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Korea is taken by “World Invasion”

The Hollywood Sci-fi/action film has won ……

over Korean moviegoers the second week in a row.The Hollywood movie, starring Aaron Eckhart, about the military fighting against an alien invasion who landed on earth was number one at the box office. According to KOBIS, “World Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles” brought in 253,942 people since its initial premiere in theatres.

The King’s Speech” starring Academy Award Winning British actor Colin Firth came in second with 205,612 people. Amanda Seyfried‘s”Red Riding Hood“( A Hollywood interpretation based on a popular American children’s tale) attracted 164,828 people.

This week foreign films ruled the box office! What does this mean for local Korean cinema? That “The Thieves” better hurry up and steal the show, before the invasion becomes a reality!

Sources: JTN and Newsen


22 Comments on “Korea is taken by “World Invasion””

  1. 7 says:

    Okay let’s be fair. Korea don’t only excel in music industry but in CG and cinematics special effects as well. Not to mention they also produce excellent computer games also.

  2. Pearson says:

    Let’s just be fair…. Little Red Riding hood is a European/Russian Folk tale.. But because you people all worship koreans who worship americans we’ll have to pretend that it’s American, like apple pie (being made a long time before USA existed). Little Red Riding Hood was popularised by the Brothers Grimm, who for you people who attended failing US schools or Korean propaganda factories, were two GERMANS, yes, GERMAN’s from GERMANY, WHICH ISN’T IN USA.

    It’s amazing the amount of nonsense peddled as fact you can read on popseoul these days.

    • Pearson says:

      Oh, and the hollywood propaganda film shows Maverick US Marines saving the world from Aliens, but this time they’re saving LA from Aliens, because we all know Aliens who fly across the universe cannot be beaten by maverick americans. It’s basically a recruitment movie for the US marines, which I’m sure will be popular amongst Koreans because LA is where they all live.

      • Orange_Fun says:

        Don’t get so upset it’s just popseoul, they are not the most credible source of information so don’t waste your hate on them.

  3. H2O says:

    The Little Riding Hood story is not American, as someone pointed that out already.

  4. piano says:

    Wow.. korean obsession with LA what’s new about that?

  5. Hermes says:

    Don’t they edit all foreign movies before actually showing in Korea? If that’s the case… Sucks to be Korea, eh?? LOL

    • piano says:

      They edit it to add more americans saving the world from aliens, Koreans cannot get enough of all that reality stuff.

  6. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    that was a good movie!!!! a typical action movie!

    • piano says:

      It was a US marine recruitment infomercial. You see, I’m objective and you’re incapable of seeing reality.

      • 7 says:

        If what you’re saying is true then the Americans are doing great. Both on US Marine recruitment and Sci-fi/Action movie.

        • Carpet says:

          Gosh, movie is such a misnomer. It’s both an infomercial for joining the US marines and propaganda to get koreans all excited about moving to USA. Stop calling it what it isn’t i.e. a movie.

          • 7 says:

            A box office hit then.

          • dwilliams says:

            no it definitely isn’t a movie as this has been done time and time before. nevertheless i blame the korean ent industry and the gov’t for not protecting their own meaning giving up their film quotas to satisfy american needs. Rarely would you catch 6 or 7 korean movies being shown in america because their industy looks out for their own,

  7. lay says:

    hmmm … i’d rather watch The King’s Speech a thousand times than a typical tale of americans saving the world from everything except themselves.

    • table says:

      The americans didn’t save themselves from a hole in the sea floor their favourite company ‘burtonhali’ created, and when they let all the poor people die in hurricane katrina. The films are just fun propaganda to keep them distracted when they’re on prozac

  8. Lorni says:

    Hell yea!!! This movie is so cool!!! I saw it in the theaters and it was AWESOME!!!!! lol

    • table says:

      Was it “awesome” was it really “awesome”. Did you like to watch those brave maverick americans saving the world from aliens? Did you?

      FYI. You are a naive imbecile.

  9. It’s pretty cool. American suffering from world invasions.

  10. […] the female actresses’ obsession with fabric on-screen. Hollywood star, Aaron Eckhart’s “World Invasion“ is just about over with the blockbuster hit moving to second place this week with 168,636 viewing […]

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