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Lizzy and Nana Have “Shining” Bodies?

It’s still too cold in Seoul be out in those clothes…

Someone went stalker on Lizzy and Nana of After School, and netizens answer that the two really “stand out in the crowd.”

Looking super skinny in barely-there outfits, the fans are saying, “Even though it’s just an everyday photo, they really look like dolls,” and “How do their legs look so long?”

Other netizens say this isn’t anything special, “I can see this anywhere in the city.” Some are calling out the photoshop wand, “Did you really take this? It kind of looks like they were edited in.”

Anyway, what do POPSEOULers think of the maybe everyday After School girls? Shining or not so special?


81 Comments on “Lizzy and Nana Have “Shining” Bodies?”

  1. 0745932170 says:

    well, the truth is, in after school are a lot of perfect bodyes girls

  2. incognito says:

    Looking good to me! lol

  3. table says:

    Short stubby legs… all i can see are short stubby legs. I guess you people are a bit blind.

    • bd2 says:

      No, more like you are an arsehat and blinded by your hatred.

      • table says:

        Are you angry because your k-poontang has got stubby legs and you’re ashamed of it, or you’re just angry because I’m european and european guys have no interest in korean women because classy french and chinese women are just better?

        Which is it? Stubby legged gf?

        • qorrha says:

          Chinese women? Seriously? You’re tripping balls, man.

          • table says:

            Chinese girls are classy an hot. They don’t have stubby legs like koreans and have normal shaped faces and double eyelids and an arse. Deal with it.

        • Amazed says:

          Well, you pretty much set yourself up.

          If you’re “European” (which I highly doubt you actually are), and interested in “classy [French] and [Chinese] women”, what in the world are you doing on this site?

          I see your inane comments all the time, and I really am curious. If you’re not even into Kpop, get off this site. Nobody’s asking you to stay.

          And seriously, “K-poontang”? Grow up, buddy.

          Please leave.

        • Mark says:

          sounds like your Eurotrash ass got rejected by a Korean girl and now you’re ass hurt. That is the only logical explanation why you spend all your free time expressing your hatred towards a nationality you “don’t like”. I don’t go on Japanese and Chinese pop sites to complain about Japanese and Chinese girls because they aren’t worth my time, just like a Korean girl realized your dirty Eurotrash ass wasn’t worth her time and rejected you which brings you to where you are now.

          Or the alternate is that you’re angry that European guys never grow past 160cm and 90% of all Korean girls are taller than you making you feel even more powerless than your shitty continent already is.

          • table says:

            You’re canadian, and so we forgive you because you live in the arctic with nothing but a few moose and koreans who tried to go to USA but got lost to mate with. The fact is, you don’t like the fact your gf has a big round featureless fact like a cross between an owl and a frying pan, and moves around on her thick stubby legs. The surgery she had to rectify these didn’t work either. I say again, we don’t have south koreans here so I couldn’t be rejected. You’d have to suggest I was rejected by a north korean or a josunjuk, but I dare say I’ve never asked one out as no interest.

            The facts are simple, there is no hierarchy of worship on french and chinese pop sites like on K-pop. It’s far too interesting to see the indovietmalaypinays worship the koreans, and the koreans worship the americans (yes, canada is in north america) and then the americans worship the israelis. This is what makes K-pop so funny.

            • dp says:

              Okay, you don’t like Korean girls, but… stubby? Proportionally, Korean girls have the longest legs in Asia. Maybe it’s time for you stop masturbating to pictures of Asian celebrities and actually go to Asia.

            • table says:

              Koreans have the Longest legs in Asia!! I think that would be russians or Chinese or indians or anyone else from just personal experience.

              Where the hell do you dig these not-facts up from? they’re remarkably off target in reality.

              I’m not an K-fetishist like the S.E. Asian people in this room so why suggest something so vulgar?

              • Mark says:

                Chinese girls and Japanese girls are typical SHORTER than Korean girls there fore they genetically have stubbier legs unless they are grossly mis proportioned. I’ve never seen a 170cm Chinese girl, I have however seen many 170cm Korean girls.

                The fact that you’ll never find love because you’re a loner that lives in his parents basement means nothing. I love my girl friend no matter what she looks like, you can’t accept that because you just sit around drying humping your Japanese anime pillow.

                Of course Koreans don’t go to Europe, because there is nothing there! Canada is, dare I say, one of the most respected countries in the WORLD. Europe is known for Hitler, Germans, and Nazis…wow, what a lovely continent you have there!

