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Leeteuk & Hangeng’s Words Get Lost In Translation

Super Junior leader Leeteuk has landed himself in hot water yet again, this time in a battle of words against former member Hangeng, for a comment that was never actually said.

Holding a press conference to promote his new movie, “Daemusaeng”, Hangeng was asked by a reporter  “Not long ago, a member of Super Junior was hit and injured by a water bottle during a performance in Shanghai. Did you hear about this?”.

Hangeng responded that he did not know, saying “I should call and make sure he’s okay.”

Things were going fine until he added, “I made several attempts to get in contact, but they ignored my calls.” leaving many shocked over his response.

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk responded through twitter tweeting “Our door is always open, there is always an empty seat left for you. It’d be nice if you told the truth. We’ve never let go of your hand, I don’t want to be sad because of lies anymore. We’re Super Junior! I wish you happiness.”

Netizens priased Leeteuk for his mature response, but there’s only slight problem…..Hangeng never actually said that!

It turns reporters had misunderstood Hangeng’s response when he actually said  “I didn’t know that and I should call to check on him. It actually has happened to me before as well but I managed to dodge it”, never once mentioning his calls being ignored.

Ouch talk about a big misunderstanding! Even if it is the reporters fault, do you think Hangeng deserves an apology from Leeteuk?

Source: Newsen


132 Comments on “Leeteuk & Hangeng’s Words Get Lost In Translation”

  1. hale luana says:

    Yes…definitely yes.

  2. piano says:

    Those Chinese dudes are getting pretty good at hitting the Korean ladyboys these days. They’re good at hitting the k-ladyboys with bottles and LED signs, and sometimes the ladyboys cry.

  3. suju4eva says:

    i dont think so…so, nope! its just one tiny misunderstanding…….

  4. Deana says:

    maybe he should i mean Hangeng could have herd wrong soooo…

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    yes! he should he doesnt want screw up again especially for something false!

  6. Meg says:

    why would he, the reporter should have apologize to both……..all they do is creating misunderstanding between the two. why can they just give it a rest…..Hangeng gone his way and super junior when about their business. I am sick and tired of these stupid reporter why do they have to create some hate shit between them. excuse my french

    • Tia Maria Sinclair Joosiah Banana says:

      Shut up Meg!!!

      • OOOOKaaayy! says:


      • roxyisferox says:

        stop trolling and send your ass to assylum!

        • Tia Maria Sinclair Joosiah Banana says:

          Stop spamming your sh@t website and take your fat @rse down 100 flights of staircases already. You need to lose another 200 pounds before posting your ugly ass pics, and stop photoshopping your face to make you look like you are lighter than you are. LOL!

    • bree says:

      the reporter did NOTHING wrong.

      Maybe the Korean Newsen article translator should apologize for mistranslating. But Leeteuk is still in the wrong for not having faith in Hangeng and jumping to conclusion. I guess my initial impression about Leeteuk and Hangeng no being that close was true if Leeteuk didn’t even think to call up and as Hangeng before insinuating that Hangeng was a liar on twitter.

  7. comet says:

    Yup! Meg is right! It’s the reporter that should apologise. Seems to me he deliberately misquoted Han Gang.

    • SweetHanteuk says:

      true… it’s not the first time they are deliberately mistranslating Hangeng.
      the most recent and obvious one, where Hangeng supposedly said he was having suicidal thoughts while with the boys. HELLO!!! He never even implied that in that interview, and that kpop dude just made up the bunch of hocum just because they were talking about suicides in Korea. It’s like saying all koreans are suicidal hence being there makes him like that too. The reporters and suju-antis are cashing in big time on these deliberate lies made by the translators.

  8. luvSuJu13 says:

    yes because LeeTeuk read the wrong thing because of those stupid news people, and HanGeng is always welcomed back into Super Junior.

    • SweetHanteuk says:

      I think after this it’s not going to be easy for Geng to assimilate back as ‘one of the team members’. too much of misunderstandings and awkwardness due to all the lies by the go-betweens who are happily piling lies into the ears of the boys…

  9. Sahar says:

    I think that since the reporter was the one that mistranslated then he should apologize, i mean come on, Leeteuk doesnt knw Mandarin! of course he shouldve had more faith in him, but with things going the way that they are, i would probably do what Leeteuk did. I think that both the reporter should apologize 4 starting this and Leeteuk bcuz he shouldve believed in Hankyung more.

