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Kim Soo-hyun joins “The Thieves”

Is this where “Dream High” lead him?

The leading actor in the hit TV Series “Dream High” has been chosen to be the rookie member in a team of “Thieves“. The Ocean’s Eleven remake tentatively titled “The Thieves“(Professionals) will begin filming in May and they brought Song Sam-dong along for the ride. There won’t be any Hye-mi, classmates, or teachers, but there will be plenty of scheming! The highly anticipated Choi Dong-hoon movie continues to reel in an all-star cast including: Lee Jung-jae, Kim Hye-soo, Jun Ji-hyun, Kim Hae-sook,and Oh Dal-soo.

Will stealing a diamond in a foreign country (for a movie) help or hurt his career?  Who knows! What would JYP-BYJ do?

Source: Sports Today


16 Comments on “Kim Soo-hyun joins “The Thieves””

  1. jinja says:

    ….and Kim soo hyun starts his marathon gig. soon , we’ll hear the kdrama script he have chosen.
    so awesome! way to go kiddo!

  2. why not? says:

    Can’t wait! Sounds like a great ride. The cast is the best so far, though I could suggest a few other actors to beef out the males roles.

    Kim Soo Hyun is going to be a huge star. He’s earning his stripes.

  3. dev says:

    I really cant stand this kid.

    He just got handpicked by JYP cause he is cute and was put as lead for his first role and now he is in a blockbuster movie. To be honest I respect western actors way more because even if they are stunning they appear in a shit load of movies before they get a starring role like Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson. If they were in Korea they get the lead right away cuz they are good looking.

    • jinja says:

      Blessed are those who can spot a REAL GEM for a certain craft.
      those who can’t , sometimes , they find ways to despise those who can.

    • why not? says:

      Dream High was NOT his first project. Seems you need to do your homework, before you start bashing an actor and JYP has nothing to do with this kid’s fame. His talent is apparent in his past works and he’s earned all of the notoriety he gets. Go buy a clue.

      • dev says:

        He was a JYP trainee and plus most k-actors suck and will never win a major award outside their country because of their entire industry revolves around looks and even in America where there are a lot of sketchy good looking actors there is an equal amount of mediocre looking but superb actors that are respected around the world.

        • piano says:

          When you say ‘suck’ are you talking about an act they perform with the CEO-ajhussis for sponsorship, or they’re just v.f. terrible?

        • Hanguk says:

          he isn’t a jyp trainee, he just trained with jyp for 3 months to prepare for a role. talk about being into the craft…

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  5. hale luana says:

    agree w/ “why not”!!….. He has nothing to do w/ JYP. That’s not his agency unlike some of the others in the cast. I have also seen him in other dramas and he has left lastingly strong impressions…good ones…about his acting skills

    it seems like “dev” is one of a hadful of people who have no lives and read everything just so that they can make negative comments. Dev, when you make your debut, if you even are able to…no matter the country you’re from, please let us know so we can watch you on the tube, computer, or theater. Your poor self-image is showing since you’re always cutting people down……you need to get counseling so you can look at yourself in a better light and get a good feeling about yourself…..There seems to be quite a few of you who come to this site w/ no intention except to put down others…… But, i guess you need to do that so you can see yourself in a better way..

  6. louise says:

    watch kim soo hyun in ‘will it snow in christmas’ and make your comments after that.

  7. pat says:

    these neg comments are all the same a**hole under other names. All stupid.

  8. K says:

    This boy is the definition of a twink.

  9. […] His current movie “Thieves” is still in production. […]

  10. ganbatte ne kim soo hyun oppa!! I believe that your movie or drama will be hits..

  11. pansy says:

    You are very handsome.

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