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Girls Generation: Hello Photoshop!

The girls of Girls Generation (SNSD) popped up recently in a Japanese magazine, but fans are upset over the over-use of photoshop.

In the group shots, the fans complained that their idols were made to look too much like each other, also naming Seohyun, Sooyoung, Taeyeon, and Jessica not looking much like themselves at all. The fans were especially upset that something seemed off between the proportion between the length of the upper body and the length of the legs (which may just be a complaint against a lack of photoshop).

When it got to the individual photos, fans were saying all the members look a little strange, but especially Tiffany and Jessica‘s body shape seems a little off. Jessica has a bit of a floating head with a squarish body and a skinny forearm (compared to the bicep part). Tiffany also has the same square waist with shrunken legs. Fans also thought Sunny‘s face was shaved off a little too much.

Some netizens answered, “It’s excessive makeup… and plastic surgery,” and “Rather than the photoshop, those noses are over-done.”

Others defended the accusation, “It does seem a bit strange,” and “Not only is the photoshop bad, the style is horrible.”

All in all, it’s hard to claim over-photoshopping without the originals, but this magazine sure did give us a version of Girls Generation that we’re not used to seeing.

Do you think the photoshop editor went a little overboard, or are the fans doing a little overreacting?


33 Comments on “Girls Generation: Hello Photoshop!”

  1. 0745932170 says:

    well, these girls are old from now, what can we do, they must get marryed soon

  2. luvSuJu13 says:

    FIRST! about time they realize that SNSD are not Barbies! i dont have anything against them, like their music, but just the members annoy me

  3. jennie says:

    I don’t see anything wrong! The girls still look great!

  4. Kergy says:

    Tiffany always had that huge waist/flat ass, not pretty at all so yeah lol

    • piano says:

      She’s american, so there’s no stopping her scoffing down burgers, fries and soda-death every few minutes.

      Besides, when didn’t koreans have stubby legs and flat asses? (answer: they always did)

  5. Hermes says:

    When will netizens ever learn. They still don’t get it do they???

    • kuma says:

      hihihihi….the netizens r so outrages and yet they still questioning their own eyes…and angry over something that already there….people r so funny.

  6. queenbqty says:

    What’s to be upset about? They are always overphotoshopped and even then half of them are still scrawny and ugly? Their idiot fans should shut up before more people realize what a horror show snsd really is. Why don’t they complain about the fact that they have no talent, that is something worth complaining about.

    • piano says:

      SNSD, like most K-pop groups exist as a vehicle to make Korean men feel like they could dominate an american. In real life USA tells koreans what to do, and in a fit of anger Koreans like to feel like they dominate americans through SNSD, because they feel their culture is more superior to US culture by bringing ‘korean looking americans’ into groups in order to find validation.

      But at the end of the day they all just feck awf to USA anyways, thereby abandoning korea.

      Quite interesting behaviour really.

      • Kar says:

        ..what? Are you high or something?

        Everything you say only makes sense to you. I don’t even… K-Pop is a vehicle to make Korean men feel like they can dominate Americans? Yes, I’m sure Korean leaders, in a fit of vengeful hatred, said “We’re going to make POP STARZ, that’ll show dem Americans!” You know, it couldn’t be because every culture has its own entertainment industry complete with its own singers and actors?

        Did a Korean kill your mom or something? Christ man get a life and stop being such a grimy dumb racist conspiracy theorist. You’re not going to change anyone’s mind on here bub, seeing as it’s a KPop FAN site.

        • table says:

          I think you’ll find that they then add the americans to the group. Do you ever see Josunjuk, Russian or Kazakhstani Koreans in K-pop groups? No. Why is that? Because koreans only consider American-koreans to be “korean” because they worship them. We need that “blah” chap to come here to explain it to you in better detail.

      • kuma says:

        Finally someone understand what’s the matter with ” Korean invasion” thanks to Piano….and SM really understand why they recruited a bunch of American-born doll so they can “invade” USA (oh come on!!!)…just see the facts guys…America’s market is really cruel..they will kick your ass if u got no all! and let’s see the facts…SNSD is just a bunch of pretty faces dancing for your dads and uncles…and act cutely. They r doing great in Japan because the Japanese themselves r so over consume with the idea of legal pedophilia and the proves r those of Gothic-Lolita fashion, playing dress up (this really freaks me out), and over cuteness in over daily basis (if u can’t see it then I don’t know what’s wrong with u).
        And why Korean celebrity always want to invade USA? is it a country that they consider abroad? Why K-Actors want to play in Hollywood? Holywood is not fair with Asian, look at Rain and Jun Ji Hyun, Rain ended up playing samurai on fire, and so did Jun Ji Hyun. I think China and other Asian countries r far more challenging in acting.

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  8. MIN501 says:

    Come on,SNSD is not a Barbies yet ther not perfect! Netizens always bragging bout this little things..still think they look just fine in this ^^

  9. teehee says:

    yoona again… -_- exceptionally overrated.

  10. steve says:

    I hate the way they hook their legs up like that like they’re trying to be cute. Looks so fake and try hard.

    • roxyisferox says:

      I know right?!?!??! Everyone CANNOT DENY THAT FACT!

      • Tia Maria Sinclair Joosiah Banana says:

        Everyone can’t deny the fact that you need to go on a diet!!!

        • ana says:

          And everyone can’t deny that you need some new insults! Always with the “fatass” comments; if you’re going to insult anyone, use your brain to come up with something different, will ya? It’s getting kinda old!

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  12. QUINCY says:

    LOL, is this even new? The netizens should be grateful that they didn’t have to buy the magazine to have those PTSed photos XD

  13. HappyLyn says:

    SNSD look the same to me, still lovely & fabulous, no trace of over make up or whatsoever. They are still South Korea’s best looking female group.

  14. aejashi says:

    huh… but they DO look the same. always. and maybe the real problem is really the lack of photoshop? showing true colors, aren’t we, snsd?

  15. kay says:

    Looks like the stuck the heads on the wrong bodies! lol

  16. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Tiffany looks like a doll in the indivdual photo….
    But Sooyoung’s face does look different!!

  17. K says:

    “(which may just be a complaint against a lack of photoshop)” lol

    Why are fans complaining about photoshop newsworthy? Are there that many fans that are outraged by this? Who are this fans, and why don’t they complain when it’s a Korean magazine with too painfully obvious photoshop?

  18. wrrr says:

    it’s not’s that they’re so really strange in the real life..

  19. LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

    OMG stop judging them! They aren’t barbies, they arent plastic, they arent talentless and they certainly are NOT ugly!

  20. SiYeon says:

    Hey look we know your celebrities are made by korean plastic surgeons.

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