    • liliac says:

      “Leeteuk bcuz he shouldve believed in Hankyung more”

      Yes,If he believed in his teammate,at least he should have called Hankyung first before responding to news like that openly.Looks like the bonding is pretty ‘shaky’ ..hmm

      • eva says:

        EXACTLY. He could have called and asked. Now he just comes off as the arsehole I always thought he was ever since he lied and made false accusations that Kim Yuna rejected him on his cyworld causing his fans to bash her even though HE NEVER ASKED TO ADD HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE. See? this guy is untrustworthy.

        • liliac says:

          ” ever since he lied and made false accusations that Kim Yuna rejected him on his cyworld ”

          Isn’t funny when he has such record in history? And now he is accusing the ex teammate as liar…

  10. Mish says:

    Unfortunately too many news media are not checking their stories. Today, many Taiwan media and some Chinese media reported Leetuk,s tweet and those words that Hangeng never said. Poor Hangeng again are being blamed by things not his fault. No wonder Gengfans said that Hangeng is being hit by bullets even when he lies down, even when he already buries himself in earth. The bullets just find him somehow.

  11. Steffi says:

    actually it the fault of the reporter for not hearing clearly

    • hannah says:

      The reporter didn’t make any mistake. he/she heard and reported correctly. It was the fault of the Korean Newsen article translator. But I still think Leeteuk should apologize because he could have asked Hangeng before going on a twit rage.

  12. rach says:

    Leeteuk is quick to play the offense and lash out before even confirming whether it was true or not. Tells me and Hankyung aren’t on good terms. Not that I ever thought they ever were. Even if he did want to clear misunderstandings about Hankyung’s alleged statement, adding the “it would be nice if you told the truth” is simply outright saying he’s a liar. Good one. Why the hell would anyone want to go back to them? The doors are shut as far as I’m concerned and leeteuk as good as closed it. The only hand he ain’t letting go of is the hand that’s gonna pay sm for all lawsuits they keep renewing at Hankyung even after he won.

  13. hannah says:

    IT WASN’T THE FAULT OF THE REPORTER PEOPLE!!!!!! It’s the fault of the Korean who mistranslated the Chinese article to Korean.

    Who apologizes? – Leeteuk.
    For not having the guts to call Han Geng to confirm the problem properly. Another fail as so called leader.

  14. YoonAisyah LuvSNSD says:

    yes he must!! im a fan of han geng and i get very hurt if he was misunderstood or upsetted

  15. ChuuChuu says:

    Apologise for what? Letting Hannie know that they still love him and to call whenever he wants?
    I don’t understand what he should apologise for here…?

    • lily says:

      Apologise for calling Hangeng a liar. Duh.

    • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

      Ahhh~ I agree with you! It’s the translators fault, no one elses! Teukkie was just abit shocked and upset considering that Hankyung was living with them for quite a while and hearing this misunderstanding.
      Stay strong SuJu, you will always be brothers no matter what<3
      Super Junior FIGHTING !~

  16. Tiffany says:

    well, I guess the door is shut and the seat removed, the moment he implied that Hangeng is a liar. It is exactly the same scenario when SM issued a statement last Nov/Dec to “welcome” Hangeng back, but still insisting that Hangeng was in the wrong.
    Yah right, who would go back?

  17. Amy says:

    I don’t think he should!!! Because even though it’s just a misunderstanding, this is not the first time he’s lying!!
    I think that Super Junior deserves an apology

    Super Junior Fighting!!!

    • piano says:

      I quite frankly couldn’t give a fork. But I’d like to see them have a fight, because watching ladyboys fighting would be quite fun, because I’m sure they would pull each other’s dyed hair and slap each other. It would be a festival of ridiculousness.

      • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

        Wtf are you on about?! How on earth are they ladyboys?!
        Honey your imagination is out of whack and annoying trolls that are haters like you should GTFO! If you don’t like them, DON’T COMMENT! Simple.

