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X-5 drops their first MV teaser!

Open World Entertainment released their very first music video teaser for X-5 on Youtube ! The new boy band will join the list of already prominent male celebrities on the agency’s roster. Jun Jin, Go Joo-Won and DGNA welcome their new little brothers of music to the front line.

X-5 reminds me of 2pm. They seem to have enough appeal to reel young unsuspecting fan girls in. We represent fan girl love….Based on the teaser, do you think you will fall for X-5?

Source: Open World Entertainment’s Official YouTube Channel


17 Comments on “X-5 drops their first MV teaser!”

  1. Saucer says:

    In response to this teaser, the Philippines government has asked all the Filipinas not to withdraw cash in order to buy all the commercial tat associated with this talentless k-pop group, because it would look like a run on the banks which only retain 12% of their assets as cash.

    The Filipino goverment’s “Ministry of Love-Korean Culture” says that their 12 year plan to reinforce the benefits of Korean culture at the expense of Filipino culture is almost complete with this new pop group, and would everyone wear a hanbok please.

  2. E says:

    My thought exactly.

    Yap i can so see 2PM doing that. Well 2PM are my fav dancing boy band. So i am not complaining. I hope they are good singers aw well.

  3. E says:

    My thought exactly.

    Yap i can so see 2PM doing that. Well 2PM are my fav dancing boy band. So i am not complaining. I hope they are good singers as well.

  4. Jwoww says:

    Yes I know bmw x5 cars are awesome yeah.

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    just as noone wipes imaginary slob off their lip or reaches their hand out to the camera im all good.

  6. Maggie says:

    So basically, they are just another manufactured group. Nothing genuine about them…AT ALL!

    They all come from the same mold!

  7. ikt8eje says:

    Wow the kpop music industry has really run out of names.
    I can’t even tell some of the groups apart and I keep up with the news

  8. Aiashine says:

    I really dont like Kpop nowadays, there are so many groups. And they just imitate and imitate. I love 2pm.
    I hope they make it, :)))
    and @Saucer. You have a point, because im from Philppines.

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i wish they showed their faces more… but cool dance moves!

  10. […] youngest member of Open World Entertainment‘s new boy band, X-5, released his profile image today. The 15-year-old singer (born in 1995) turns 16 this year […]

  11. ara says:

    does x-5 stands for something?

    good luck though.

  12. Mee Eun says:

    looks like a cross between SHINee, 2pm, and DBSK.


  13. olivia says:

    remember when boy bands were actually a group of guys who liked, wrote, were genuine about their music? not just tall? now i know this is harsh but they look like Shinee wannabes in 2AM clothes

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