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Jung Il-woo Gets Topless for Cosmopolitan

Quickly re-gaining his popularity as a “homme fatale” grim reaper/scheduler in “49 Days,” Jung Il-woo is also back to modeling with this spread for Cosmopolitan.

Though he first came to the spotlight with a cute and popular character in “Unstoppable High Kick,” 5 years after his rise to fame, the young actor transformed into a man as the “scheduler in his latest drama.

Following his drama choices, Jung Il-woo came out manly in the current issue of Cosmopolitan, shirtless in a red tub and a cigarette in hand.

During shooting, the actor spoke of his new role in “49 Days,” in an interview, “Not the traditional grim reaper wearing a gat (a traditional Korean hat), [the character] has a charm of a stylish and free-spirited modern reaper, and I’m enjoying filming.”

After a not-so-successful role in “Take Care of Agasshi,” Jung Il-woo went to the theater with the play “Beautiful Sunday,” playing a challenging role of a young gay man with AIDS. The rising star explained how his theater experience helped him get over a rough spot in his career:

“My sunbaes (seniors) advised me to go into theater in order to raise my acting ability, and as I thought it was a good idea, I decided to perform on stage. At first, I was frightened of doing theater, but as I held on, I was able to confront thoughts like ‘I can’t do anything.'”

Jung Il-woo hopes to have expressive eyes like actor Jo In-sung, and he’s already to a great re-start in SBS‘s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “49 Days” after a successful run in the theater. Let’s hope he continues to make good role decisions.

The photo spread appears in the April issue of Cosmopolitan Korea.

What do you think of Jung Il-woo‘s latest photo spread?


14 Comments on “Jung Il-woo Gets Topless for Cosmopolitan”

  1. I love ? says:


  2. piano says:

    The grim reaper wears a cloak, not a frikking hanbok. You can see that here.

  3. queenbznuts says:

    I never knew that smoking could look this cool. I now want to start so I can be like Mr. Jung.

    • piano says:

      cool, if only everyone did everything they saw idols doing in photos then the world would be a lot easier.

    • Rose says:

      I hope you don’t mean that it looks cool. It’s not cool and it will kill you. I smoke and now I have COPD and it’s not fun. You can’t breath like a normal person does. PLEASE DON’T SMOKE. The cigarette is probably only a prop for the photo shoot. He probably doesn’t smoke

      • piano says:

        He’s korean and most korean men smoke. So, no.. it’s not going to be a prop.

        • o junks says:

          Isn’t that the truth? I’ve seen more women smoking as of late too. That really surprised me.

          • Carpet says:

            Well then they all smoke.. men and women. I’m not sure the imported indovietmalaypinay brides smoke though, because it’s hard to get cigarettes when you’re locked in a cupboard at night.

  4. Kai says:

    What is the point of showing the cigarette. Is this an ad for the tobacco compahy?

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    i thought he was going shirtless like BA-BAMMM!!! not partially or look the top of my blouse is open chicks dig that crap. i ❤ jung il woo. pop seoul stop lying so damn much!

  6. constance says:

    Do young ppl nowadays smoke also?

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