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VNT loses a member!

Lil J has taken back her name and left the girl band. Ji-yeon can get rid of the Lil! The singer announced shocking news on her Twitter account on March 21st:

“Hi, all da fans of VNT. I just wanted to let you guys know that i am not a part of VNT anymore and i dont know when VNT is going to come back. Thanks for all your cheer and support. Love yall!”

You don’t know when the band is coming back? What will we do without carbon copy girl band #100000?  In all acuality, it is sad to know the group didn’t stay together very long. When SHINee’s Min-ho appeared in the MV, I thought that was their ticket to success! Has the boy band member lost his shiny touch?

Source: @V92_LILJ


11 Comments on “VNT loses a member!”

  1. Pearson says:

    ‘”y’all” <<< hmm

  2. dev says:

    NOT suprised it smart to just go school and make money the normal way instead of being a company slave at least she will have good story to tell her kids.

  3. dee;) says:

    yes,,sorry guys but minho lost his touch…
    especially in kbs 100 point when he was with eulseo..
    they were good but they pushed it too far…

  4. piano says:

    I don’t know who the hell the hell these people are.

  5. ShereeN says:

    Sorry Coz Using This Platform To Ask…..Can Some One Tell Me Why Minho Not In 100 point 100 Show And Also Dream Team AnyMore???…It He Buzy With Shinee’s Schedule Or What????

  6. ashley says:

    omg, I thought she died at first when I read the heard line, good thing she didn’t .

  7. wrrr says:

    who cares

  8. k-pop luver! says:

    i have never heard of this girl before………….

  9. […] “Hi how r u doin?” LiL J announced last month, via her personal twitter, that she was officially leaving her band, VNT. Since we heard the news, the mini idol became lost in the Twittersphere. So……What is she […]

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