                And for your information this site is run by Koreans who live in Korea. The Chinese don’t have enough pride (or a fan base) to have a site of this caliber. Japan might have fans sites but it’s full of weeaboos who are almost as disgraceful as yourself.

                • alex says:

                  I get if you say Japanese girls are shorter than Korean girls but Chinese girls are a nationality. The girls from the north are usually all over 170cm while the girls from the south are shorter.

                  This is actually a Chinese entertainement site. I go there. The people are civil and pc, and always report correct entertainment news not petty trivial stuff as above.

                  I know you don’t like table or whatever but you don’t need to diss other people.

                • anne says:

                  Most of the Chinese girls who immigrated ie to Canada/States are of Southern stock. ie they speak canto or the like. Southern Chinese are shorter compared to the northern girls. ie the average height of those in the Beijing is higher than than the average height in Seoul. just saying. ignore table, but don’t need to insult others.

                • Jam says:

                  Haha, you’re the funniest moose-botherer I’ve seen in years. I love it when people like you get angry just because your uggles gf has k-stumps for legs and a big round face. The fact is, everything you’re saying is just not true from the perspective of people who have been to china, japan and korea. Koreans get their genes from mainly chinese and s.e. asians with some mongolian. One of China’s 56 races is Josunjuk i.e. korean so how can you say korean is taller than korean? Besides Manchurian and Mongolian chinese are far taller than people from ROK.

                  You should travel sometime, you might find it interesting.

                  • Mark says:

                    I’ve lived in Korea and Japan, unlike you I don’t live at home with mommy and daddy mooching off their money.

                    Once you get a GF, then you can talk, but we know you don’t have one and mine is gorgeous.

              • dp says:


                South Korean women are taller than both Chinese AND French women, which I believe you mentioned before. Yes, that doesn’t necessarily translate into body proportion, but it would be pretty retarded to suggest that height isn’t a major factor in how ‘leggy’ a girl is.

                I don’t know what your beef with Korean girls is but evidently it’s serious enough for you to come to a site which is exclusively about Korea and Korean pop culture, and post the bulk of replies to a single post, all of which are derogatory in some way.

                I don’t think this negativity is doing you much good.

                • Jam says:

                  We don’t have the background data to check if these statistics are correct or just utter nonsense. From having been to both China and Korea I’d say these statistics are just made up, or taken from immigrant groups in the USA, because it’s cheap to do this. Next time give us decent statistics without a bias.

          • Jam says:

            Mark, are you aware that a moose with a picture of a k-pop idol sellotaped to it’s horns is not a real korean girl, it’s still a moose in disguise. You may love her, and kiss her and think she’s from korea, but at some point that sellotape is going to fall off, and you’ll find your k-poon gf is really just a moose.

            • Mark says:

              ummmm…wow, I really had no idea!

              And you know that fucking your hand doesn’t mean you’re not a virgin right?

              Seriously, you’re material is about as strong as Canada’s army.

              • Jam says:

                Why are you trying to project some kind of weird fantasy about strong army men onto me? First it’s you and your moose, then it’s stumpy legs, now it’s men… goodness, you’re a piece of work.

              • Jam says:

                Your gf just phoned and she said bugle-bugle, so I put down the phone

                • Mark says:

                  yeah bugle bugle…that makes no sense at all. And Canada’s army is weak, much like yourself and your jokes. We aren’t a douche bag country that starts shit with everyone else like the USA so we don’t need one.

        • evco says:

          don’t take credit as a European when you are from Uited Kingdom you’re far away from the culture of a European and in Europe people can’t say who is from which country and just think s/he is for French and Chinese woman they’re not that speacial to Europeans as much as Russian chicks (be aware i said chick not woman because they really age worse than every race because of hardship i think)

          • Book says:

            I think you’ll find it’s the asian guys who love their russian women, you can see that from the number of russians in your average K-pop ‘party scene’ video.

            I’m not commenting about Europe, because you clearly know nothing of european history or culture if you think that. It was the british who rid europe of Napoleon and banished him to St. Helena… one of many examples.

            Well, I personally know lots of people married to french women, and I know lots of people married to chinese women. So I’m not really sure what you’re getting at, can you be clearer?

