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f(x) Return As Mature Women For Marie Claire

After an entire year of being split apart, f(x) reunite as group of 5 in the April issue of Marie Claire magazine.

Announcing their comeback earlier this year, f(x) is back with member Amber, only this time the group’s rapper shows off her new blonde hair.

Also notably different is Luna who clearly has gone a long way since their debut, showing off a more slimmer look.


f(x) is expected to make their big comeback sometime in April.

Are you digging f(x)‘s new image?



38 Comments on “f(x) Return As Mature Women For Marie Claire”

  1. pat says:

    all the legs look shopped!

    • lindsey says:

      that’s how it usually is for most stars on mags. You’re a fool if you think any stars are an exception.

      • piano says:

        yeh, but these have been mega-shopped….they’re not even stubby korean legs any more.

        • amy says:

          but only 2 people in there are Korean, the rest are Americans or Chinese.

          • WetShirt says:

            American? Krystal is still ethnically Korean

            • table says:

              She’s an american… americans aren’t korean. Korea is a totally different country to USA, and Korea is a country which their parents abandoned.

              If you were to abandon your wife-husband, why would you then keep going around telling people you live together with her?? same logic with heritage leeches making no sense.

              • K says:

                Ethnic group is different from nationality. She is ethnically Korean with Korean genetics. The only difference is her citizenship. She is still Korean (though Korean American). Her family didn’t “betray” Korea by leaving. They left for more opportunities like millions of other immigrants. I’m pretty sure her family are very proud to be from Korea, and has instilled this in their daughter. So yes you are right if you say she isn’t Korean by nationality, but she always be Korean nonetheless because that is where her roots originate.

              • table says:

                Okay, we’re talking about relationships, so let’s replace the word ‘country’ with the word ‘wife’ and see if what you’re saying holds true.

                When you leave your “wife” you’re not betraying “her”. They simply left their “wives” for more opportunities like millions of other “people”.

                So basically what you’re suggesting makes no sense. If you abandon your wife for other opportunities why the hell would you be proud of the wife you abandoned? It’s the same with countries becoming the citizen of a new country means you abandoned the last one, just as if you abandoned a family or a wife.

                The fact they’re proud of a country they abandoned is ultimately their way of dealing with the shame and reality of preferring USA.

                Deal with it.

                • olivia says:

                  table, you’re making this difficult. just admit that you’re wrong and stop being asinine.

                • Cake says:

                  I’m not wrong. Even theodore roosevelt said “The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else.” woodrow wilson said “Any man who carries a hyphen about with him carries a dagger that he is ready to plunge into the vitals of this Republic whenever he gets ready.”. So it’s really not uncommon for people within american society and history to laugh at these people desperately trying to reject american culture and try to leech onto culture which their parents abandoned without much success. I just think heritage-leeching is a bit pitiful really, watching them rejecting who they really are to fail at being asian, is something which astounds me. Deal with that.

              • K says:

                Haha, what are you talking about? I agree some people do “betray” their country if they have born hatred to their native country and leave for that sole reason. But leaving a country because of job prospects, famine or seeking a better standard of living for anyone doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning their home country. Btw, a woman doesn’t abandon her country when she leaves her husband. She abandons the individual person she left behind. Also, leaving a country doesn’t mean purging it entirely. It really depends on the person, and if he/she still truly identifies as a Korean, occupying another area of the Earth would not change that.

              • Jam says:

                Well the parallel to abandoning your country (korea) and taking up legalised citizenship of that new country (usa) would be ‘abandonment’. Insofar as finding better prospects and opportunities elsewhere and then abandoning your wife (divorce) and getting legally married to a new wife (marriage) would also be ‘abandonment’…

                Regardless of which way you look at it, and how you ‘feel’ about it, these people are abandoning korea and any responsibilities to korea (i.e. army duty) in the same way people leave their wives for better opportunities. It’s just opportunism, but it’s ridiculous that they then act like they’re proud of being korean, when they abandoned korea and threw her aside like a cast aside bride. Deal with it.

  2. Anh says:

    Ew. They look too old.

    • ashley says:

      old? ha, the only “old” one is Victoria.

    • K says:

      That’s because as an idol group, they lose their appeal when they go for the mature angle. The appeal of an idol group is youth and innocence.

      • steve says:

        it’s the pedo bait theory, and the reason why the youngest girl in a girl group is usually most popular. certainly nothing to do with talent.

    • steve says:

      if they look old to you then you must be 12. the ultimate age of idiocy where you think you’re smart and older than the other tweens but are actually immature and filled with presumptions of things which when you recall in a few years time would die of embarrassment from having believed.

  3. Mi Young says:

    Amber looks H0T ! She looks sooo Feminine =]

  4. Cass says:

    what the hell happened to Luna???? she looks like an anorexic now…so sad 😦 …how this sort of industry makes women suffer just to fit the stereotype…god these ppl who make them do this should be shot

  5. QUINCY says:

    They totally rock this style 😀 I like it ❤

  6. WetShirt says:

    I dont like Krystal, she’s doesnt have charisma as the others. She is not ugly but theres nothing special about her face, and theres something i cant put my finger on…..i think she has an attitude

    • table says:

      She’s the american heritage leech of the group, who is basically there to get Koreans really excited to see one of their USA-gods singing and outside of their usual habitat of working off a hangover in a hagwan teaching Korean kids how to act and speak like americans.

      If you understand Korean people’s need to see and clap americans then you understand why she’s in the group.

  7. HUUH says:

    LOVE THEM…..I am expecting their come back……. All are nice & beautiful…. But I hope that won’t be the style of the come back : a mature women style! No please, not this clothes’ style! =$

  8. cdnpoint says:

    Finally , proof that Amber is back with f(x) in ad work. Yes!!

    • table says:

      Yes, the American ratio is back up, and so if you measure the happiness index in ROK, you’ll find the Koreans are proportionately happier. They sure do love their people from USA in korea.

  9. RAE-lunatoria says:

    hate to say this but sulli got it best.

    victoria looks a tad too mature with that big volume in her hair. luna could do better with another hair dye. amber should wear more feminine sleeveless tops like this! and as usual, krystal looks like the norm.

  10. Chuchu says:

    Why is it that these girls are always posing in some magazine somewhere but hardly ever sing? The problem with Korean pop is that it is all hype with very little action. Most of the singers and actors are over rated and really have no talent. They just have cosmetic surgery to look like some other Korean singer (seems like they all go to the same surgeon) and WHAM they are famous for a few seconds. I wish DBSK got back together again. I miss those guys a lot.

    Oh yeah…their legs look ridiculous!! It’s so fake and it give Korean girls a false sense of beauty that most will never attain….long lean legs.

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Wow~ Amber looks AMAZING in blond hair. i love it

  12. judy says:

    amber reminds me of t-boz from tlc in that lone shot.

  13. Nigar says:

    why Amber is near to Krystal ??? it means that kryber is true

    • loomz says:

      if she was near vitoria the amtoria would be true
      if she was near luna the lunber would be true
      if she was near sulli the ambulli would be true
      if was alone then the story of others hating her would be true
      if she was in the middle then stories about her beeing gay is true ><

      plz peaple does that even make any sense to u ??

  14. lala says:

    Loving Ambers blonde look, she looks pretty and cool here.. god damn it PRETTY COOL (couldnt resist)

  15. loomz says:

    why i always see luna ugly >?

    her voice is good and every thing but i still see no beauty in her face

    mybe cuz amber took all of it loooooooooooool >< (i know its horrible comment & doesnt make sense)

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