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Lee Min-ho travels to…


On March 22nd, his agency,Starhaus, announced to the press that the cast and crew for Min-ho‘s upcoming drama “City Hunter would be catching a flight to Thailand on March 24th. They plan to film on the foreign soil for the rest of the month. Tsukasa Hojo’s (Japanese manga) comic series about a detective trying to eliminate the city of Tokyo of crime will be brought to life thru the Korean Filming Industry on May 25th on SBS.

What does this mean for Minoz in Thailand? Get your gear ready…you are going on your own City Boy Hunt!

Source: Star News


3 Comments on “Lee Min-ho travels to…”

  1. anjenet says:

    thats great ””’ for lee min ho ”””””””im happy for your success…..^_^

  2. LOVEY DOVEY says:

    Lee Min Ho fighting! “Daebak” for his drama, “CITY HUNTER”. He is a hard-working actor and always tries his best to portray his character roles in his dramas as realistically as possible. I certainly look forward to this drama and hope it will be a hit drama, like “Boys Over Flowers”. His Thailand fans will surely mob him while he is there.

  3. Cathy says:

    Welcome, Bangkok is waiting for you.

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