            • evco says:

              i can define myself as a Europan look like you are obsessed with French woman but they tend to let their hair grow everrywhere and speak all the time i think you aren’t actually a guy but a girl if you insist Slavs are ot atractive even i have to admit they are really popular.and about Brits being European or not you are really different and weird compared to most of Europe.this issue is ot about history of centuries ago:(brits were more active in Africa and Asia than Europe for a long time) but about European people feeling awkward around you.btw this is not a post for being harsh on you just self observation.and i can’t reply you after this message because it’s really late how come you are still up

              • Book says:

                You say British people aren’t European, but we were the ones fighting the Spanish and French in the new world, we were the ones fighting the Dutch and Portuguese in S.E. Asia and we were the ones fighting the Russians in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

                Sounds like you’re a bit sour because British people do fun things on our little islands like inventing stuff, writing stuff and drinking. If you’re talking about the European Union, then sure British people don’t like it, it’s just non-democratic and full of nonsense. I don’t even know who the ‘president of europe’ is, because I didn’t vote for him. However, we invented the WWW don’t you know so quit complaining.

        • Table… If you are European and doesn’t like Korean so why don’t you just get out of this place and we do not welcome any person like you saying blah blah blah! Is it Racism? Like that (girl) womean on YouTube saying crap about Asains? Maybe you are one of those people coming in here to mess up the peacefulness. If you like Chinese OR French so why don’t you go to those pages? Koreans have the most beautiful skins and fashion. That is so my opinon. Why is there good in goodbye?

  4. teehee says:

    They’re just working the streets! lol

    • table says:

      I don’t think they’re earn much, they look really cheap. I guess the CEO-ajhussis love cheap looking women though.

      • ara says:

        so do you

        • Jam says:

          Are you calling french and chinese women cheap? That’s a controversial statement you just made, based upon racial characteristics.


      • dwilliams says:

        well the netziens are crazy anyway worrying about the length of someone’s legs. i am like sweetie it is cold outside go put some clothes on and have some dignity for yourself. just because you behave like a ho on stage doesn’t mean you have to carry that persona offstage.

  5. Kev says:

    All I see is them looking kinda whorish

    • ashley says:

      no offense….. but they do act a little whoreish because all the members of After school said that Lizzy likes to dance naked all the time when they are in their dorms and Lizzy even said she has more confidence when she is naked, so… yeah that pretty much speaks for it’s self lol.

  6. kimt08 says:

    how is this alone? this pic is either old or taken elsewhere because other people on the street have summer clothing too…

    either way they do have great bods πŸ™‚

  7. Hermes says:

    What is up with all this obsession with korean celebs, specifically idols and the length of their limbs, abs, v-line, s-line, bagel girl, doll-like, etc..( the list goes on and on)??

    Never hear/read ANYTHING about what they actually claim to be or do ( i.e. sing or act). I’d say all of kpop is a joke or fluke but because of these kfans

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      people , well koreans, such as myself, just think it’s the most precious thing to have.
      I sorta have to agree on that, because i’m a person that cares a lot about my appearance. but the sad thing is that some people depend too much on it and compare themselves to others, like celebs. Eventually, some commit suicide, which is really sad.

      • table says:

        Gosh, you’re at it again. Listen, no one here thinks you’re a Korean except for yourself. You’re an American who lives in America was brought up in USA and you’re American. Your knowledge of korea, a foreign culture to you, is limited. So stop telling people what ‘koreans think’.

    • hemi says:

      Because Koreans think physical appearance is everything. Which is why plastic surgery rates are so high and why people have plastic surgery as a graduation gift or before going to their job interviews because a”” good looking person equals a good trust worthy person” in the words of my mothers Korean friend. They judge you on you’re looks.

  8. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    what perv took this pic and when were their bodies shining? they look like the fat chicks in the south no offense! but hey do. other than that …….. i have no compliments or comments about their outfits. thanks perv for taking that pic, u jerk.

  9. K says:

    Dang, I can’t explain it but what makes a girl stand out is how well she can wear her clothes and how she moves. Having a nice body is one thing, having the ability to naturally showcase it in the most subtlest way is something else entirely!

  10. blaznist says:

    Dude had alot of time of his hands and well lucky chance also i guess but nothing special..look like normal stuff you’d see on the streets.

  11. lily says:

    I don’t get it, they look like normal people but with short shorts and midriffs showing. people praising them must have some bad shaped bodies to be obsessed with this. Moving on.

  12. fany says:

    Shut up about Korean girls. Korean girls are they most beautiful during the Tang Dynasty in China many Korean women were exported there for their good looks even.

