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Bazaar Gives Love to Suzy’s Legs

The Miss A mangnae is featured in Harper’s Bazaar and fans are raving about her legs. Is the diet working?

I still side with that she doesn’t need a diet, but still, Suzy is gaining a lot of Internet popularity since photos from her latest spread for EnC in Bazaar were released.

Overall, the spread doesn’t have much variety in poses or facial expressions, but my favorite is the closer view of the young idol —  she looks pretty in that picture (below).

Regardless, netizens are all hyped up over the “top” singer’s long, lean leg-line.

The “Dream High” idol is modeling for EnC with a “Spring Blossom” concept, filled with “lovely” spring softness and a hint of pop. The spread will be in the April issue of Bazaar.

What do you think of Suzy‘s spring short shorts look?



25 Comments on “Bazaar Gives Love to Suzy’s Legs”

  1. josephine says:

    suzy has the body, the face and legs (:

  2. Mi Young says:

    She is sooo BEAUTIFUL ! I love her Legs ❤

  3. WetShirt says:

    photoshop fail!!!
    her legs look plastic they dont even look real

    if you cant see that, then youre braindead

  4. teehee says:

    Photoshopped legs are the best!

  5. table says:

    I love photoshopped legs because I don’t live in the real world like most K-pop fans.

  6. pat says:

    did you see her short chunky legs in the dream high special??????? These are like someone else’s legs its so fake. Not her fault, just the silly shallow standards of the K media. Pshop everything and hope people believe it. Anatomy has its limits!!!!!

    • table says:

      Koreans hate to see their own stubby little korean stubby-legs and so they use real-time photoshopping on their spectacles. Then they don’t have to live in reality, they can live in photoshopland still.

  7. pissedoff says:

    not really…it’s the wonders of photoshop…
    don’t be so fresh…

  8. Hermes says:

    Again with the limbs…

    Reality check pls. Whoever believes these pics as well as every one of the millions of photos taken of a celeb….IS an idiot to begin with.

  9. K says:

    Perfect legs for skinny jeans or little mini skirts. She’s very lucky to be proportionate. 😉

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I love the outfits!!!

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      ohmygosh…. as i keep looking at her, i look a lot like suzy…
      Except her hair color is lighter than mine….
      I never paid much attention to Suzy, but since she’s like, everywhere now, i see a lot of her pics. and they look like me…..

      • Book says:

        What you’re creating here is called an internet façade, where you’re basically trying to get people to believe that you look like suzy, even when you quite probably don’t. You’re an american in the USA and give the child and adult obesity rates, you’re very likely to look nothing like her. You’re projecting a fallacy which you’re hoping everyone will pick up on, but it’s coming over as online narcissism.

        Just get on with being american, it’ll be easier for you than this weird rejection of your country, USA.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          Just get on? There’s nothing to get on!!
          Because i’m not born in the US!

          and obesity? I’m not even obese! I’m not close to being fat or chubby!You think i never exercise or eat healthy foods? No, i do exercise everyday (except Sun. and Sat.) and i eat healthy food! i never even eat fast food.

          you don’t even know what i look like! You can’t just tell people and say they look the opposite of what they look like and think that you’re always right.

      • ana says:

        You should ask for an outside opinion. I’m not saying you don’t look like Suzy, but sometimes what we think and what is actually the truth is different.

        I had a friend who insisted she was Gwen Stefani’s twin, but wouldn’t believe the number of people (and there were about ten of us) that told her she looked nothing like the singer. So maybe you should ask for people’s opinions (other than your close friends) before you claim Suzy’s pictures look like you.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          but who would i ask??
          Ah who cares! It’s not really a big deal.

          does Gwen Stefani even have a twin?

          • ana says:

            I dunno, maybe a teacher or something? Someone who would have an unbiased opinion. As to Gwen Stefani, as far as I know she doesn’t have a twin; my friend just thought she was her mirror image. 😉

  11. ara says:

    how old is she? don’t really like the fact she looks very old (like 20s) in these. dress to your age, Suzy. you’re already cute and pretty that way.

    and media, please stop photoshop-ing every pictures. if it’s for colour blend, or light adjustments, then it’s ok. but when it comes to making weirdo anatomies, that’s not ok at all. geez.

  12. kpopfreak says:

    shes not tat pretty in these pics she looks vry ugly

  13. kyle says:

    this was photoshopped like a mothafucka

  14. soo-hyun-1-fan says:

    yes me too.. i agree that suzy don’t have to diet b’coz her legs looked greater that it is skinny..

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