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Actor Lee Joong-moon prepares to enlist

On March 22nd…..

Joong-moon will join the 102 base in Chuncheon, Kangwondo to begin his military training. Recently, the actor released a statement that he would return to his fans a better actor and he thanked them for all their support. Joong-moon also expressed his joy to be joining the military while he is still young and healthy enough to serve. The proud South Korean looks forward to serving his country for the next two years.

Now, who is he?

He is known for his roles in many dramas like “Jolly Widows”, Queen Seon-deok and “Daring Women. In addition, the celebrity has acted in a number of movies and musicals.

Source: SportsChosun


3 Comments on “Actor Lee Joong-moon prepares to enlist”

    • piano says:

      He’s some unknown korean actor who will soon be doing desk duty with all the other k-poop idols the indovietmalaypinays worship. Likelihood of him ever seeing the demilitarised zone = zero.

  1. ashley says:

    so….nice shoes though

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