    • steph says:

      Uh… you know during the Tang dynasty China they “Ideal Woman” Was fat, had small eyes and flat nose right? Are you implying that’s what a lot of Korea women look like? Or are you implying all the small eyed flat nosed Chinese are a result of Korean ancestors?

      • Jam says:

        She’s probably one of those S.E. asian k-slaves and so got no knowledge of Chinese or Korean history. She wouldn’t know how Korea paid tribute to the Chinese and had to give money, spices and women to the Chinese emperor every year, just like every country in the region in exchange for ‘protection’ from the Japanese.

        Korean women weren’t seen as being hot at that time. But I’m sure the S.E. Asians will say otherwise to protect their k-gods.

        • Mark says:

          stop living in the past. China used to have power and then it stopped evolving for years and every country blew past it in terms of technology. China then QQed because nobody gave a shit about their country and stopped thinking they were the centre of the world. I have a bachelor in East Asian Studies, I know more about China than half the Chinese people I meet because they know their countries past is a sorrowful boring one (god knows it was the most boring part of my major).

          • Jam says:

            Compare their history to Korea’s who managed to successfully not win a war and didn’t invent anything… not even peppero.

            • Mark says:

              We’re talking about war? How about when the Europeans kicked China’s ass because they invented guns when China was using black powder for fire works like a bunch of idiots.

              Someone sounds like a butt hurt Chinaman. All China does is exploit children and make inferior products that nobody in their right mind would buy. Is that what you call inventing?

              • China is thinking of a plan to take over Vietnam. Please God! Please don’t let that happen.

              • leah says:

                I doubt you’ve taken real Asian studies, because if you did you would realize that China has already surpassed Japan to have the second highest GDP in the world. While the rest of the developed world is slowing down- Korea included, China will in 20 years have the Americas as it’s lackey. They’re already set to be China’s bitch since they own China billions in dollars worth of debt . Ever wondered why Korea’s so eager to get into the Chinese market? Because their own market is saturated. Soon your precious Korea won’t have their American GI’s to turn soon and will have to get their men to REALLY front up North Korea, not just spend most of their time in their dorms watching and jacking off to underage kpop girls dancing in miniskirts and midriffs showing.

              • kelly says:

                20 years ago Korea was doing the same thing. (The exploiting and inferior goods part) China’s walking on the same path. Only difference is China will easily surpass Korea. Meanwhile Korea’s reached their asymptote.

          • kelly says:

            It was the most interesting part of Asian studies for me. They hardly even touched on Korea though. Everything about Korea was taken or borrowed from a neighbouring country. incredibly boring.

  13. luvSuJu13 says:

    they are no different than SNSD so all of them are way too skinny

  14. kimhana says:

    ERRRR guys, mind you, this is definitely not the right place to fight, argue and whatsoever…we’re here to read the latest news on korean entertainment…the thing that bothers me is that, why talk about french, chinese or whatsoever in this site…

    • Cake says:

      Because French and Chinese chicks are hot, and really classy. Are you even a real korean? or yet another indovietmalaypinay here to take a metaphorical bullet for your k-gods?

      • I belive Chinese women are pretty (because of the many plastic surgerys) but I am never interested in french stuff.
        But i do admire the Hong Kong though.

        • jenna says:

          “The many plastic surgeries thing” is much more prominent in Korea. Haven’t you heard? Korea is now officially the country with the highest rate of plastic surgery in asia.

  15. funny says:

    I laugh everytime I come to this site and read the comments because, they are so laughable. However, on a serious note. I believe the reason why so many people comment on Korean’s having this feature or that feature is that Korean’s have a tendency to believe everything that they read or see. In other words, Korean’s are easily influenced by the view of what is written or in this case a photo even if it is not one hundred percent true. So, that translates to being easily controlled.

    Furthermore, I feel Korean idols fan base is too controlled. Meaning, if they do not agree with what you say then they will start ganging up on someone, bullying someone or bashing what the other person says and I must say I have never believed that all of the comments actually come from fans either. It is really sad when people cannot give their honest opinion without feeling like they are on trial for a crime in which they did not commit. I really do not understand why so many people gang up on other people just because they disagree with what the other person is saying. Well, in the real world people are not always going to agree with everything that someone says and that is why it is called an opinion. So, people need to learn to respect what the other person says and if you disagree then be the bigger person and move on. Because, having petty arguments have been known to start wars.

  16. gdragon says:

    Hatred come from jealousy πŸ™‚

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