    • carrie says:

      who’s lying? your comment makes no sense.
      Records show Leetuek to have a much worse tendency to lie while there hasn’t been any records proven of Han Geng lying. Leetuek fails as a leader if he can’t even email/txt/call Hangeng and ask him if he’d actually said that. Which shows Leetuek is lying again. How can he be open to welcoming Hangeng back if he can’t even give him a call? The leader’s lies continue.

      • Amy says:

        Why would he call him? He’s the one that left them!! He’s the one that betrayed them! If you were him, wouldn’t you believe what the news paper said? after everything they’ve been through it’s not a surprise that he believed it!
        If there is one person that doens’t lie in this world then it’s Leeteuk!! And why would Leeteuk waste his time on lying?

        Peace out!!

        • felicity says:

          Leetuek’s lied before, the records are against him. Just because he never bothered to establish a relationship he was meant to as leader and just because he hasn’t kept in touch with Hangeng like Heechul, Kibum and Siwon has doesn’t give him the rigth to go judgemental.

        • zara says:

          Leeteuk has an actual incident where he was caught shamelessly lying. Hangeng hasn’t.
          Leetuek lied on national tv about figure skater Kim Yuna refusing his cyworld friend invitation causing fans to make death threats on her cyworld. Why would Leeteuk waste his time lying? why don’t you tell me because he’s done it before.

          • Amy says:

            You guys are such a hypocrite!! You talking about ‘judgemental’ while you’re all judging Leeteuk. You don’t know the real story why he lied (if he did) Even though he did lie, It doesn’t matter to me because everyone lies! And of course he won’t call him, he has his pride too you know! I don’t get why you don’t get angry with Hankyung? He lied too and he’s the one that left Super Junior! Even though I don’t hate or judge or blame Hankyung, I even support him because I think that he has a bigger reason then what the media says, I still feel like Super Junior are the ones who are hurt and deserves an apology!

            btw: the hurt when a parent loses their child was the hurt that Leeteuk went through when Hankyung left him!

      • heenim95 says:

        oh, and when he said the members weren’t caring for him, that was the truth too? get your facts straight idiot

        • table says:

          You people are just upset because in real life they don’t phone or contact each other, they just get their entertainment company tw@tterer to send a message.

          Laugh laugh laugh while your delusion falls over.

        • maria says:

          There is no proof of him having said that. just cause you’re angry doesn’t mean YOU have to make up lies. Cussing and calling people idiot doesn’t change the fact that Leeteuk has been caught lying and Hangeng has not.

          • heenim95 says:

            “Regarding Hankyung and his decision to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment, the members stated, “We still can’t get in contact with Hankyung. We were all very close with him but we are unable to contact him separately. We honestly felt disappointed when reports said that his life in Korea was difficult and that the Super Junior members didn’t take care of him.”

            still not convinced?

            • isha says:

              He’s in contract with Heechul Kibum and Siwon. That’s a failure on behalf of the leader, not doing his job. The “reports” were never said by Hangeng, they were made by the Korean media.

            • Esther Cheah says:

              Err…see you guys who can’t understand chinese has fallen into the same trap Leeteuk did. You believe the translator… and there are lots of people who are not only translators would like to ensure that Suju will never be 13 again, for what reason… we DON’t know… like the time he never said he was suicidal… and your bickering just gives entertainment to them antis…

  18. leah says:

    Chinese member leaves kpop girl group and the Koreans go all bitter because he’s now making more money than all SJ combined.

    • Amy says:

      Difference is that Super Junior are together and he’s alone!! Money can’t buy happines, friendship or family!!

      • Cutiepie says:

        B***h please money can buy anything in this world.

        • Amy says:

          I would like to see you buy happines with money!!
          You know what you’re talking about is bullshit too!!

          • risa says:

            he has money, Siwon, Heechul and Kibum, his friends in China/Taiwan/Hongkong and his family. Sounds good enough to me.

      • olivia says:

        no from sj he’s got Siwon, Kibum and Heechul who are his true friends since the beginning and who keep in touch with him. He has his friends and family in China. What the heck are you going on about?

