS I mean does that help them in their career starting?

  26. Kathleen says:

    They’re just newbies and they are already saying that they want to take down SNSD!? thousand miles to go before they can overtake SNSD. I don’t even see them on the news right now

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