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Photos of Hyun Bin After Enlisting

Hyun Bin mania will never die down. At least, not yet. People are going crazy over photos of Hyun Bin preparing for training in the Korean marines.

The actor was presented in a group of pictures on a news blog for the marines, and netizens quickly jumped on them.

The “Secret Garden” star is seen with his fellow new recruits, and netizens say he looks as good as always, if not better. Looks like fans won’t quickly forget the recently enlisted actor.

How do you like Hyun Bin‘s marine style?


16 Comments on “Photos of Hyun Bin After Enlisting”

  1. Saucer says:

    “Here he is gearing up to sit behind that desk in seoul”
    “Here he is getting ready for 18 months of long hard shuffling paper and drinking with a Chaebol CEO’s son, before going home to bed”

    …. the Korean military is laughable.

    • tintin says:

      that’s really jaded. someone’s got to do those paper works. every military have someone to do those. you saying even a small sacrifice as paperwork isn’t good enough for the sake of the country? How are you going to solve miscommunications without putting it on paper? They’re like accountants in a corporation, anyone can make a difference, like the anonymous-es that contributed to wikileaks. or a bad example; the accountants in enron. even a small sector can make a huge impact in a large firm

      • dwilliams says:

        oh please the real warriors are the ones on the front line. hyun bin will be sitting at a desk hardly marine qualified. trust me the marines didn’t the reputation of being hard-assed by sitting behind a desk but most k-stars do as they can’t afford to be killed or hurt being on the front line, they leave that to the average people.

  2. Dood says:

    Good. Hopefully he gain some damn muscle because he looks like a bag of bones. Get some fat on that skull too please.

  3. hale luana says:

    Saucer and Dood…..can you tell us in what branch of service and for how many years you both served….and don’t forget to tell us what country you did military service for. We are anxiously awaiting your answers.

  4. cougerdairy says:

    No wonder you talk like Kim Jong iL.

  5. AKAN says:

    A-team? lol

  6. lian95 says:

    He stills looks hot 😛

  7. wrrr says:

    stands out

  8. Christine says:

    Wow ! In that 1st photo he’s taller than everyone esle. Didn’t realize how tall he was. And he’s still good -lookin!

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