      • Esther Cheah says:

        erm… he’s with his family… Amy… you’ve got to get the facts right because you’re raving just only because Leeteuk is getting attacked in this.They have all left their families to get together and make more money… it’s the truth… and Leeteuk (and the rest of the boys) must make sure the comments were actually made, irregardless by whom but in geng’s case, a little more effort coz of the different languages… like the much of effort did you put into ensuring the comments made by Leeteuk (other that his twitter) is actually correct? if it’s good we don’t need to do anything right? what if it was bad?

    • heenim95 says:

      so, basically, you’re saying that Chinese people are betrayers? I don’t think that’s true, my friend. And even if he would make more money, he won’t be happy because he has betrayed his friends 😉

      you should also get your facts straight idiot

      • table says:

        If I was a Chinese in a shyte K-pop group (they’re all shyte) then I would quit and go back to China where at least they have good singers and music, and they’re not all plastic surgeried freaks who look like skin covered skeletons or ladyboys.

        That’s not betrayal, that’s common sense.

      • ara says:

        betrayed his friends? Ha you think it’s like that. Well then HOT, Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, JYJ and Hangeng all did the same thing. They didn’t betray anyone. They were merely fighting for their human rights. Just because Leetuek has no talents beyond his blabber mouth and would have nowhere to go if he left sm since no one would want his no talent arse hence why he wouldn’t dare leave doesn’t have anything to do with betrayal or loyalty at all. He just a talentless guy has nowhere else to go.

        • Amy says:

          Then you are not alone !!!
          1) I think he has the most special voice I’ve ever heard!!!
          2) Why would he leave sm ent.? He’s not someone who would leave his friends!!!
          3) It’s not like sm ent. are forcing them to work and that they don’t have their rights!!
          4) If sm ent. treats them that badly like Hankyung said, then no one would ever work with them!!
          Hankyung said something about that his contract was way to long and bla bla.. but he could’ve changed it like Heechul did and the rest of Super Junior!
          They say the reason that Hankyung left is because of money! (but I believe that there is more to it)

          I have a chinese friend and he sais that most of chinese people care more about money than about their friends!! But I don’t believe him, cuz how could someone leave evertyhing they have for money? If you’d do that you must be really heartless!!

          • phil says:

            Look, Hankyung has already won the lawsuit, which means the Korean Law System has ruled that SM was the one in the wrong and unfair and all Hangeng ‘said’ was true and substantial to prove the contract was unjust and that he was being treated unfairly in sm.

            No need to pull out your racial stereotypes to justify your love for Leeteuk. You don’t have to stay in the same job with your ‘friends” to stay friends. True friends will stand by you no matter what path you choice in life. Even if it’s not on the same path. True friends will want you to be happy and healthy. not worry about all the “loyalty” bullcrap. They’re not dogs. Making a person stay even though they’re suffering and unhappy- sounds more selfish to me than anything.

            • nicole says:


            • AngelTeuk says:

              I don’t get why people can be so blind? you can clearly see that Hankung was way happier then he is now!! And of course friends should do that but friends should also tell everything (like that you are leaving them and that he’s having hard time) if he doesn’t tell them how can they help him?
              Isn’t it more selfish to leave them without letting them know it?

              • isha says:

                how can you tell he’s happier then vs now? Did you stalk him. Lock him up and ask him directly?

                • Amy says:

                  Can tell!
                  Man, if you can’t see it, then you must be blind or you just don’t want to see it!!

                • maria says:

                  @amy that really sounds fake. The selcas with his movie buds look like he was hecka happy. Much happier when he was the left out Chinese guy in a Korean band who couldn’t understand what everyone was saying and only had 2 people who really cared about him ie- Heechul and Siwon. the others were too busy trying to get into the spot light themselves.

                  • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

                    Uh Hello ?!

                    The whole of SuJu Cared for him! And They werent all trying to get the spot light! Hankyung was NOT the left out one. None of them were left out! They were all happy together.
                    He only left SuJu cause SMENT wasn’t treating him right and restricted him off alot of things. He didnt want to leave SuJu but SM was treating him so bad…

                    I miss when SuJu were 13 …

                    Super Junior FIGHTING!~ <33

                  • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

                    Btw, He COULD understand Korean He was pretty good at Korean for information!

