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Can’t Escape Hyun Bin…

Is Hyun Bin the Korean Marines new model?

It sure seems that way…

As the marine blog is closely following the ever-popular Hyun Bin, it seems that the actor has become the face of the Marines (ala Jo In-sung in the Air Force).

This is a post for all the Hyun Bin fans out there, and we know there are a lot of you. Netizens are going crazy over the first released photos of the actor in fatigues.

Though fans are super missing their military man, the “Secret Garden” star won’t be discharged until December 6th, 2012. Sorry.

Don’t you just love a man in uniform?


9 Comments on “Can’t Escape Hyun Bin…”

  1. 7 says:

    Don’t even know this guy (singer? actor?) but I’m sure he’s got lots of fans. So this might persuade a lot of youngsters out there to join the Marines also.

  2. Christine says:

    I love man in uniform!
    And check out My Lovely Kim Sam Soon and Secret Garden! You’ll Be hooked then!

  3. Book says:

    “Every morning, after drinking with my Chaebol Heir friends, I salute the flag and then go back to my desk and do sweeeet F.a. for the rest of the day, before going home to my warm bed”

  4. lanwookie says:

    Fighting dude!…we as ur fan will support u till the end..and that uniform suit u very well..congrats!!..

  5. I love Koreans. They don’t get into wars very often.
    i wish world peace.
    Aliies together and forever.

  6. pearl says:

    if you watch secret garden, you will love his character in there…everyone love him for that..his acting superb!!! best drama ever..stay healthy hyun bin..

  7. nath says:

    it always make me sad when i see guys going to army and more when it’s hyunbin!! i.i

  8. riri says:

    oppa bogosippo~

  9. kmamacita says:

    luv luv luv ‘that man’!! Hyun bin rocks!! Be safe and can’t wait for more dramas upon your return! sarange!!

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