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Im Soo-jung is beautiful in Berlin!

The 30-something year old actress boasts about her acting talent and describes her future in the April issue of W Korea.

In February, actress Im Soo-jung attended the Berlin Film Fest with Hyun Bin (in a sexy black dress by Jung Gu-ho)  for the screening of their movie “Come Rain Come Shine. W Korea photographed the lovely actress during their stay in Germany. They depicted her glamourous everyday life in each picture for their style issue.

During the interview for the magazine, Soo-jung told them about her interest in Hyun-bin music and writing in the future, and how she feels her current age has helped her express better emotions on-screen.

The actress is expectionally lovely and graceful in all the photos. She seems so comfortable there that Germany could be her second home!

What do you think of her W Korea spread?

Sources: Osen and BNT


21 Comments on “Im Soo-jung is beautiful in Berlin!”

  1. Mina says:

    The dress she worn at Berlin’s Festival was AWFUL!!!! She looked strange!

  2. Mi Young says:

    I liked her &&’d Hyun Bin’s photo . It Looked Hot to me !

  3. table says:

    Second home? I’m surprised she managed to find Berlin on a map, because it’s not even close to LA. Everyday life glamour?

  4. universe says:

    table read again! and try to understand!:) she is not saying germany is my second home writer say it could be! because she invited to berlinale 2 times in 3 year! and dont worry she is more intelligent than the other actresses! I’m sure she can count all the world countries and cities without worrying!

    • table says:

      She’s korean, so what’s she even doing in Europe? She should be in LA like all the other Koreans, and she’s not even Josunjuk.

      I forgot that Germans like to act like they’re americans too, and there are 100×10^40 american military bases in Germany, therefore Germans and Koreans have a lot in common. Germans all try to move to USA too, and they have to do military duty.

      • jay says:

        stop……ur embarrassing urself.

        • table says:

          I feel no shame. Sorry to break it to you, fatty.

          • jay says:

            nice retort…kindergartners last used that in the 90’s. “fatty”.
            its amazing how ignorant you are considering ur not american….
            just throwing it out there but, ur not fond of koreans or germans……were u subject to racism? if so, im sorry but noone really cares and if ranting here is ur only source of solace then keep going.

      • Amazed says:

        Dude, you’re embarrassing yourself (and the other trolls on this site).

        Being a European who apparently lives in Europe, I didn’t think you’d know what [ahjusshi] meant. Ok. Whatever. My next question is, how in the world do you know what “josunjuk” is?

      • Dudde Table. I am Leo. Please. Germans are your stupid Americans.
        Americans surely are getting ruder and nastier.
        Can you PLEASE shut you mouth like a flat table?

      • Even though she’s Korean and you can’t judge people because they are Korean and can’t go to Europe!
        I’m an Asian and i am living in America(even thouh i don’t like living here) Maybe you are vain that you don’t even feel embarrassed. RacismRat!

  5. HUUH says:


  6. universe says:

    hey table there are only few koreans who known in USA so its not matter if its germany or another european country ( she didnt chose germany they invited her to festivals) she went there to represent her country and its a big success for korea because asians are not easily show yourselfs to western movie industry. I really cant understand what is your problem with her! she dont want to be one of the fake k-drama actresses,she wants to introduce her countries movies to foreigners and I applaud her determination.

    • Book says:

      there isn’t such a thing as the ‘western movie industry’ unless you want to tell people that the french movie industry is the same as the american propaganda industry, which would be nonsense.

      • evco says:

        french movies are boring zzzzz and art doesn’t have to be boring all the time look at italian movies i really enjoy them especially i really enjoy watching Stefao Acrossi

  7. piggy says:

    oh i saw them both in berlin 😀

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