              • kimi says:

                @LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x
                actually hist Korean was pretty bad for someone who’d stayed in Korea so the time he had. Victoria and Zhoumi had surpassed him already in accent and grammar in a shorter amount of time. And when he went back to China and came back his Korean de-improved even more. He admitted in an interview that he wasn’t sure what was going on half the time on Korean shows and pretended to laugh and understand.

          • jenni says:

            SM fans like SM’s groups, but generally hate Sm itself. Usually calling them slave drivers etc, mostly because of their bad record of treating their stars badly and currently is the company with the most amount of lawsuits. People will still audition because they want to meet their oppas, or because the idea of fame is too much to resist.

        • heenim95 says:

          Ok, if he wanted to leave, why didn’t he discuss it with the members? Was it so hard to talk to his best friends? So, you’re saying that a person who cares about his closest friends has no talent at all, but a person who BETRAYS his own friends, leaves without saying goodbye is a perfect person? I really don’t understand

          • anne says:

            He wanted out from SM. If he told anyone they would have ratted on him and SM would have tried to stop him. It’s legal procedure to remain silent about the lawsuit. But actually Hankyung had spoken out asking for days off and rest and wanted to projects which he was invited to. But SM rejected his request for rest days and turned down the projects he wanted to do. Conflict on interest, I don’t see why he had to continue to work for SadoM. TBH I never felt suju were that much of friends anyway, they’re in the same group, so what? Hankyung is smart for leaving. that’s it.

            • heenim95 says:

              ok, think what you want to, it’s your life ;))
              I don’t really care what all you people say about them, because I know that I’ve never seen people like SJ in my life, and I’m happy to know them n_____n

              Peace out guys ^-^

              Super Juni~~OR!! <13

  19. Nyloj says:

    He doesn’t need to apologize because its not his fault, but he should call them to make things clear! Teuk, Teuk, Teuk hwaiting!!!! ^_^

    • jess says:

      which is why he should apologize for accusing Han geng of being a liar when he himself couldn’t even be bothered calling him up to confirm the mistake. Irresponsible and not behaving at all like a leader. He wasn’t even directly talking to Hangeng either. Just a publicity stunt. Because they don’t use twitter in China so Hangeng would have never been able to read his pretentious “heart-felt” message anyway.

      • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

        Look, they should ALL Apologise. To Leeteuk and Hankyung in particular. Teukkie OR Hankyung should of called. To sort it out. Doesn’t matter who calls who but they should just sort it out. It’s not Teukkie’s fault for writing what he wrote on Twitter, he heard a terrible ‘misunderstanding’ by the translator. So basically the translators fault for starting it and getting it wrong which stirred something bad up.
        I hope they will forive and forget…<3
        SuJu forever brother… FIGHTING!~ ❤

        • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

          I hope they will forgive each other and forget the situation******

        • abigail says:

          Did you know that that don’t have twitter in China? So all those liar accusations and “loving” words Leeteuk wrote would have never reached Hangeng anyway. If he was truly as sincere as he made himself out to be on twitter, he would have contacted Hangeng personally or even asked through Siwon/Heechul to confirm first before writing such nonsense in desperation to save suju’s image and blatantly hurting Hangeng’s by wrongly accusing him of being a liar.

        • debra says:

          why should han kyung apologize? he probably didn’t even know all this was happening since they don’t have twitter in China, so there’s no way he would have known to call.

  20. Nyloj says:

    Did Hangeng call Heechul after he heard the news about what happen in SS3 China?

  21. nana says:

    yeap, a great leader knows when to apologise when he is in the wrong. just re-tweet on twitter if he can’t bring himself to call Hangeng in person..

  22. MEC2592 says:

    A big NO .. Eetuek himself didn’t know it from the first place ..

    • dana says:

      cause he was too wuss to call and ask Hangeng himself if it were true or not, Furthermore he posted it on twitter. They don’t have twitter in China, so his little “we love you <3….you're a stinkin liar…but we love you and want to to come back<3….but you're a liar" rant would never actually have been reached to Hangeng anyway. This was just his little rant to get his little elves go gaga and hate on Hangeng.

      • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

        Stfu he doesn’t hate Hankyung. They’re brothers. And Teukkie is not ‘too wuss’, he was just confused and upset about the whole misunderstanding.
        SuJu hwaiting!!~ ❤

  23. alexa says:

    for someone who call himself a friend
    how can he jump into conclusion based on something written on media
    this is his so called friend!

    as an entertainer, shouldn’t he know that not everything you read in the media is correct

    furthermore, how can he wrote that in twitter
    doesn’t he know that it will cause war among fan
    or is he doing that on purpose
    to give han geng a bad image?!

    shame on you leetuk!!

    • Mailisa says:

      You are not in his position.
      U dont know what make him to post that comment.
      Have you feel betrayed by someone.

      I think, thats is common reaction.

      • alexa says:

        and so do you

        if he feels betrayed
        don’t you think han geng also has the right to feel betrayed

        if i’m not mistaked in 2010, some super junior member on a talkshow talked about han geng (that han geng said some bad thing about super junior)
        while in fact han geng has never said such thing

        there’s no need to point finger here
        whatever happen it’s between them
        we don’t know all the fact

        i just merely state my opinion that what he did is not appropriate

        • table says:

          Seriously no one gives a fork. Just look at his shyte hair cut and quit caring.

          • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

            Your face is shyte. If you ‘dont give a fork’ about this situation then WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING YOU NO BRAINED TROLL.

        • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

          It’s not Leeteuk’s fault nor Hankyung’s fault. The translator got it wrong. Full Stop.

      • SweetHanteuk says:

        Hangeng was somewhat betrayed earlier by the boys. I think Heenim purposely refused to attend Radio Show because he knew they’ll ask about Hangeng. The rest of the boys who commented just jumped on it like hungry dogs greedy for their 5 min fame at Geng’s expense. It’s true. watch it again and see how they have never even bothered to confirm what they’ve read in the media ‘TRANSLATED’ from what Geng said. From what I see, Geng’s been doing his best to keep the members from the messy picture of the suit between him and SM…but the members themselves?

  24. halymah says:

    oooooooooooooo…. its just mistake of the reporter so they have to apologize .is not both of them .as an reporter if they dont know how to say it make more problems to eetuek and hangeng got the hit pity for them couse before they were one group .now becouse of this their friend ship will be more far.unlucky day .but i hope they will continue to be friend .i fan of super junior and hangeng .i love u. whatever happen to them i will always love them….. eetuek hangeng cheerrrrrrrrrrrrrr up…………………please be happy same like u make us happy

    • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

      I Agree with you.
      The media shouldn’t even ask such things especially if it’s a question they don’t know about!

  25. Kergy says:

    Isn’t this guy like 30? I’d feel ashamed…

  26. Mailisa says:

    Come’on guys
    you cannot blame leeteuk for the response.
    In his current situation, i will be angry if i were him.
    Lets face it, Hankyung ever said that all the member not treated him well in Korea,
    He already bad mouthing about SM and implicitly about suju too.
    Leeteuk not own apalogize to Hankyung.

    Personnaly i dont like Hankyung decision to leave the group.
    It can make the group apart.
    He is the one who selfish.
    but he create newas and appear like he is the victim, here.

    • CELIA says:

      he IS the victim.
      Yes, standing up for oneself and bringing out sm’s dirty laundry will make suju look bad too since they’re a group managed under sado masochist sm. It’s not selfish to want freedom. SM has already showN plenty of other examples of THEIR selfish actions with their past acts all leaving because of overwork and crap pay. Selfish or whatever, Hangeng was SMART and left before he hits his thirties and finds himself in a has-been boygroup of 30 somethings still acting like 12 year old girls.

    • alexa says:

      it’s his prerogative

  27. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i really do miss hangeng in suju….. 😦

  28. iris says:

    Leetuek shouldn’t have gone under all those plastic surgeries on his eyes, nose and jaw. His eyes are now weird and far apart. His nose pointy and unnatural. And his jaw shave took away what little masculinity he had left.

  29. Nyloj says:

    we’ll just let them solve their own problem, i think they’re mature enough to know what’s the right thing to do. And i believe eteuk and hangeng that they will clear this mis-understanding.

    • SweetHanteuk says:

      i don’t think this will be solved unless Teukie and the rest of the boys change the attitude that caused this misunderstanding. i doubt teukie and his fans still cannot quote exactly where and when he had blamed his members for not taking care of him except that they had read it somewhere or depended on the ‘translators’ and the english subbers (mind you, not necessarily correct and may be suju antis in disguise).
      After going through all the interviews Hangeng had, I can totally guarantee he had NEVER said he was contemplating suicide in Korea, NEVER said the members didn’t take care of him (oh but he did aggressively defended them when the reporter asked him if he was ignored and mistreat by his members) and NEVER said anything against the members, although the interviewers tried their best to make him say such things.
      But the latest when Teukie said his hope is that all 13 will perform again on stage before he enters the army, Hangeng said that he wants to make that come true if korea still welcomes him. At the question if he still keeps in contact with the boys, he said only 2 of them, would be better if he does not bother the rest of them in case it creates problems between them and SME.
      NOW betcha Teukie and his eng-sub/translator depending fans didn’t know about this…
      It’s just so typical that fans and their idols alike would jump on bad things said like a hungry dog instead of checking it. Pity.. such a pity.

  30. sandra says:

    “we are super junior!!” lol the corniness.

  31. SweetHanteuk says:

    I think as ELFs we should end this here instead of making it worse. The suju antis are laughing their asses off at our internal arguments on some stuff that is actually quite small since it was based on a misunderstanding.
    Korean ELFs… if you are reading this (or… can understand this without translators) please paste up to Teukie’s cyworld that all they have read about hangeng is not accurate and some even blatant lies. the intention is that they want to drive the last nail into the split, though what they aim for is beyond us. Please help.

  32. flora says:

    Hangeng was kinda the only reason I got into super Junior. I suppose I can’t count myself as an ELF, since there are certain select members I rather dislike, but still….this appear as if the change of a 13 again are probably nlch.

  33. yoona says:

    Yes! Be a man and apologize for calling HanGeng/HanKyung a liar!! Takes a real man to own up to his mistakes!!!

  34. Lina says:

    HanGeng deserves an apology from leader. What has he done to deserve all these uncalled for accusations and rumours that is driving their friendship apart? For all the videos & interviews I have seen of HanGeng, he is alway the gentleman… does not take to much and is alway polite and protective over SuJu’s image even after he has left. Leader should do some research before thinking that HanGeng is a liar. Does he not know HanGeng’s character after staying together in the same dorm for a few years? That shows how much concern leader have for his members?!
    He has lose my respect as a caring leader!!!
    Agree with Yoona that it takes a man to own up to his mistakes.

  35. sbanggg says:

    Honestly, I think that Leeteuk is like the best leader ever in the K-pop industry. But seriously, this made me really disappointed in him. And people should think more realistically when I say this because, whether if it really was the reporters’ mistake or wrong translations that all made HanGeng sound like the bad guy. Leeteuk should’ve known better than that. I mean, knowing a person for more than I don’t know… six or seven years? All of those years of training and debuting together; how can Leeteuk jump into such a harsh conclusion? Especially, if it’s directed to person who is as good and kind like Hangeng.

  36. loveycat says:

    Yes, Leeteuk is not the best leader, sometimes i feel dissapoint, there is to many fans who still too naive, i tell u girls, even u like someone, IF he do something wrong, just admit it, and it’s doesn’t make u not his fans anymore, but the wrong action still the wrong action. Be logic, if u are an entertainer, don’t to mush talk about ur personal feeling in public. Even Hangeng who file the lawsuit, just talk about his case with SM, he do his best to not distract his suju friends with his case, he is very concern about their position, because his lawsuit will effect suju’s carrier he like it or not, so he not tell them everythings, that so they could say they don’t know anything when been ask. And he try to not talk much about them in every interview, because want to protect them, can’t u all see that? I hope Leeteuk can do the same things, just silent…(that is the least he can do as a leader for his ex member…, right?)

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